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XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply. We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway)

Xiamen City, China

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COGNEX VPM-8100X-001-P MVS-8100 FRAME GRABBER Description:

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XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply. We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway) is a high-tech enterprise specialized in professional sales of industrial automation components, and is committed to improving the level of world automation parts supply.

No matter what the customer is, no matter how rare the required accessories, AMIKON  can provide a variety of accessories for  customers around the world to make customers and products required close connection.

XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. always make the best staff and spare parts together, professional multilingual service team, adhere to provide customers with first-class service.

Company products cover DCS control system card, programmable PLC module SPS / CNC panel controller / inverter / server driver and various parts of the robot.

Whether it is a new spare parts, or outdated / discontinued parts, XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. is committed to the best cost, best quality and efficient way to allow enterprises to resume normal operation.

More than a thousand outstanding manufacturers, millions of stocks, adequate supply, to achieve faster customer support response
Partners in all continents, customers cover 150 countries / regions.

XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD.  has supplied nearly 70 million inventory parts for customers worldwide.
Our experienced team of professionals provides more spare parts expertise to provide you with efficient component solutions.

Whether it is customer service or delivery speed, we always strive for excellence, to be better.




Observe these precautions when installing In-Sight 5000 series vision systems to reduce the risk of injury or equipment
l In-Sight 5000 series vision systems are intended to be supplied by a UL or NRTL listed power supply with a
24VDC output rated for at least 600 mA continuous and a maximum short circuit current rating of less than 8A and
a maximum power rating of less than 100VA and marked Class 2 or Limited Power Source (LPS). Any other
voltage creates a risk of fire or shock and can damage the In-Sight components.
l Do not install In-Sight 5000 series vision systems where they are directly exposed to environmental hazards such
as excessive heat, dust, moisture, humidity, impact, vibration, corrosive substances, flammable substances, or
static electricity.
l To reduce the risk of damage or malfunction due to over-voltage, line noise, electrostatic discharge (ESD), power
surges, or other irregularities in the power supply, route all cables and wires away from high-voltage power
l The housing of the vision system is internally connected to the system ground wire (pin 8 of the Breakout cable).
Therefore, if the mounting surface of the vision system is at a non-zero ground potential, it is strongly
recommended that the vision system be mounted on an isolated or non-conductive mount.
l Do not expose the CCD to laser light; CCDs can be damaged by direct, or reflected, laser light. If your application
requires the use of laser light that may strike the CCD, a lens filter at the corresponding laser's wavelength is
recommended. Contact your local integrator or application engineer for suggestions.
l Do not open the In-Sight 5000 series vision system or remote head camera. These devices do not contain userserviceable
l Do not make electrical or mechanical modifications to In-Sight components. Unauthorized modifications may
violate your warranty.
l Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for regulatory compliance could void
the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
l Cable shielding can be degraded or cables can be damaged or wear out more quickly if a bend radius or service
loop is tighter than 10X the cable diameter.
l Service loops should be included with all cable connections.
l This device is for business purposes and is qualified and registered for electromagnetic compatibility. The seller
or purchaser should be notified if you incorrectly purchased these products; please exchange them for home

