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TaiFa-PAK offer Embossed Carrier tape,Cover tape,Plastic Reel, Embossed Carrier Tape Forming machine, Automatic Taping Reel Machine, Paper Scroll Puncher Machine,Press Pocket Paper Carrier Tape and Tape & Reel ( Taping Services )

Consultant / Service Provider

We are skilled and professional in Embossed Carrier industrial

TaiFa-PAK has over 15 years Embossed Carrier production and tolling developing experience

TaiFa-PAK made Embossed Carrier machines by our own selves and provide Tape & Reel ( Taping Services ) in Greater China +Taiwan

We focus on the Quality and Customer satisfaction

We offer EIA-481 and TAA Compliant products

TaiFa-PAK the partner whom you can rely on!


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Tape and Reel _SMD Taping Services_ BELT PACKING services

Tape and Reel _SMD Taping Services W8~W88 , plastic and paper carrier tape Black/Blue /White Reel We offer the BELT PACKING services , you can assign us your final d...

Tape and Reel Services

Tape and Reel _SMD Taping Services_ BELT PACKING services

SMD Manual Taping Machine

SMD Manual Taping Machine- Taifa-Tech Tape widths support from 12~56mm/ 8~88mm carrier tape, K0 Max: 28mm PLC and PID Temperature​ Control Parts Lack Det...

Tape and Reel Equipment

SMD Manual Taping Machine

Embossed Carrier Tape Forming Machine

Taifa-Pak's Embossed carrier tape forming machine is Fast ,Stable and Precision, you don't want to miss it! Vist our website for more detials!...

IC Packaging

Embossed Carrier Tape Forming Machine
Industry 4.0 Reflow Oven

SMT Feeders