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Glue dispenser

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Suneast is one of the major player in China market with more than 30 years experience providing SMT solution. it developed first screen printer, reflow oven, wave solder machine in China.

Hong Kong, China

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Glue dispenser

Glue dispenser


Glue dispenser



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SUN EAST Tech Development Co., Ltd.


Glue dispenser Description:

Dimension: 1350x1200x1550mm;      
Weight: Approx. 850Kg;    
Power supply: 220V 50-60Hz   
Total power: 3KW;      
In-put air pressure: 90psi (6bar);
Control mode: montion control card + industrial PC;
X. Y driven mode: servo motor + ball screw;
Z driven mode: stepping motor + ball screw;
X. Y acceleration speed: 1g;
Highest running speed: 1000mm/s;
Positioning precision: ±0.025mm;
Repositioning precision: ±0.0125mm;
Min board width: 80mm;
Max board thickness: 7mm;
Valve matched: MUSASHI aerojet valve/MARCO piezoelectric jet valve
Nozzle heating: room temp ~ 80℃;
Programming mode: off-line / online visual programming
Vacuum cleaning device: standard vacuum cleaning for nozzle;
Syringe barrels: 30cc (standard), Others (option);
Max handling length: 800mm (1st segment); 1200mm (2nd segment)

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