Alcatel MPX-10
Alcatel FD-18S-2
Alcatel HUB 90-6085-01
Alcatel K78050
Alcatel K78051 
Alcatel LPCO-B
Alcatel OS7-GNI-U12
Alcatel OT-255D
Alcatel OT-355A
Alcatel URC-II 44WW65B
Alcatel UAI16-1
Alcatel UD-35Z-3
Alcatel UD-48L-3
Alcatel PRA-T2
Alcatel S/R-5
Alcatel 244-2091-305
Alcatel 2WFXO 2WFX0 CP2000
Alcatel 3/OT-C507
Alcatel 300-0135-902 PCMI-C
Alcatel 300-0146-902 REV A
Alcatel 300-0146-902 REV D
Alcatel 300-0415-900
Alcatel 300-0527-900 REV B DEX-STP
Alcatel 300-0529-902 REV C
Alcatel 300-0529-903 REV B
Alcatel 300-0540-900 REV L
Alcatel 300-0541-901 REV B
Alcatel 300-0543 905 REV A
Alcatel 300-0546-911
Alcatel 300-0564-902 REV A
Alcatel 300-0643-902
Alcatel 300-0643-902 REV B
Alcatel 300-0653-903 REV A
Alcatel 300-0773-900
Alcatel 300-1101-901 REV G
Alcatel 3001121900 LS2000
Alcatel 3001121900 REV AS 
Alcatel 300-1121-900-AF
Alcatel 300-1121-900-AS
Alcatel 300-1121-900-P
Alcatel 3001240900REVE LS2000
Alcatel 300-1368-903
Alcatel 302SS51A B302 T1SWDH4
Alcatel 36170 OC3 90-2188-02/N
Alcatel 3645 90-1625-02/J
Alcatel 37850156
Alcatel 3AL00294AA 1603SM
Alcatel 3AL00294AA Vtg-301 SNCDTXECAA
Alcatel 3AL00296AA
Alcatel 3AL07822DG OC3 
Alcatel 3AL34787AA
Alcatel 3AL48029AA Rev 04 OCM101 IR OC3
Alcatel 3AL78830AE 1662SMC
Alcatel 3AL79088AC 1662SMC
Alcatel 3BA23138 LIOB 3BA-23138
Alcatel 3BA53050 UA32
Alcatel 3BA53083
Alcatel 3EC15195AAAA LPCO-A
Alcatel 3EC15909AA VACEG20DAA
Alcatel 3EC15976BB SANT-D 3EC15976BBAA01
Alcatel 3EM12295AC
Alcatel 3FE23196AA01
Alcatel 3FE24573
Alcatel 3FE26509AG REV:04 VAUCACMKAB
Alcatel 3HE02776AA A8-ETH
Alcatel 4400 CPU3 3BA53062 
Alcatel 44WW65B
Alcatel 621810-000-003 HTUC231
Alcatel 622-8313-016 FD48P-16
Alcatel 622-8535-002 REV N FD78N-2
Alcatel 622-8576-004
Alcatel 622-8866-002
Alcatel 622-8867-002
Alcatel 622-8868-001
Alcatel 622-8868-001 
Alcatel 622-8946-001 FD 18L-2
Alcatel 622-9103-002
Alcatel 622-9103-002 DX-18H-2
Alcatel 622-9224-002 DX-18J-2
Alcatel 622-9979-001 FD-37G-1 
Alcatel 628020-000-001 D448
Alcatel 628025-000-003 D448
Alcatel 628035-000-001 D448 
Alcatel 628060-000-001 LI-3
Alcatel 628131-000-001 D448 2WEM9A
Alcatel 628171-000-001 D448 
Alcatel 628192-000-001 D448
Alcatel 628220-000-001 
Alcatel 628357-000-002 OCUDP
Alcatel 628357-000-003 OCU-DP
Alcatel 628357-000-004 D448 OCU-DP
Alcatel 628492-025-001
Alcatel 644-0003-001 1648-SM 
Alcatel 644-0013-001
Alcatel 644-0043-001
Alcatel 644-0090-001
Alcatel 6440091002 CA015746
