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Ebsomat 30-1 Component Counter

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EBSO develops and manufactures cutting and bending machines for Thru Hole components and is a competent solution partner around Selective Soldering.

Hagenbach, Germany


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Ebsomat 30-1 Component Counter

Ebsomat 30-1 Component Counter


Ebsomat 30-1 Component Counter


Component Counters / SMD Counters

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Ebsomat 30-1 Component Counter Description:

Electronic counter for taped axial, radial and SMD taped components.

Since May 2008 with new feature of a multiplier to count taped SMD component with sizes of 0402 or even 0201. Furthermore has the EBSO counter new machine diagnostic features and is easier to operate.

Capacity and Equipment

  • forward and backward counting up to 20000 pulses / second
  • adjustable divisor
  • adjustable multiplier
  • preselection of number to be counted
  • acoustical signal on crossing the target count
  • with a tape marker you can mark the tape after the preset number is reached
  • easy to use menus for setting the target, factor, LCD-contrast and battery diagnostics


  • SMD-adapter
  • reel stand for axial, radial and SMD tapes

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