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GW-BC460F Cooling Conveyor

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KINGSUN Technology Co.,LTD is recognized for the expertise in service ofSMT area and offer most major brands of electronic assembly equipments with a large selections of compatible SMT automotive parts.

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GW-BC460F Cooling Conveyor

GW-BC460F Cooling Conveyor


GW-BC460F Cooling Conveyor


Board Handling - Conveyors

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GW-BC460F Cooling Conveyor Description:

Model No: GW-BC460F Cooling Conveyor

Power supply: 100-230V AC (customized), single phase

Power load:  MAX 100V/A

Transport direction: Left to right/right to left(optional)

Transport height: 900±20mm (or customized)

PCB thickness:  Min 0.6mm

PCB size (L×W)~(L×W): (50x50)~(450x550)

Machine size (L×W×H) : 1000×850×1200

weight : 75kg

product instruction

※ Steel frame, static painted surface

※balance weight design improve the stability

※ Installation of the cooling fan, cool the

   temperature of the PCB

※  Smooth and parallel width adjustment (lead screw)

※according the customer`s demand to customize 

  the stopping PCB number

※ Variable speed control

※ SMEMA port is compatible



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