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XRH111 X-ray visual, CT and ADR cabinet

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VisiConsult is a supplier for high-end customized X-ray inspection solutions and standard inspection cabinets for various industries and electronics. The XRHCount is the leading X-ray based SMD-component counting system worldwide.

Stockelsdorf, Germany

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XRH111 X-ray visual, CT and ADR cabinet

XRH111 X-ray visual, CT and ADR cabinet


XRH111 X-ray visual, CT and ADR cabinet



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VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH


XRH111 X-ray visual, CT and ADR cabinet Description:

Universal X-ray cabinet to provide a maximum flexibility for inspection of small to medium sized parts. The XRH111 combines a compact footprint and minimum-cost layout with high-end features like Computed Tomography (CT) and Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR). This leads to an efficient and scalable X-ray inspection system for a very economical price.

Due to its flexibility the XRH111 is the perfect universal inspection system. Switching between Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR), 3D-CT laboratory inspection or manual testing is done effortlessly without any downtimes. This leads to an increased system utilization and saves investment costs for multiple systems. The operator just loads a defined parameter set and the system is ready for the new task. In day to day business this simplicity and efficiency is the key to success. In case of purely visual inspection a budget alternative is the XRH111 ECO.

The XRH111 is a X-ray cabinet to test all kinds of parts up to a diameter of 400mm and a height of 600 mm that do not exceed 25kg. Depending on the job-requirements the system is available with 160kV, 225kV or micro-focus tubes. The cabinet has a footprint of 1650 mm x 1450 mm x 2300 mm and is certified by the German TÜV, which ensures absolute safety, no X-ray leakage, fulfillment of all standards and an ergonomic operator position.


  • Xplus: Clear digital radiography images including live enhancement
  • Native Computed Tomography (CT) functionality
  • Automated 24/7 inspection through Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) and programmable CNC drives
  • Designed for small to medium sized parts like castings
  • Minimum changeover times between different applications
  • Compact layout and small footprint

The core of the system is the in-house developed image enhancement system Xplus that sets new industry standards. Constant development and 25 years of experience combined with a maximum flexibility towards special process requirements help our customers to be one step ahead of competition! Automated inspections sequences lead to an unmatched efficiency and process safety.

Advanced features like overlay tools, macro generators, filter builders, live image enhancement, report toolkits, DICONDE integration, measurement tools and many more make the Xplus the most sophisticated software on the market and lead to brilliant image quality. All common international industry standards like ASTM,  NADCAP, EN and many more are fulfilled natively. VisiConsult is a highly agile and flexible company and therefore special software or even hardware requirements can be easily implemented on customer demand!

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