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Solder Dross Separator SDS-10MS

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1ClickSMT is a global manufacturer of SMT assembly, cleaning, inspection, rework machines and consumables with sales, service, installation and spare parts available in Asia, USA and Europe.

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Solder Dross Separator SDS-10MS

Solder Dross Separator SDS-10MS


Solder Dross Separator SDS-10MS



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1ClickSMT Technology Co., Ltd.


Solder Dross Separator SDS-10MS Description:

Quick Overview

Solder dross separator SDS-10MS has Patent mixing and separation system which make separation more efficient and easier for operation, it is a best solution for small batch solder dross separation.

SDS-10MS Solder Dross Separator Features

Equipped with earth leakage protection for safety.

Separated tin ash goes into collecting box, convenient for taking out.

Machine is equipped with 2 sets of molding tray , convenient for exchange.

Patent mixing and separation system improve separation efficiency.

OMRON temperature controller and SSR relay ensure accurate temperature control and long service life.

Compact size ,all stainless steel for machine casing makes machine look beautiful and maintenance easy.

Solder pot is made of  corrosion resisting SUS 316 material with long service life.

Uses “U” shape heater covered cast iron heating plate, which can avoid deformation.

Machine will alarm when Separated pure tin goes into a cabin and reaches to certain volume to indicate discharging tin.

SDS-10MS  - Specifications

 Mixing motor

 1φ 220V 90W

 Feeding port capacity

 <10KG Dross

 Mixing Capacity of Bottom Tin


 Temperature range


 Heating-up time


 Separating speed




 Totol Power Consumption


 Normal running power



 1φ220V 60Hz

 Net Weight



Normally the wave solder dross yield generated changes according the temperature of solder pot; the quantity of soldered PCB; the width of PCB; the in-time solder adding and the wave nozzle’s design.

Every day one wave solder machine will generate about 3 kg of dross in 8 hours of machine running. .

1 wave solder 8 hours running               3 kg dross   =  3 kg x $US30  = $US90

80% CAN BE SAVED/recycled              $US90 x 80%  =  $US72

The separating capacity of SDS-10MS is 10kg/hour ,it can accomodate for more than 10 wave solder machine.

So less than 100 days (USD7200), customer can get the investment back. Meanwhile, machine do not need any other chemical, it’s separating in physical way, solder can put back to pot immediately.  


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