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Vision Alignment Automatic Screen Printer H450

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1ClickSMT is a global manufacturer of SMT assembly, cleaning, inspection, rework machines and consumables with sales, service, installation and spare parts available in Asia, USA and Europe.

DongGuan, China


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Vision Alignment Automatic Screen Printer H450

Vision Alignment Automatic Screen Printer H450


Vision Alignment Automatic Screen Printer H450



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1ClickSMT Technology Co., Ltd.


Vision Alignment Automatic Screen Printer H450 Description:

H450 with automatic machine vision recognition function uses high-precision servo drive system to achieve fast and accuracy alignment. The precision can reach +/- 0.01mm. It has built in independent cleaning system, the cycle time less than 7s ensures high printing quality of solder paste and ultimate product efficiency. It also can print 0.3mm ultra fine pitch pad perfectly.

This machine is controlled by Windows XP user interface and contains abundant software functions, it can set printing height, squeegee pressure, printing stroke, speed, and stencil automatic cleaning cycle etc. It is designed to keep the stability of printing quality, and greatly facilitate to users.


  • Using windows XP operating system, menu of Chinese/ English.
  • H450 dedicated mathematical model, accuracy  is±25 micron (±0.001") @6 σ,Cp ≥ 2.0
  • Y direction of squeegee,stepper motor servo screw replace belt drive in order to improve the printing stability.
  • Programmable squeegee system ,independent direct stepper motor control ,built-in precise pressure control system.
  • PCB transfer and position system, stepper motor drives , quick PCB thickness adjustment, base board edge clamping system, vacuum system (option).
  • Stencil automatic position system, simply enter the stencil mark point location without adapter can automatically locate the stencil clamping system.
  • Electronic control system, using self-developed modular integrated circuits, safety ,ease of maintenance, using the industry’s most advanced industry control systems, enabling the machine to modify parameters during exercise.
  • 3 stage conveyor(option).


  • SMEMA Interface
  • MC control software
  • 2D inspection system
  • Automatic vision alignment
  • Pair of metal squeegees included
  • Wet/dry/vacuum under stencil wiping system
  • Dual squeegee assembly with single & dual stroke control
  • Industrial PC with LCD monitor and Windows operating system
  • PCB support - side clamp, vacuum hold-down tooling, magnetic support pins
  • One year parts warranty
  • Clean Paper for testing
  • Tooling Box
  • Solder paste mixing knife


  • Automatic Adding Solder Paste
  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Function
  • PCB Vacuum Clamping

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