Alcatel 644-0092-002 CA015795
Alcatel 644-0093-001 DX-33P-1
Alcatel 68-0121-005
Alcatel 690-0209-001
Alcatel 690-0209-001 Rev A
Alcatel 690-2531-001 Rev D
Alcatel 690-2730-002 L50P1070
Alcatel 822-0290-001 FD-37H-1
Alcatel 90-0032-06
Alcatel 90-0032-06/F
Alcatel 90-0032-06/N
Alcatel 90-0035-01
Alcatel 90-0035-01/D
Alcatel 90-0035-01-03-B
Alcatel 90-0035-05
Alcatel 90-0041-01-03
Alcatel 90-0041-02 DNIC
Alcatel 90-0041-03
Alcatel 90-0050-04
Alcatel 90-0050-04/C
Alcatel 90-0074-01/B
Alcatel 90-0075-02 90-035-01/C
Alcatel 90-0075-02/B 90-035-01
Alcatel 90-0075-02B
Alcatel 90-0090-05
Alcatel 90-009-02/B
Alcatel 90-0091-05/H
Alcatel 90-0093-05
Alcatel 90-0093-05/B
Alcatel 90-0093-05/E
Alcatel 90-0093-05/E 
Alcatel 90-0343-04/B
Alcatel 90-0564-01
Alcatel 90-0564-01 /M
Alcatel 90-0565-01/R
Alcatel 90-0567-01
Alcatel 90-056701/C
Alcatel 90-0567-01/C
Alcatel 90-0567-01/C 90-0093-05/D
Alcatel 90-0639-03
Alcatel 90-0640-03
Alcatel 90-0641-01
Alcatel 90-0641-01-03
Alcatel 90-0653-04/E DS3 
Alcatel 90-0661-01
Alcatel 90-0667-01
Alcatel 90-0667-01/L
Alcatel 90-0667-01H
Alcatel 90-0669-01
Alcatel 90-0669-01/E
Alcatel 90-0670-01
Alcatel 90-1610-01
Alcatel 90-1712-01/T
Alcatel 90-1716-03-03-Y
Alcatel 90-2111-32/A
Alcatel 90-2153-03
Alcatel 90-2180-01/E
Alcatel 90-2180-01-03-E 
Alcatel 90-2182-01-03-V
Alcatel 90-2183-xx
Alcatel 90-2185-01/ZB
Alcatel 90-2186-01/V
Alcatel 90-2186-01-03-ZA 
Alcatel 90-2186-03/K
Alcatel 90-2189-01/G
Alcatel 90-2293-01
Alcatel 90-2304-01/F
Alcatel 90-2305-02/N
Alcatel 90-2305-03/K
Alcatel 90-2517-xx
Alcatel 90-2544-61 BA4I8F0
Alcatel 90-3116-xx
Alcatel 90-3346-xx 
Alcatel 90-3598-12/C
Alcatel 90-3598-23/J
Alcatel 90-3598-xx 
Alcatel 90-4905-xx OC3-2M
Alcatel 90-5037-03/J
Alcatel 90-5891-xx
Alcatel 90-5935-01-03-E 
Alcatel 90-6085-01
Alcatel 90-6085-xx 
Alcatel 90-6226-01
Alcatel 90-6703-01 BAC8BBOAAC
Alcatel 90-6832-02 
Alcatel 90-7282-02 BA1C33R
Alcatel 90-7282-xx 
Alcatel 90-7335-01
Alcatel 90-7336-01 OC48/STM16
Alcatel 90-8180-01 PORT STM1-2M
Alcatel ACL22 CPM
Alcatel ACL23 WTM
Alcatel AE-18T 644-0032-001
Alcatel AE-33L-1 644-0255-001
Alcatel C29.2 400-1154-001 REV.E
Alcatel C29.2 REV.E 400-1154-001
Alcatel CCU32 44WW28
Alcatel CPA4-500-5083
Alcatel CTU-II GPS-EXT 44WW27B
Alcatel D448 2WFX0 628180-000-001
Alcatel DMI102CCLE
Alcatel DS3 90-3116-11/03/D
Alcatel DX-35K-1 6440094001
Alcatel DX-36G-2 6440095002
Alcatel E1NC-A 3EC16454AEAA02
