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Reflow soldering

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Reflow soldering

Reflow soldering


Reflow soldering



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1, FS innovative patented heating wire heating technology, independent small circulation wind structure, up and down heating, can achieve greater wind capacity, with a high heat exchange rate, can reduce the temperature setting temperature, the heating element protection Function, especially suitable for lead-free soldering. 
2, The use of imported high-temperature motor, direct heating, vertical hair vertical wind, can solve the general reflow welding rail dead angle problems, low noise, vibration, 0201 components in the movement does not shift.
3, Unique duct design, imported volute wind with three layers of air device, the air outlet from the air outlet recently, which can effectively prevent the PCB board heated by the influence of the wind, to achieve the highest repeat heating. 
4, To ensure ultra-stability of the heating process, and has the industry's smallest △ t deviation, especially for difficult welding process.
5, From the international technology of the emergency cooling system, the use of amplified centralized efficient quenching, cooling rate of up to 3.5 ~ 6 ℃ / s, management is very convenient. 
6, Five screw guide transmission mechanism to ensure that the rail width adjustment accuracy and high life. 
7, Special transport rails, made of high temperature resistant, wear-resistant aluminum alloy, high rigidity is not deformed, rail width adjustment system using rack and pinion coaxial adjustment device to ensure that the parallelism of the rail reaches plus or minus 0.5MM, effectively prevent The pallets, off the plate occurred, and equipped with automatic manual adjustment system.
8, Integrated control window, the computer switch electric width, measuring curve, printing curve and transmission data can be easy to operate, user-friendly design.
9, Curve test and analysis functions can be analyzed

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