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COMET Plasma Control Technologies

COMET is a global innovation partner, developing high value RF solutions. For more than 50 years, COMET Plasma Control Technologies has significantly contributed to the progress of RF and vacuum technology.

San José, California, USA


  • Phone +1 408 325 8770

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Combining Expertise and Technology

With more than 50 years of experience in designing vacuum capacitors, COMET Plasma Control Technologies combines expertise and technology to meet your demand for high performance vacuum capacitors.

COMET now offers capacitors with higher power density that address more sophisticated applications and production processes for customers.

Vacuum Capacitors Selection:

Smart-Con <br> Innovative Design

Smart-Con Innovative Design

Uni-Select <br>Cost Effective Solution

Uni-Select Cost Effective Solution

Trimmer Capacitors <br>for Accurate Adjustments

Trimmer Capacitors for Accurate Adjustments

Ultra Life <br> High Speed Drive Systems

Ultra Life High Speed Drive Systems

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