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KSUN 350 Automatic PCB Inverter

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KINGSUN Technology Co.,LTD is recognized for the expertise in service ofSMT area and offer most major brands of electronic assembly equipments with a large selections of compatible SMT automotive parts.

Dongguan, China

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KSUN 350 Automatic PCB Inverter

KSUN 350 Automatic PCB Inverter


KSUN 350 Automatic PCB Inverter


Board Handling - Conveyors

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KSUN 350 Automatic PCB Inverter Description:

product instruction

※ Stable and reliable integrated control system

※ Easy to operate touch screen control interface

※Using cylinder flip, quick, smooth, precise alignment

※Buffer deceleration design more stable, accurate

※ optional pass working mode

※ Smooth and parallel width adjustment (lead screw)

※ SMEMA port is compatible

Model No:KSUN 350 Automatic PCB Inverter

 Cycle time:Approx 10seconds

 Power supply:100-230V AC (customized), single phase

 Power load:Max 150V/A

Air pressure: 4-6 bar

Air volume:MAX 10L/minute

Transport height:900±20mm (or customized)

Transport direction:Left to right/right to left(optional)

 PCB thickness: Min 0.6mm

PCB size (L×W)~(L×W): (50x50)~(450x350)

Machine size (L×W×H) : 500×850×1200

weight : 110kg

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