Convoluted PTFE Tubing

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Global manufacturer and supplier of Smooth Bore & Heat Shrink Fluoropolymer PTFE, FEP & PFA Tubing and Products. American Wire Guage (AWG) Standard,Thin & Light Wall PTFE Tubing. UL-224 Rated material

West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA


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Convoluted PTFE Tubing

Convoluted PTFE Tubing


Convoluted PTFE Tubing


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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Tef Cap Industries Inc.


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Convoluted PTFE Tubing ( SAE-AS81914/1 or M81914/1 ) is engineered to be an equivalent to that of Corrugated FEP Tubing where sharp turns and small band diameters are needed. It can be used as an electrical or fluid conduit in the semi conductor industry. PTFE Convoluted Tubing will operate in applications where high temperatures are required and other materials are not suitable. Both PTFE and FEP are FDA approved materials and can be used in food and medical industry. Mil-Spec Convoluted PTFE Tubing is a high temperature material that has a non-stick surface, allowing easy cleaning. Mil-Spec Convo PTFE is an excellent electrical insulator and resist most corrosive liquids including hot acids.

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