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Upgrade Screening and Qualification Testing

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CCI is a highly recognized Electronic Test Laboratory that specializes in all types of component testing and services. Primarily Up-Screening, Characterization, Qualification, DPA, HSD and Tape & Reel

Everett, Washington, USA

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  • Phone 425-258-4548
  • Fax 425-259-6289

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Component Concepts, Inc.


Upgrade Screening and Qualification Testing Description:

Upgrade Screening and Qualification Testing
Complete testing plans to higher reliability levels to ensure compliance.

  • Upgrade screening to military and space levels
  • Qualification of substitute parts
  • 100% Screening per MIL-PRF-19500 or MIL-STD-883 (Method 5004)
  • Quality Conformance Inspection (QCI) per MIL-PRF-19500 or MIL-STD-883 (Method 5005)
  • Testing to customer supplied Source Control Drawings
  • All electrical and environmental tests available

Element Evaluations
Class K and Class H Element Evaluations for active and passive elements per MIL-PRF-38534.

DPA (Destructive Physical Analysis)
Full color reports are prepared for microcircuits, hybrids, discrete and passive components. Testing per MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-1580 and MIL-STD-750 is performed as well as X-ray and SEM.

Value Added Services

  • Solderability
  • Hot Solder Dip / Re-tinning
  • Tape and Reel

Custom Packaging
Supplying parts that are no longer available from the original device supplier or providing packages for unique needs. Parts are supplied in hermetically sealed packages and meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-38535 for digital and linear microcircuits.

  • Parts manufactured to source control drawings
  • 38510 and 5962 equivalent parts
  • Screening to MIL-STD-883, Method 5004
  • Qualification and QCI to MIL-STD-883, Method 5005
  • Package styles: DIP, LCC, Flat Pack, Metal Can, Others
  • Digital, Linear, CMOS, Diodes, Transistors, Optical Devices provided
  • Custom marking, lead forming and tinning available


Plastic Qualification
When hermetic parts are no longer available or preferred, many high reliability customers are qualifying plastic microcircuits. Parts are tested to JEDEC standards for HAST, moisture resistance, life, and other tests.

  • Testing of plastics for military and space applications
  • HAST, Autoclave, Moisture, Salt
  • Biased/Unbiased Life Testing
  • Qualification and QCI to MIL-STD-883, Method 5005
  • Electrical, Environmental, DPA
  • Testing to JEDEC Standard 22

Parts Management Services
Specializing in finding hard to get parts. Component Concepts has a complete program of procuring the base parts required for testing. Parts can then be purchases and tested on a single purchase order. Component Concepts works with all major distributors as well as brokers to provide the complete range of products.

  • Qualification of substitute parts
  • Upgrade screening to Military and Aerospace levels
  • Screening to Mil-Std-883, M 5004
  • Qual/QCI to Mil-Std-883, M 5005

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