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FG "Fine Grain" Stainless Steel

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UM Tech provides solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry from materials sourcing, SMT fixture production, OEM parts/PCB/PCBA cleaning, wash equipment manufacturing and cleanliness testing

New Territories, Hong Kong

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FG "Fine Grain" Stainless Steel



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UM Technology Co., Ltd.


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As population of circuit boards become more dense and with continual component size reductions, printing precision has become more challenging. Not only are improvements necessary to the manufacturing equipment & process, but also its raw material selection. Factoring into the regulations and limitation on post treatment imposed in various countries, electropolishing may no longer be acceptable. UM Tech's FG stainless steel provides stencil users with an alternative material to overcome these obstacles. As such, FG Stencils or Fine Grain Stencils have been introduced to the SMT/Electronics Industry.


  • Crystal grain size of 1-2 microns
  • Excellent paste release
  • Low surface roughness (Ra)
  • Sharp pad edges with little burr (laser cut)
  • Minimal warpage (chemical etching)
  • Important characteristic for step stencils

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