GE IC693CPU364

GE IC693CPU364

GE IC693CPU364


GE IC693CPU364


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XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply. We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway)

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General Electric Company is an Americanmultinational conglomerate incorporated in New Yorkand headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. As of2018, the company operates through the followingsegments: aviation, healthcare, power, renewableenergy, digital, additive manufacturing, venture capitaland finance, lighting, transportation, and oil and gas.

GE’s Jenbacher Gas Engines

GE’s gas engines are available in the 0.3-9.5MW electrical output range for an individual unit. Jenbacher gas engines are renowned for robust performance in challenging conditions and difficult fuel gases. GE’s Jenbacher gas engines are manufactured in the town of Jenbach, Austria in the Tyrol. The Jenbacher gas engine is designed to run solely on different types of gas, and for different types of applications. Jenbacher has led the way in gas engine innovation over the last 50 years with developments including:

The LEANOX control philosophy

The world’s first 20 cylinder gas engine

The world’s first 24-cylinder gas engine

The world’s first twin-turbocharger gas engine

The high-efficiency 4-series concept

Gas Engine Basics

The image below shows the basics of a stationary gas engine and generator used for the production of power. It consists of four main components – the engine which is fueled by different gases. Once the gas is burnt in the cylinders of the engine, the force turns a crank shaft within the engine. The crank shaft turns an alternator which results in the generation of electricity. Heat from the combustion process is released from the cylinders  This must be either recovered and used in a combined heat and power configuration or dissipated via dump radiators located close to the engine. Finally and importantly there are advanced control systems to facilitate robust performance of the generator.

Power Production

GE Jenbacher gas engines can be configured to produce:

Electricity only (base-load generation)

Electricity & heat (cogeneration / combined heat & power – CHP)

Electricity, heat and cooling water (trigeneration / combined heat, power & cooling – CCHP)

Electricity, heat, cooling and high-grade carbon dioxide (quadgeneration)

Electricity, heat and high grade carbon dioxide (greenhouse cogeneration)

Gas engines are typically applied as stationary continuous generation units but can also operate as peaking plants & in greenhouses to meet fluctuations in local electricity demand. They can produce electricity in parallel with the local electricity grid, in island mode operation, or for power generation in remote areas.

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1. All products we sell are 100% New original good condition and will be examed before they are shipped. We will try our best to avoid any quality problems.

2. We offer 12 month warranty after receiving parcels. If there are some workmanship or material defects with the products, please contact us firstly, we will exchange it or offer other solutions for you to make a choice.

3. The shipping and handling charge is not refundable and customer should be responsible for all the charges of unreasonable returning and reshipping. All return items must be in good condition. They must under resalable condition. Man-made defects are not guaranteed, such as broken, scratched and so on. Thanks for understanding and cooperation!

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1)100% full New! - Original Factory Seal !
2)Warranty: 12 months!
3)Package: Original packing with cartons.
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T/T 100% Payment in Advance 

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We accept return back itmes if the goods still remain in their original condition on the warranty time

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some of kinds of DCS/PLC parts as below

1) IS200/DS200 series Excitation system card

2)IC693/IC695/IC697/IC698/IC200/IC660/IC670 CPU module,Communication module, Analog Digital module

GE IC693CPU364

GE IC693CPU364

GE IC693CPU364

Modular CPUs have an internal connector for a backup battery so that RAM memory contents can be retained while the CPU is being stored or shipped. This arrangement should not to be used when the CPU module is installed in the baseplate and the backup battery is installed in the power supply. To use a backup battery in the CPU module, it is necessary to remove the front cover of the CPU module. This can be accomplished by following these steps:  To avoid losing memory contents once the CPU is removed from the PLC, we recommend you install the backup battery into the CPU within 20 minutes. First, make sure PLC power is off, then remove the CPU module.  Gently squeeze the front cover of the CPU module and pull it forward, away from the module case, while gently pressing in on the 4 front cover tabs sequentially with a small screwdriver. The front cover tabs latch into holes on each side of the module case (refer to Figure 2-1 for location of front cover holding tabs).  After removing the front cover, plug the memory backup battery into the two-prong battery connector on the front of the CPU module’s printed circuit board.  While the battery is connected to the CPU, you will have to leave the CPU’s front cover off. Also, the battery should be temporarily secured to the module with cable ties or tape to keep it from being accidentally damaged or disconnected.

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5580-4UA12 6ES5 580-4UA12 E:2

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5580-0UA11 6ES5 580-0UA11 E:4

ifm electronic Funktionsw?chte?r F 400 Typ FE-04-PR1

ifm electronic Drehzahlw?chter D 100 Order-Nr. DD 0001

ifm electronic Drehzahlw?chter D 100 Typ DZ 34-A

Rexroth Indramat MKD071B-061-KG0?-KN MKD071B061KG0KN

SIEI Ultract UL50840.3A Servomotor

SIEI Ultract UL50840.3A Servomotor

ferrocontrol HD142C6-130S/R Servomotor

FANUC -Servomotor AO6B-0866-B300#?3000

Phoenix Contact PSM-EG-RS232/RS?422-P/4K Best. Nr, 27 61 266

Hirschmann Ind.Ethernet Switch RS2-TX Rail Switch

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 373-0AA81 6ES5373-0AA81 E: 3

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 377-0AB31 6ES5377-0AB31 E:1

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 373-0AA61 6ES5373-0AA61 E: 3

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 752-0AA12 6ES5752-0AA12 E: 6

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 374-1KG11 6ES5374-1KG11 E: 1

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 374-1KG11 6ES5374-1KG11 E: 1

Fanuc HE693PBM101E Module

Fanuc IC693CPU363-BD CPU Module

Fanuc IC693PWR330D Power Supply

Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7 972-0BA40-0XA0 6ES7972-0BA40-0?X

reis USIO II RS IV Karte

reis AXC-II RS4 Karte

Phoenix Contact PSM-EG-RS232/RS?422-P/4K PSMEGRS232RS

reis SYI0-II RS4 Karte

Siemens Simatic S7 Koppler 6ES7 158-0AD00-0XA0 E: B4

Siemens Simatic S7 Koppler 6ES7 158-0AD00-0XA0 E: B6

Siemens Simatic S7 Profibus Koppler 6ES7 158-0AD00-0XA0

Kl?ckner Niveaurelais EMR4-N500-2-A

Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7 132-4BD02-0AA0 6ES7132-4BD02-0

reis / FORCE Computer SYS68K CPU-23XB/C3

reis 1410 Id.Nr.: 1729335 10A/20A Rev.E2 Servodrive

Siemens Sitop power10 6EP1434-1SH01 E:1

Simatic S5 Steuerung 6ES5095-8MA03 6ES5 095-8MA03

Siemens WF470 6FM1470-4BA25 6FM1 470-4BA25

Rexroth Indramat Netzfilter NFD03.1-480-016

SCHAFFNER Frequenzumricht?er, Netzfilter FS5070-16-29

SIEMENS PC 840 6ES7643-6DD21-0?DX0 6ES7 643-6DD21-0DX0

SCHAFFNER Frequenzumricht?er, Netzfilter FS5787-16-29

SIEI Frequenzumricht?er, Netzfilter Type S-1321-24

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