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reflow oven

reflow oven


reflow oven



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1, All the main parts of the equipment are imported parts, long service life.
2, using the upper and lower two temperature control area, using PID automatic fuzzy temperature control system, high precision temperature control, high stability, temperature control accuracy and the measured temperature on the PCB up to ± 1 ℃.
3, forcing the hot air circulation, the two temperature zones at the same time using the upper and lower heating, the furnace boring rapid heating and constant temperature, the PCB board heating evenly, effectively offset the infrared "shadow effect" side effects.
4, the furnace liner adopt double seal structure, with the filling of efficient insulation materials and furnace heat storage cast aluminum alloy material, thermal insulation effect, and heat and corrosion, effectively reduce power consumption and save energy.
5, the use of drawer-type PCB board placement, push and pull smooth; large space for placement, applicable to different sizes and shapes of the PCB board placement.
6, can be completed CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA and other packages of all single and double sided PCB board welding.
7, can be used for other products such as plastic curing, thermal aging circuit boards, metal parts stress relief, PCB repair and other work, heating time up to 100 hours.
8, the welding machine has the error monitoring function; if the fault is encountered, the welding machine has the sound and light tips.
9, warm-up time, power 10 minutes after the start of production.

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Reflow Oven