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GE BENTLY NEVADA 330103-00-05-10-02-00 PROBE

GE BENTLY NEVADA 330103-00-05-10-02-00 PROBE

GE BENTLY NEVADA 330103-00-05-10-02-00 PROBE


GE BENTLY NEVADA 330103-00-05-10-02-00 PROBE


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GE BENTLY NEVADA 330103-00-05-10-02-00 PROBE Description:

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With many years of experience in the industrial sector, we consistently deliver the highest quality of spare parts.
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We were also able to give this transducer system an extended linear range. This allows the transducer to be used outside its standard range of 4.00 mm (160 mils) for applications (such as axial position measurements) requiring up to 4.25 mm (170 mils), with only a very slight derating of the accuracy at these extended distances. The extended linear range is intended for axial position measurements. However, the extended linear range is not compatible with installations using intrinsic safety barriers external to the monitoring system. Easier Installation 3300 XL Proximitor® Sensors are available in two different mounting configurations. If ordered with the panel mount option, the Proximitor® Sensor comes with a mounting pad that has the same hole pattern as our previous 3300 Series and 7200 Series Proximitor® Sensors. With this version, the Proximitor® Sensor is typically installed using four 6-32 UNC threaded screws. A DIN-mount version is also available for the 3300 XL Proximitor® Sensor, allowing you to snap the Proximitor® Sensor into place on a 35 mm DIN rail. Because the 3300 XL Proximitor® Sensor is thinner than all of our panel-mount Proximitor® Sensors, the DIN rail version saves room in the housing, allowing you to install more Proximitor® Sensors side-by-side in the same housing.

