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Custom Coils

Custom Coils specializes in the designing and manufacturing of commercial and industry-grade transformers, inductors, and various magnetic components. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and adheres to RoHS compliance.

Alcester, South Dakota, USA

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Power Inductors Description:

Custom Coils can design and manufacture power inductors to meet any complex electronic circuit requirement. Steady performance over years is what differentiates our products from other brands. 

Applications of Power Inductors:

  • Storing energy in DC-to-DC converters
  • Filtering EMI noise in AC inputs
  • Separating signals of different frequencies in electronic filters
  • Used in combination of capacitors to tune circuits such as radio and TV receivers
  • Used in electronic oscillators to generate sinusoidal signals
  • Reactors are types of power inductors used in electrical transmission systems to limit switching currents and fault currents.
  • Chokes are types of power inductors used in various electrical circuits to block high alternating currents, allowing Direct Currents (DC) to pass
  • Surface mount inductors are used to store energy while filtering low loss inductance.

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