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Custom Lead Forming

Custom Lead Forming

Custom Lead Forming


Custom Lead Forming


Lead Forming

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NPI Materials, Inc.

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NPI Materials, Inc.

Authorized 3M T&R Distributor. Leading tape and reel products and services provider. Low minimums, any volume, fast service serving EMS, S/C, distribution, OEM and defense. Custom carrier tape and largest Available to Sell stock

Prosper, Texas, USA

Component Preparation, Distributor, Tape and Reel Services

  • Phone 972-346-9003

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Custom Lead Forming Description:

Have a through-hole part that you'd prefer be SMT?  "Function" OK but not the "form and fit"?  NPI Materials has the ability to trim and form that through-hole component then load it into a custom made tape for auto-insertion.

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