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Small Style Vacuum Soldering Furance KD-V20 for IGBT Module

Small Style Vacuum Soldering Furance  KD-V20 for  IGBT Module

Small Style Vacuum Soldering Furance  KD-V20 for  IGBT Module


Small Style Vacuum Soldering Furance KD-V20 for IGBT Module


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Small Style Vacuum Soldering Furance KD-V20 for IGBT Module Description:

        Small Style Vacuum Soldering Furance  KD-V20 for  IGBT Module  

Application :

 IGBT module  


 Large power modules package

Optoelectronic package  

 Hermetic Seals 

Feature :

1. Viewing system: Cavity with a visual window, can observe the welding process in real time. 

2. Up and down heating system : Equipped with current regulator,can control dynamic temperature with high accuracy respectively. It ensures the temperature of the bearing platform uniform.

3. Vacuum system :Equipped with direct connection high speed rotary vacuum pump,  the charge vacuum can realize 1pa rapaidly .

4. Cooling system :Adopt water cooling system, ensure it can cooling rapidly in high temperature environment.

5. Software system :Raise or decrease temperature can be controlled by programming, it can set temperature up/down curve according to the technology. Each curve can generate automatically, programmable, can be modified and stored.

6. Control system :Software modular design can set the process curve independently, vacuum extraction, atmosphere, cooling, etc., and can be combined with the production process, to achieve a key operation.

7. Data recording system :With continuous real-time monitoring and data recording system, software curve records, temperature control curve saving, process parameters saving , equipment parameters records .

8. Rapid cooling rate :Independent water cooling and gas cooling device is set in the cavity, achieve rapid cooling of the device.

9. Low hole rate of welding quality :To ensure that after welding, a large area of the disc to achieve the following 3% hole rate.

10. The whole machine struture : econvenience for maintenance . The hearing parts maintain work and the Flux clean recycling work are done by one person easily .Replace the heating pipe only within 2 minutes .

11. Protection system: according to the many years experience in this field , multiple protection system  customers can rest assured . 

Technology data :

Basic data

Outlook dimension

900 x 800 x 1300 mm (LxWxH)  Weight:about  200 kg

Low vacuum


Welding area

200x 160mm

Charge height


Temperature range

Highest can be up to 450°C

Temperature Warm-up rate

Highest can be up to 120°C /min

Temperature Cooling rate


Temperature uniformity


Charge bearing

5kW   Bottom heating system

Heating platform

Special handling heating platform

Power source standards

380V, 50HZ/60HZ


.max. 3 x20 A, 50-60 HZ

Control parameters

Controlling way

Siemens PLC + IPC

Monitoring window

 With visual window (1 set )

Temperature curve setting

Temperature & time (can set temperature /time/ warm-up rete,, 150 technical stages can be set at most )




Welding vision inspection system

※Optional with 50-200 magnification, observation, analysis of the welding process

※Software video recording function , convenience for the R&D and  process analysis

Security system

Ultra high temperature alarm, excessive temperature raising alarm

System self-check function, each function is the normal state before production , the program allows operate    

Cooling water pressure test system, low voltage alarm, software remind

One-click to cut off the heating part power supply

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