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Amfax manufacturers a3Di, the revolutionary dual laser based PCBA metrology inspection system that provides near zero false calls, no subjective operator input, fast to program and fast to stabilize.


Amfax a3Di is a revolutionary new technology designed to provide accurate, repeatable non-contact measurement based inspection for printed circuit board assemblies and other components in electronic mechanical and manufacturing environments. As packages continue to reduce in size, expectations in quality continue to drive the requirement for yield, improvement and overall reliability.

a3Di addresses these issues by using patented cutting-edge hardware and software technologies to produce a dependable and robust solution that will protect your business and provide a very fast return on your investment.

Amfax is a world class test system solutions provider, delivering high quality, high performance and cost effective automated test equipment to the aerospace, defence, transport and consumer electronics marketplaces. We have built our reputation by providing our customers with exceptional service and system support, consistently solving their technically complex challenges.  a3Di is the culmination of over 30 years’ experience in delivering successful manufacturing test and inspection solutions.

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Amfax a3Di laser based PCBA metrology inspection system

Amfax a3Di is not an AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) system. It is a revolutionary laser based metrology measurement system that enables you to find faults on your populated PCB assemblies like never before. The extremely accurate measurement capa...


Amfax a3Di laser based PCBA metrology inspection system

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Amfax A3Di PCB Inspection machine is shortlisted for an Innovate UK SME Parliamentary award

Oct 20, 2016 | Amfax’s a3Di laser based PCBA inspection machine has been shortlisted to receive a parliamentary award at Innovate UK’s annual SME innovation awards held in the British Houses of Parliament on 25th October 2016. The award ceremony will be attended by a number of serving MPs as well as the nominees themselves. The award nomination for a3Di is in the prestigious “Innovation Leading to Productivity Improvement” category.

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