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iSuiRrui SMT6000V

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iSuiRrui SMT6000V

iSuiRrui SMT6000V


iSuiRrui SMT6000V


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Shenzhen Shangxiang Electronics Co., Ltd


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Product introduction
SMT6000V is dedicated to research and develop electronic products, it is a small desktop type machine which suits for small and medium-sized enterprise assembly line is developed by our company. This machine has superior function 1.small batch production.  2. Experiment, research and development. 3. Sample Preparation and trial-produce. 4. Processing and Mounting LED SMT, etc.

The main characteristic of SMT6000V is small volume, Mounting very fast, high precision when it works, simple operation, stable running and competitive price. Not only can help you to avoid the mounting instability by man-made, but also can help you to solve the problem like high labor cost, high site cost, low production efficiency, and so on. Our product can greatly improve the productivity.

 Product Technical Specification
SMT6000V Specification
Visual System up and down visual system
Visual function Mark point positioning function
Applicable PCB 20mm*20mm~470mm*376mm
Placement Head Quantity 2
 Feeders 20
Strip Roller Quantity 27
IC Tray 2 Shelves (+ Simple Tray IC Shelf)
Mounting Capability 3000PCS/h
Mounting Accuracy  ±0.03mm
Applicable Components 0402~24mm, CHIP, SOP, QFP, SOT                                (Tape Width: 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm)
External Dimension 648*690*470
 Vacuum Pump (Included, Mute Pump)-92KPA
Vacuum Pump Quantity  2(Included, Mute Pump)
Power Supply  220V , 50Hz
Average Working Power 100W
Net Weight 63.5KG
Total Weight(including the packing) 90KG
Product features 
Ø         On the basis of programming and control system of WindowsXP, it is supported to import the coordinate file and online programming

Ø         vision correction
  Mounting vision correction                                 
Machine tool vision correction

Ø         2 Placement Heads can work in the same time and the mounting range is big. It supports big and thick component. 4 placement heads can be choosed

Ø         Laser alignment, online programming

Ø         Vacuum detection, intelligent discriminant good or bad adsorption
Ø         Detection of material lack, automatic alarm
Ø         Support multi-feeding ways: feeder belt, feeder, IC tray, IC material tray



Ø         Encapsulation apply
1)common resistance, capacitance, inductance and diode
2) SOP series
4)TO252  SMA  SMB
5)SOT series
SOP-8 (SO8) narrow SSOP-20 wide TSOP-44
LL34 TQFP-144
SOT-223 SOT-23 SOT-89

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