Invax Technologies Echuck PVD 300mm ESC-9232 New

Control Concepts 3096-1007 SCR Power Controller 0190-14927 new

Brooks Automation 200mm ERGOSPEED II Left Wafer Indexer SLR 200 LPTSL/L as-is

Sanyo Denki THK Actuator Assembly P30B04010PCKST  Working 0195-07686

ASML WH SHB Interface Module 4022.470.5367 CC Working

Applied Ceramics 91-01698A 200mm E-Chuck Cover 0200-40112 new

Nova NovaScan Controller 315-20000-00 untested

STIL High Res. AutoFocus Sensor CHRAF2-450-N6 working

Particle Measuring Systems MiniNet 310 Mini-environmen?t Monitor new

Fusion Systems SC4910Z UV Light Source  Working M200

Applied Ceramics 91-01721A Wall Cover 0200-40158 New

ATMI ESCA Difusion Furance Kit 233405641 new 233405043

West Coast Quartz Silicon Slab 91-01627A 0200-40013 New

West Coast Quartz Silicon Slab 91-01627RW 0200-40013 Refurbished

ASML 879-8074-003-B SVG Cap Gauge Assembly  Working

B&H Engineering PVD300 Shield Pedestal 17-306818-00 new

AceCo Y203 Upper Electrode S33-1574Y new

AceCo Depo Shield Y203 S33-1862Y new

Daihen RMN-40A RF Dome Automatic Matching Unit AMAT 1110-01068  Working

Brooks Genus InCooler Cooling Station 001-4700-12

Daihen RF Dome Match RMN-40A Rebuilt 1110-01068

Parker 802-8940B Belt Driven Linear Actuator HLE-SR  Working

Zeiss 608489-9901 Coordinate Measurement Machine  Working

Xynetics-Electr?oglas Horizon 4085X Controller RMHM4 working

AMAT Applied Materials 9010-01181 ITL ENCO Load Lock Door Module  Working

AMAT Applied Materials 9010-00299 ITL ENCO Load Lock Door Module  Working

Bio-Rad Y7802100 Y8000080 Microscope Objective Assembly Quaestor Q7  Working

ASML Control Card Module 4022.470.7782 working

Digital Dynamics SIOC Anneal Controller 02-134495 Rev. A  Working

AceCo Susceptor Assy. S33-1872-14 refurbished

Balzers MIU 101 Microwave Ignition Unit working

Electroglas Horizon 4085X Visual Inspection Module

Electroglas Horizon 4085X RMHM4 Controller

ACS SB116-UV SL-200 Motion Controller SB104 working PS104 Rev.B4U

MRL ASM Vertical Furnace Heater Element 46003002842955 New

MicroVision Controller MVTMC70  Working

Nova 300mm Wafer Handler PC 320-52000-00 / 3920-00235

Daihen Tunebox EMAX RF Match Bias Matching FLB-60M-03

Progressive Technologies Inc. Sentry S1510 Controller EMB51-15-5 working

Opal 50312403000 CDM Assembly Working

Kensington Labs 25-3600-0300-02 Prealigner working

Nova NovaScan Controller 315-20000-00  Working

Novellus 01-133875-00 SIOC Anneal Controller Digital Dynamics 02-134495-00 

Fisher Hamilton SafeAire Fume Hood 54L Bench working

Donaldson LithoGuard Fume Filter & AC Box P198605 working

Velmex Inc. B4818TS Unislide 200mm Rotary Table working

Fusion Systems SC4910V Stage 200MM 200PCU M200  Working

SpeedFam Wafer Head Jacking Ring 1420-737650

Bio-Rad Y7602200 Accent Optical Technology Handler Module Quaestor Q7 Working

SVG ASML 854-8305-006-A Chassis  Working

ITW Texwipe TX 5377 HydroCell Nodule Brush lot new

M.E.C. Tech Process Plate Assy. RE2093 Rev.2 new

Oerlikon Etch Shield 102161354 new

Nordson UV Curing Systems Lamphead CW610 new 1079384A

Lintec Vaporizer VU-104 3870-01548 New

Electroglas 200mm Wafer Chuck Assembly 4085X  AS-IS

Sumitomo Supply Hose FLX-25FM15S0-00 new 0190-27303

Danaher Precision Systems Neat Stage Controller 21016404077 New

MicroVision MVT4080 Wafer Aligner  Working

Yokogawa DL3110B 12bit 25MS/s Digital Oscilloscope 7003-10 working

Opal 50312350000 89C DR Assembly Working

Opal 50312460000 ETPS Assembly Working

ASML SSD Module 4022.470.0445  Working

Lintec VU-104 Vaporizer 3870-01548DR new 3870-01548

ASML Stepper Library Brake 851-0618-003 working

Bio-Rad Controller Tape and Disc Drive Assembly Quaestor Q7  Working