Alcatel EC24 300-2187-912 300-2189-912
Alcatel EHE0326AA ASB 7450 ESS
Alcatel ES-37E-IPU 622-9675
Alcatel ES-40C-1 622-8871-001
Alcatel EXNT-A 3FE51230AB NIB
Alcatel MDR 690-0209-001 N52R7821
Alcatel MDR AE-35R-1 822-0350-001
Alcatel MDR AE-37R-3 644-0082-003
Alcatel MDR AE-37V-1 644-0248-001
Alcatel MDR CE-16Z-1 822-0190-001
Alcatel MDR-5600 AE-27AD-1
Alcatel MDR-6000 644-0089-001
Alcatel MDR-6000 695-7044-001
Alcatel OC12 90-2304-31/B
Alcatel OC3-2 90-4905-21/X
Alcatel OC3-2 90-4905-23/U
Alcatel OC3-2 IR 90-4905-21/U
Alcatel OC3-2 MMF 90-4905-23
Alcatel OC3-2 MMF 90-4905-23/H
Alcatel OC3-2 MMF 90-4905-23/N
Alcatel OC3-2 MMF 90-4905-23/T
Alcatel OC3-2 MMF 90-4905-23/U
Alcatel OC3-2 MMF 90-4905-23/V
Alcatel OC3-2 MMF 90-4905-23/X
Alcatel OC3-2M 90-4905-1A/C
Alcatel OC3C/STM1C 
Alcatel OC-5000-1061
Alcatel OMNI-PCX PRA-T2 
Alcatel OMNI-PCX UAI16
Alcatel OT-C825/OT-E801
Alcatel OT-E805/OT-V770
Alcatel PSPC-C 3EC15633AAAB02
Alcatel RS-422 90-1549-01
Alcatel SBEVMm BNJ92
Alcatel SDSL 32 68-0127-004
Alcatel SPB 103 3AL07783DEAB01
Alcatel STGR-SP-CM
Alcatel STM1/OC3 90-8478-xx
Alcatel STM-1/STS-3C 90-7569-05
Alcatel T-1 90-1625-02/H
Alcatel T1CE 90-2517-21/?L
Alcatel T1CE 90-2517-21/C
Alcatel T1CE 90-2517-21/M
Alcatel T1CE 90-2517-21/N
Alcatel T1CFR 100 OHM R4.2 90-2544-61
Alcatel T1FR 90-2541-xx 
Alcatel T1FR 90-2544-41/J
Alcatel T1FR 90-2544-41/K
Alcatel T1FR 90-2544-41/L
Alcatel T1FR 90-2544-41/M
Alcatel T1FR 90-2544-41/N
Alcatel T1FR 90-2544-41/U
Alcatel T1FR 90-2544-41/V
Alcatel TDS3-2 90-5935-01 
Alcatel TWS OC-48 192 OADM 1640
Alcatel UD-36AE-3 644-0100-003
Alcatel UD-48L-3 822-0355-003
Alcatel UD-48M-3 822-0356-003
Alcatel 1.544MBPS T1 90-0161-01/D
Alcatel 1531FL BEZEQ435202209 TADIRAN66830989701
Alcatel 155-2796-197 148.4333mhz
Alcatel 1630-SX 3AL11010-AA-AA
Alcatel 1631-SX 3AL45028AL DS3/STS1
Alcatel 1677SL 3EM12238AA07
Alcatel 1677SL 3EM12295AB01 WMEC903 
Alcatel 1677SL 3EM12302AA05 WMI8V06
Alcatel 1677SL 3EM12313AB02 WMEC601
Alcatel 1677SL OC192 LC7-012-036S-02 WM4IK0J
Alcatel 1677SL OC-3 3EM12238AA06 WM3I503
Alcatel 1677SLLC7-007IS-06 WM4IH0Z
Alcatel 690-2943-203 REV G CPX-7D 
Alcatel 690-3703-001 N54N5465
Alcatel 3AL00124ABAB SNPQCTM1AA CLK202 ICS02
Alcatel 622-8915-001 DML-3X50 CARD FD-37E-2 
Alcatel 7670 HSPS 90-7336-02 OC48c STM16
Alcatel XMT UD-35AE-3 644-0099-003
Alcatel Z20VG 3BA 53175 3BA53175ABBF OmniPCX 4400

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