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ExplorFlow series Hot air Lead free reflow oven

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Vanstron Automation was founded as a manufacturer of SMT equipment for the electronics industry by being partner with the quality engineering team with more than 15 years experience in the SMT industries.

Shenzhen, China


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ExplorFlow series Hot air Lead free reflow oven

ExplorFlow series Hot air Lead free reflow oven


ExplorFlow series Hot air Lead free reflow oven



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Vanstron Automation Co.,LTD


ExplorFlow series Hot air Lead free reflow oven Description:

explorFlow  - SMT reflow system,Made by Vanstron Automation 

A high-quality reflow oven for medium/large production in the SMT industry. Fully prepared for the lead-free soldering process, this oven attains excellent thermal uniformity.

Main Features:

1. Excellent thermal convection system

    Provide Maximum heat capacity to rapidly reach temperature setting points at low rates of power consumption within a short period of time. The special process champers design makes the air convection uniformly and temperature profile changeover easily.Profile spikes per zone is eliminated with better zone segregation and decrease cross flow.The nozzle plate design allow to cover the boards with hot air in all direction for good uniformity. Our heater generate the desired temperature faster than any other reflow heat source and respond in less than half a second to temperature change of less than 0.1°C thus maintaining the highest level of temperature repeatability.

2.More. Reliability transportation conveyor rail

Center support system for  preventing the deformation of PCB board puzzle ( Optional).The unique retractable center support system is easy to use with maximum flexibility and It can hide itself when not used and will not hit the components on double sided boards or boards with long components leads.

Our security transportation rail have the special multi-segement design which allows the conveyor rail easily to avoid the possibility of deformation and be good for lifetime usage without any problem.

All the transportation system is designed for high temperature environment including High temperature bearing and heat-treatment rail, special conveyor chain and mesh  to ensure the transportation secure running and prevent the phenomena of dropping PCB.

Other Standard function.

• Automatic cover opening which allows direct access to the tunnel and upper zones.

• Control system driven by a computer, UPS and a proprietary controller specially designed for optimizing the machine in lead-free environment. 

• Reliable electrical components.

• Independent air velocity controlled by section, which can allow flexible processing adjustments.

• New air management system with significant energy save, lower electric power consumption & lower carbon.

• Multi-layer chambers with thick thermal insulation to protect the oven external surface.

• Forced hot air convection in upper and bottom zones.

• Stainless steel mesh belt and chain conveyor (optional: center support replacing the mesh belt).

• New cooling configuration which directs the filtered air back to the oven chamber, reducing the thermal loss, and getting a better flux reclamation.

• In-built industrial chiller to provide the best cooling performance and saving of space (optional: fans at the exit instead)

• Optional N2 system and Center support system.

• SMEMA interface

• CE Certified

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