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PowerSPOT Power Product is a microgrid solar technology firm established in 2015. We make unique power products related to microgrid solar technologies our website is

Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA


  • Phone 864-283-6216

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PowerSPOT300 Description:

The PowerSPOT300 is capable of producing 300 watts of power and makes a great source for running many AD/DC products. The PowerSPOT300 is designed for emegencies and extreme weather situations.  Run Lights, heaters, drills, drill presses, blenders, laptops, desktops, sound systems, and many other uses. Made of durable ABS plastic carry case (briefcase size) makes travel easy to take with you in your car, van, or SUV. The all plastic exterior is waterproof and will not rust or crack with proper care.

Clear lighted displays makes easy to use with clear instructions as to efficiencies, usage times giving you error free power every-time. PowerSPOT300 uses our "smart touch" technology with simple plug-n-play connections that fit most all type connectors.

Have a mission critical piece of equipment?  The PowerSPOT300 can be used as a UPS to keep your equipment running.

The PowerSPOT300 is the perfect back up power source for emergencies, recreational, industrial, and commercial uses.

TAKE CAMPING and OUTDOOR events to the next level of enjoyment!

Product Features:

  • 20W high-efficiency solar panel
  • 300W AC inverter
  • 4 output and 2 input ports
  • 3W LED flashlight
  • 12v / 32Ah Lithium Polymer Battery
  • 12V / 5A charge controller

Details & Specifications:

  • Power Output: 300W – 60Hz
  • Chainable: No
  • Weight: 15.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 12.4 x 4.2 in
  • Certification(s): USA Compliant
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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