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3500/42 140471-01 GE Bently Nevada

3500/42	140471-01  GE Bently Nevada

3500/42	140471-01  GE Bently Nevada


3500/42 140471-01 GE Bently Nevada


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XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply. We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway)

Xiamen City, China

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3500/42 140471-01 GE Bently Nevada Description:

Sales Manager: Sandy Lin



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Shipping Term : TNT,DHL,FEDEX,ETC

Payment Term : T/T

Warranty: 12 month

yuehang supply: New+original+factory sealed+high quality

Service: quotation will be sent in 9 hours

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Capricious consumer trends require manufacturing lines that are particularly flexible and able to create a variety of parts, or assemble several product lines without much alteration. As a result of this need for flexibility, manufacturing automotive components and assembling them is often the area in which robot-based automation can be seen at its best.

Intelligent manufacturing in the body shop aims to improve efficiency in casting parts. Forging a vehicle’s exterior parts like the fascia, bumpers and fuel tank, and producing interior parts like instrument panels, seats and air bags requiring very broad know-how and solutions based on robotics. Manufacturing the powertrain, chassis and the body of the vehicle also demands a great deal of precision.

Moore Automation Limited understands these requirements and works with car manufacturers to obtain the spare parts they need, as soon as possible. We specialise in identifying parts for machining, assembly, test, materials handling, safety and robot-based automation. We also offer a comprehensive and straightforward supply and repair service which can significantly reduce costs for your company.

3500/42    140471-01  GE Bently Nevada

3500/42    140471-01  GE Bently Nevada

3500/42    140471-01  GE Bently Nevada

3500 Monitoring System Rack Installation and Maintenance Manual (129766-01)
• general description of a standard system
• general description of a Triple Modular redundant (TMR) system
• instructions for installing the removing the module from a 3500 rack
• drawings for all cables used in the 3500 Monitoring System
3500 Monitoring System Rack Configuration and Utilities Guide ( 129777-01)
• guidelines for using the 3500 Rack Configuration software for setting the operating
parameters of the module
• Guidelines for using the 3500 test utilities to verify that the input and output terminals on
the module are operating properly
3500 Monitoring system Computer Hardware and Software Manual (128158-01)
• instructions for connecting the rack to 3500 host computer
• procedures for verifying communication
• procedures for installing software
• guidelines for using Data Acquisition / DDE Server and Operator Display Software
• procedures and diagrams for setting up network and remote communications
3500 Field Wiring Diagram Package (130432-01)
• diagrams that show how to hook up a particular transducer
• lists of recommended wiring

ABB CP-E 24/2.5 24V DC 2,5A

ABB 3bse017193r1 NDC0-03 ndco 03 rev a y 64011952

ABB DAB12000 DigitalerZhler Wirkleistungszhler

ABB 3BSE017197R1 NDCO-03C Rev A SERNO 7470011

ABB 3BSE017193R1 NDC0-03 64011952 A Rev A

 Accu Sort Axiom 4L PS-4024

 Accu Sort Axiom PS-4024

 Accu Sort Axiom Laser 1L Power Supply PS 4024

 Accuvision AV4000-D Decoder Module

 Accu Vision AV4000 

 Accu Sort Axiom Laser 1L ohne Power Supply

 Accu-Sort AV4000-24H Power Supply 24V Stromversorgung

 Accu Sort 22 Series II Barcode Scanner

 Accu-Sort Accu-Ranger Laser Rangefinder Datalogic

 Accu-Sort DK4-3 / DK2-3 

 Accu Sort Model 9000 II 2

 Accu Sort Axiom PS-4024

 Accu Sort Modell 9000

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