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we are one distributor of factory automation products, the main brand is omron. our competitive products are omron photoelectric sensors.


Servo amplifierNo-fuse breakerFuseMagnetic contactor

ClassCurrent[A]Voltage AC [V]

MR-J2S-10A(1)30A frame 5AK510  

MR-J2S-20A30A frame 5AK510  

MR-J2S-40A   20A130A frame 10AK515 S-N10

MR-J2S-60A   40A130A frame 15AK520  

MR-J2S-70A30A frame 15AK520  

MR-J2S-100A30A frame 15AK525  

MR-J2S-200A30A frame 20AK540250S-N18

MR-J2S-350A30A frame 30AK570 S-N20

MR-J2S-500A50A frame 50AK5125 S-N35

MR-J2S-700A100A frame 75AK5150 S-N50

MR-J2S-11KA100A frame 100AK5200 S-N65

MR-J2S-15KA225A frame 125AK5250 S-N95

MR-J2S-22KA225A frame 175AK5350 S-N25

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