Metron 3/4x7/8 Inlet Adapter 275-17261-00 NEW

Brooks Automation 002-7391-33 Pre-Aligner  Working

Hine Design 04290-201 Process Chamber Elevator Gasonics 94-1118

Pentagon Tech Quartz Bell Jar Q15-0130 New

IDL Semiconductor Equipment Unload Arm 8790135003 for ASMLP860

Yokogawa DL3110B 12bit 25MS/s Digital Oscilloscope 7003-10 lot of 2 as-is

Dynatronix PMC Module Interface 127-0057-04 working 138-0335-03

Unaxis Blazers 41100-92238-010 Outer Chamber Liner new

THK GL15S16+400-C Linear Actuator 400MM Stroke New

Koganei MRSP20X500 500mm Linear Actuator new

THK Linear Actuator GL15S+300L New

Toshiba Ceramics 6621000-6665232 150 Slot Wafer Holder New

Bilz HAB 1000 BiAir Air Spring Isolator Leg Set working

A.C.S. Motion Control System OR-AF-Box2 Working

CaliTech 8" Clamp Ring 433-01300-D new

Particle Measuring Systems FiberVac VacuLaz Interface working

Brooks Automation Genus 200mm 001-9010-13 Left Load Lock Not working

Verteq SRD Control Module 1600-55A Working 120V

Verteq SRD Control Module SC1600-5 Working 120V

Kinik Pad Conditioner AD3BG-150840 New Lot (10) AD3BG-150840-NC

Nova Controller NovaScan 420 working

Process Probe SensArray 1501A-8-0548 Instrumented Wafer AMAT 0190-21426 New

Agilent HP Mass Spectrometer Sensor Head HA3-5971 New

Hoya I-Line Resist Quartz Plates 6025 2C AR8 New Pair

Particle Measuring Systems 33279-0495-194 Vaculaz Interface Module NS

Bio-Rad Y760/000 Wafer Aligner Module Quaestor Q7  Working

Accent Optical Technologies Handler Module PMM40000 MC/2488 working

Bio-Rad PMM4000 Handler Module Quaestor Q7  Working

Newport Q2SL 01-271-35 Quaestor Q7 XY Stage Working BioRad

LKT Automation TMT1214 Loader Assembly SGMAH-04AAA4C working

Particle Measuring Systems MiniNet Model 310 Minienvironment Monitor 34769CE

CFM Technologies 32x32 Interlock Board C22111-01  Working

B&R Terminal Controller 7EX481.50-1 7DM465.7 working

Ushio JCV120V-1000WBH?/H Bulb 1003198 Lot of 10 New Surplus

ASML DSX Stepper A1 Prime 8540138001 working

Nova 210-13100-00 Water Measurment Unit Assembly Novascan 420 Untested As-Is

AMAT Applied Materials 0019-19010 300mm Motorized Lift MORAT 6-60-AG60-AMAT

Techno Digital Corp. FP-VGA 260S-CE2 Flat Panel Display TEL Unity 2 Working

Nova Wafer Handling Fixture 153-00000-01 Untested AS-IS

Fairchild Analog Controller 97750537 Rev. 4  Working

AMI Phasetronics P1116A Power Controller AMAT 0190-35116  Working

Hauser Screw Controller 0200-M COMPAX-M  Working

MEC Tech Process Ring 30512-1001R new

Kawasaki Control Box 50819-1122 Rev.C working

Carpenter Advanced Ceramics IN0440-1001 Clamp Ring 894 0440-1001 New

Oerlikon Mask CPL 300mm 102153723 new

STEC HC-100A Read Out Module HC-100 Lot of 4  Working

Nikon Optistation 3 Microscope M Plan 2.5 BD Plan 10 BD Plan Apo 20 40 150 

Yaskawa XU-ACP4870 300mm Prealigner AMAT 0190-12263  Working

Brooks Automation Genus 200mm 001-9010-13 Right Load Lock working

THK MS03041-04 SC ECP Cell Head Z-Drive Electric Assembly 0090-03000 new

3M 60-0200-1323-5 Diamond Pad Contioner 38-9017-5681-7 lot of 10 new 0190-17465

Electroglas 4085X 247012-001 Rev. E Drive Shaft Assembly  Working

Electroglas 248057-001 A End Effector Assembly  Working

Komatsu Control Panel KDP1320LE-1  Working

JAE 6 Axis Vibration Measurement Unit 4S586-750 JNP-004  Working

JAE 4400-1100 6 Axis Vibration Measurement Unit Nikon 4S585-505  Working

Ebara Jitsugyo EG-2001LAMV Ozone Monitor EG-2001  Working

Screen Lifter Assembly FC-3000 New

Pyramid Tech Consultants X-Scan Controller 0500-00300

Ebara Cold Trap LX004 working HT020-8A

Dynatronix PMC 104PR-3-6XR Plating Spare Module 127-0049-05 new 138-0304-01

THK Assembly MSO2010 Z-Slide Slim Cell, SC ECP 0190-13817

