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ESD Anti-Static Phenolic Bakelite Sheet

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ESD manufacturer for baeklite sheets, 3025 Phenolic Cotton Sheet, 3240/FR4 Epoxy sheets, alternative Durostone Sheet CAS761, Risho similar solder pallet material, PCB solder pallet holddowns

Shenzhen, China


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ESD Anti-Static Phenolic Bakelite Sheet

ESD Anti-Static Phenolic Bakelite Sheet


ESD Anti-Static Phenolic Bakelite Sheet


Board Handling - Pallets, Carriers, Fixtures

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Backed by rich industry experiences, we are leading Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier of ESD Anti-Static Phenolic Bakelite Sheet in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
Phenolics are a uniformly dense and structurally strong material that will not soften appreciably under the reapplication of heat. It is an extremely durable plastic that is lightweight and moisture resistant. Industrial laminates are thermoset resin impregnated reinforcing materials (paper, cotton fabric, glass fabric, etc.) that are cured under heat and pressure to form solid shapes having high mechanical and electrical insulating properties. Laminates are available in sheet, rod, and tubes. Since laminates are comprised of a combination of materials, they are also referred to as composites.


High mechanical properties, and oil resistance and certain dielectric property.
Thermal rating 120 grade, and temperature resistance: 120°C

Key Features:

▪ Excellent dielectric strength
▪ Good machinability
▪ Light weight
▪ Heat and wear resistant
▪ Resists corrosion and chemicals
▪ Good mechanical strength & dimensional stability
▪ Low moisture absorption


▪ Terminal boards
▪ Switches
▪ Bearings
▪ Gears
▪ Wear strips
▪ Gaskets
▪ Washers
▪ Transformers
▪ Machining components
▪ Industrial laminates

Phenolic Products:
- Paper Reinforced Phenolic Sheet
- Cottone Reinforced Phenolic Sheet

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