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The EOS/ESD Association is a professional voluntary association dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of electrostatic discharge (ESD) avoidance.

ROME, New York, USA

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EOS/ESD Association, Inc.


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ESDA Online Academy

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Advanced ESD/EMI Auditing Techniques (1 Credit) FC363
Advanced HBM – Dealing with Tester Parasitics, High Pin Count and Two Pin Testing D (1 Credit) DT300
CDM Testing Essentials D (1 Credit) DT200
Changes to ANSI/ESD S20.20 from the 2007 version to the 2014 version (1 Credit) FC171
Charged Board Events: A Growing Industry Concern (1 Credit) GP230
Charged Device Model Phenomena, Design and Modeling DD (3 Credits) DD200
Cleanroom Considerations for the Program Manager PrM (3 Credits) FC110 *
Compliance Verification: Pitfalls of Auditing (1 Credit) FC211
Controlling ESD in Automated Equipment by Proper Grounding (1 Credit) FC180
Developing a Compliance Verification Program (1 Credit) FC241
Device Stress Testing Standards Update D-R (1 Credit) DT202
Device Technology & Failure Analysis Overview PrM (3 Credits) FC215 *
Device Testing Correlation to Root Cause Failure Analysis (1 Credit) DT230
Electric Fields: Practical Considerations (1 Credit) FC261
Electrostatic Attraction (1 Credit) FC260
Electrostatic Calculations for the Program Manager PrM (3 Credits) FC380 *
Electrostatic Discharge Effects in Integrated Circuit Technologies (1 Credit) DD104
EOS - A Big Challenge in Today‘s Handling of Customer Rejects (1 Credit) GP250
ESD from Basics to Advanced Protection Design (1 Credit) DD110
ESD Fundamentals I for Stress Testing D (1 Credit) DT140
ESD Fundamentals II for Stress Testing D (1 Credit) DT141
ESD Problem Solving (1 Credit) GP331
ESD Protection and I/O Design (3 Credits) DD201
ESD Standards Overview for the Program Manager PrM (3 Credits) FC210 *
ESD Test Simplification with Approved Sampling Methods in HBM D-E (1 Credit) DD220
Essentials for Controlling the ESD Work Area D (1 Credit) DT143
Fundamentals of Failure Analysis D (1 Credit) DT142
Fundamentals of System Level Testing D-E (1 Credit) DT130
Grounding in an Electrostatic Protected Area (1 Credit) FC231
HBM & MM Testing Essentials D (1 Credit) DT100
High Speed Digital Oscilloscope Fundamentals D (1 Credit) DT211
Highlights and key concepts of Footwear/Flooring standards (1 Credit) FC181
Highlights and key concepts of Footwear/Flooring standards Korean (1 Credit) FC181
Highlights and key concepts of Footwear/Flooring standards THAI (1 Credit) FC181
HMM – System Level Testing of Components D-E (1 Credit) DT131
Integrated Circuit ESD Fundamentals (3 Credits) DD103
Integrated ESD Device and Board Level Design Part (2 Credits) DD231
Ionization Issues and Answers for the Program Manager PrM (3 Credits) FC120 *
Latch-up Fundamentals DD (1 Credit) DD112
Latchup Testing and Troubleshooting D-E (1 Credit) DT201
On-Chip Protection in RF Technologies DD (1 Credit) DD102
Overview on Efficient and Reliable System-Level ESD (1 Credit) GP330
Packaging Principles for the PrM PrM (3 Credits) FC200 *
Practical Aspects of Latch-Up for Low Voltage CMOS: Design Rules, Layout Floor Planning, and Test (1 Credit) DD222
Susceptibility Testing of Devices and Systems (1 Credit)  DD/FC132
System Level ESD/EMI: Testing IEC & Other Standards PrM/DD (3 Credits) DD/FC130 *
TCAD Fundamentals (1 Credit) DD117
TCAD Methodologies for Industrial ESD Design (1 Credit) DD205
TLP Fundamentals – Understanding the Equipment Options D-E (1 Credit) DD210
Ultra-Sensitivity Trends and CDM (1 Credit) GP241
Use of the Digital Sampling Oscilloscope for ESD Measurements (3 Credits) DD122/FC122
VF-TLP, An Introduction to Capabilities and Applications D-E (1 Credit) DT212 
*Taking  this online class will fill the requirement for the full length tutorial that is a requirement of the ESDA Program Manager Certification curriculum. Details on the Professional Certification Programs offered by ESDA are on our website at

Details on Professional Certification Programs offered by ESDA are on our website at

The ESD Device Stress Testing Certification-Complete program/certification offered online

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