Electroglas Horizon 4085X Display Control Module DCM3

LKT Automation LKT2001 Automated Magazine Unloader working

Anelva Motor Control Unit A A12-05110 working

Anelva Sputter Motor Control Unit-B A12-03638 working

Brooks Automation 000-6100-91 Orbitran With Arm No End effector  Working

Rodenstock Telescope X10 Lens 4401-382-834-00 Refurbished

Verity Spectrograph 1005309AT Lot of 4  As-is

DANAHER MOTION eXMP SynqNet T008-0007 new 0190-27084

Honeywell Sputtering Target 037-0173-25 new 300mm

Nicolet Instrument Corp. ECO 1000S Metrology Tool untested

SensArray 1501A-6-0524 Process Probe Instrumented Wafer 150mm New Surplus

Simplimatic Automation Shuttle Tool 8070  working

Valad Electric HP18X24-22.5-1 Genesis Press Heater Module working

Heiland Electronic 301-341.225-000 SP3 Spectralphotome?ter as-is

Tektronix Arbitrary Waveform Generator VX4790A working

Bio-Rad Y7000015F Measurement Cabinet Parts Quaestor Q5 

Minarik Drives XP32-12/24DC DC Motor Control AMAT 1080-01216 Lot of 12 New

LEeybold WS1001 Vacuum Pump Kit New

Exynetics-Elect?roglas Display Control Module DCM3  Working

Leybold Turbotronik NT 20 Turbopump Controller 85720 working

ICP Electronics Inc. Controller RACK-3030W/ACE-?932A

Poly-Flow Engineering S-1673-NMP Polymide Parts Clean Bench as-is

Berkeley Process Control BX2-8/6-01-A BX2 Controller AMAT 0500-00282 

Sikama FALCON 5x5 Reflow Solder Furnace as-is

Hiranuma Sangyo CADS Drain Wash Controller COM-555P working

Jenoptik Infab 200mm ERGOSPEED II Right Wafer Indexer as-is

Mactronix H2CO 125mm Flat Finder lot of 4 working

Gurley Precision Instruments A25S-B16P-026A-?06E-1TN Motor Encoder New

Pentagon Tech Clamp Ring ATM-0704-Al/Ti New

K-Patents Process Instruments IT-RU-GP Process Refractometer 73018-92 new

Newport Beam Height Gauge 8035-0082 Rev. D New

Daikin 3D80-000709-V4 Brine Chilling Unit ACRO UBRP4CTLIN  Working

Johnson Matthey Copper Target Plate S12460-E New

Linos Gray Field 10 GF10X X1 Telescope Objective 4080044 working

Leica 020-675.102 Microscope Motor Assembly New

Eurotherm 414185 Multi-Loop PID Process Controller Mini8 DeviceNet  Working

Deublin SP0166 HTD Pulley Feed Through Union 0190-33463 new

Olympus Microscope Objective MDPlan 150 f=180 0.95 working

ASML MicroScan II Lamp Housing Module 859-0481-007 untested AS-IS

SVG ASML 859-8366-011 Power Supply Assembly  Working

AMAT Applied Materials 9090-00442 Decel PSU Resistor Assembly Working

THK 0190-05945 IECP Motorized Arm Pivot End Slide new

Nova Cable Various Numbers Lot of 20 New 315-35050-00 315-65035-00 310-40610-00

ASML Exciter Lamp 859-0515-006-A  Working

Tosoh Upper Shield 805-375-SG-F-28?0 new

Modus DA-4-04M-0-RR-1?5-114 Display Alarm lot of 5 working

Recif Wafer ID Handler IDLW8 untested as-is IDLW8-A9607 missing parts

Elctroglas Lens Illuminator Assembly 255337-001 Rev. A  Working

Hitachi Kokusai Denki Engineering U01200PMQA-DS1C?E Ultrasonic Generator 

Mykrolis Copper Anode 300mm 35200-29-000-40?0 New

Varian E11086971 Signal Tower Controller Rev. D  Working

Nova 315-18500-00 Notch Finder Controller  Working

Tektronix TDS 320 2 Channel 100MHz Oscilloscope

Opal 50312640000 ASA Assembly Working

QML/MSXLOD 200mm Chuck 879-0362-002D

Novellus 01-133875-00 SIOC Anneal Controller Digital Dynamics 02-134495-00 As-Is

Digital Dynamics 02-134495-00 SIOC Anneal 4 Interlock Module  Working

Federal Dimensional Gauge EAS-2350 8035-0129-000 Working

Silicon Wafers with Oxide 300mm 12" 25 count Boat

Bede Scientific Minicam 3 Type A Interface  Working

Ushio Bulb JCV120V-1000WBH?/H 1003198 Lot of 9 New

ASML Stepper UVHR 3 In. Mirror 8541806001

Integrated Dynamics Engineering TC 800043-001

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