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Professional PCB Prototype & Assembly Turnkey Service For Low Volume Quantity With High Quality And Low Cost! Professional NPI Team Support & Quality Guarantee!Easy Quote online!No MOQ & hidden fee here.Just Have a Try

Hangzhou, China


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PCB assembly service

PCB assembly service


PCB assembly service


Assembly Services

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PCBNPI-Professional PCB Fab/PCB Assembly Service Provider From China


PCB assembly service Description:

• One-Stop Fabrication and Assembly.

After more than 10 years' development in this industry, we have been capable of providing both PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services under one roof. As long as you provide design files and specific manufacturing and assembly requirement, what you need to do next is just to wait and receive end products based on their schedules.

• Multiple PCB Assembly Services.

We offer multiple types of PCB assembly services to meet diversified demands at all-around levels and of products. In terms of PCBA technology, we specialize in SMT, THT and mixed assembly, Package on Package (POP) etc. covering complexity level from low to high, from traditional to advanced. In terms of PCB board types that can be assembled, We cover the widest range of PCB boards, from standard boards to special boards such as Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs, or Metal Core PCBs, etc.

• Flexible Volume Assembly Alternatives.

We have to admit that each manufacturer prefers mass volume orders. Compared with single and repetitive PCB assembly services, PCBNPI focuses on more volume alternatives, from prototype assembly, low volume high mix, mid volume to high volume assembly.

• Parts Sourcing.

We offer parts sourcing service to cater to requirement of top-quality PCB assembly. Over a decade's experience allows us to maintain such a long-standing and stable cooperative relationship with authorized electronic components manufacturers or distributors that customers can expect instant and low-cost parts sourcing service. We promise: definitely NO fake parts will be provided. Furthermore, 100% rigorous quality inspections have to be carried out prior to real applications of components just to ensure their reliability in PCBA. Moreover, to be fully compatible with your PCB assembly service demand, flexible alternatives can be obtained in PCBNPI. You can either fully depend on us for parts sourcing service or buy through your own channel then sent to us for PCB assembly. No matter which way to choose, we all promise 100% quality inspection on each piece of component before their use.

• Comprehensive Quality Assurance Checks during Each Phase.

Briefly speaking, PCBA process mainly contains PCB manufacturing, components procurement and PCB assembly. In PCBNPI, quality control has to be implemented in each step during the process of PCB assembly service so that high quality will be obtained by final products. During PCB manufacturing process, custom electrical test needs to be relied to clarify that PCB boards are made totally conforming to designed functionality. For components, just like what is depicted in previous content, quality control measures have to be 100% made no matter they are purchased by us from authorized manufacturers or provided by customers. PCB assembly calls for more quality control measures when quality matters. Commonly-used quality control measures leveraged in PCBA process include visual inspection, AOI and X-ray inspection.

• Higher Efficiency and Lower Overall Costs.

To optimize our PCB assembly services, we provide many can't-miss FREE services. Valor DFM/DFA check is able to automatically determine whether your designs can be fully converted into supposed product. Valor Manufacturing System Solution (MSS) helps optimizing manufacturing process and increasing manufacturing efficiency. Moreover, professional and experiential advice will be provided to you on balance between cost and performance. All these items all are FREE but truly play a significant role in efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

• Better Chances to Meet Project Deadlines.

Time to market is an essential element companies have to take into consideration, which is especially true for New Product Introduction (NPI) stage. One-stop electronic manufacturing allows time connecting each phase remain the shortest, which is also one of the reasons for picking up PCB assembly services in PCBNPI. With all the phases closely connected with each other, We are capable of minimizing your products' time to market and maximize your gains.

• Ability to Focus More Time and Energy on PCB Design.

We feature a professional team of engineers responsible for design files checking and confirmation that will lead to smooth PCB assembly process. Furthermore, our engineers can provide optimal solutions based on both your requirement and their accumulating experience.

While many PCB Houses claim to offer superior PCB assembly services, PCBNPI actually delivers on what we promise. Our turnkey and consigned PCB assembly services meet IPC Class 3 standards and is ISO 9001:2008-certified, RoHS compliant . Our flexible PCB Assembly options cover all your needs in different product development stages:
• Prototype PCB Assembly
• Low-Volume, High Mix PCB Assembly
• High Volume PCB Assembly
• Consigned & Partial PCB Assembly
• Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

We handle SMD, through-hole and mixed assembly projects, and also offer FREE Valor DFM/DFA checks along with function testing based on your specific requirements. Even better, there are no minimum cost requirements to meet, and we never tack on an additional tooling charge for reorders. 

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