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small wave soldering

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small wave soldering

small wave soldering


small wave soldering


Wave Soldering

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Shenzhen Maxsharer Technology Co., Ltd


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1. Direct-mounted board structure, special stainless steel chain transmission, durable.
2. Preheat system using infrared direct thermal system, temperature control using PID mode, the temperature control accuracy of ± 2 ℃, can achieve the ideal lead-free solder preheating temperature. Special structural design, so that the preheating area and the welding zone temperature drop <5 ℃.
3. Spray system using precision control valve for digital adjustment, easy management. And the use of Japanese special nozzle, cylinder mobile (stepper motor type is optional).
4. Tin furnace with external heating, tin furnace materials are all made of special stainless steel, temperature control using PID mode, temperature control accuracy of ±2 ℃.
5. The latest streamlined design, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance.
6. Man-machine interface operating system, three Ling control system, Japan's mountain temperature control system to achieve precision PID temperature control.
7. Guide the professional design, to minimize the thermal deformation.
8. The use of Promise frequency conversion technology, precise control of peak height.
With the tracking spray system, the spray area is automatically adjusted with PCB width.

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