Better Engineering Mfg., Inc.

Better Engineering is a mfgr. of automatic, aqueous-based industrial parts washers including turntable, conveyor, drum, tumbling, immersion, carousel & custom washer systems for various industries.


For more than 50 years, Better Engineering has manufactured high quality, automatic parts washers and parts cleaning systems utilizing spray, immersion and ultrasonic technologies. Better Engineering offers a full spectrum of industrial parts washers including: turntable washers, conveyor washers, drum washers, immersion washers, tumbling washers, carousel washers, return-to-operator units and customized parts cleaning systems. BE’s parts washers are used throughout the world and in virtually every sector of the economy, specifically including Auto Manufacturing, Auto & Truck Repair/Rebuild, Aerospace, General Processes, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries, Repair and Maintenance, Print, Military and Mass Transit/Train and Bus Repair. BE has a complete engineering lab and machine demonstration center to test clean your parts. We think that seeing is believing and that is why we invite you to visit our plant and test center in Baltimore, MD or send us your parts; we will test clean them for free and return the cleaned parts with a detailed report of our process, the results and the recommended machinery. Contact us regarding your specific parts cleaning application at 1-800-229-3380 or at or visit our website at

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