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Fume Extraction

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ULT is a vendor of fume extraction solutions for air purification. The company's systems are utilized for the removal of laser fumes, soldering fumes, odors, vapors, gases, dusts etc. in electronics production.

Mequon, Wisconsin, USA

Cleaning, Environmental Resources, OEM

  • Phone +1 414-377-1376

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LAS 160 Description:

LAS 160 – compact laser fume extraction unit

The LAS 160 MD K is suitable for collecting and filtering dry and non-combustible types of dust contained in non-explosive air mixtures produced during laser machining. Any emitted and partially unhealthy types of dust ought to be extracted by collecting elements directly at their place of origin and filtered by the LAS 160 MD K. The material of the filter elements ensures effective filtering out of the various dust particle sizes. A combination of filter mats with the filter classes M5 and F7 protects the following filter stages from prematurely saturation. The following H13-filter separates even the smallest particles from the polluted air. At the adsorption filter a layer of activated carbon is holding back gases and fumes effectively.

Application Fields

  • Laser welding, laser engraving, laser cutting
  • Laser structuring, laser ablation, laser marking, laser printing


  • Stationary and mobile unit with castors and adjustable feet
  • Replacement filter system – individual filter exchange
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Simple filter handling, accessible from the top
  • Stepless volume flow control
  • Loaded particle filter indicator: optical visualization
  • Rugged steel housing
  • One or two connectors for extraction arms (Ø 50)


  • Expanded metal prefilter (metal knit, condensation filter, spark protection)

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