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ABB Bailey Infi 90 IMMFC05 Multifunction Controller

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AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

Hongkong, Hong Kong


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ABB Bailey Infi 90 IMMFC05 Multifunction Controller

ABB Bailey Infi 90 IMMFC05 Multifunction Controller


ABB Bailey Infi 90 IMMFC05 Multifunction Controller


Industrial Automation

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD


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Nancy Lin


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²   MOQ 1 Pcs

²   100% new factory sealed

²   Warranty: 12 months

²   All the goods will be tested before shipment

²   Payment: T/T

²   Shipped within 1-2 days after payment

²   Shipment: DHL UPS FedEx, etc (Packed in brand new and original box)



Amikon insists on striving for excellence business philosophy. whether its industrial automation spare parts or delivery efficiency,We are committed to doing better



DSTD120A 57160001-UD, 2668 180-99/1 Connection Unit for Digital Board ABB  

DSTD150A 57160001-UH/1, IN5716-1001-DR/01 DSTD150 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTD150AI 3BYN571600-K/00 DSTD 150AI Connection Unit ABB  

DSTD155 57160001-E2 / 1 Connect Unit ABB  

DSTD170 5760001-FH DSTD 170 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTD190 3BSE004723R1 DSTD 190 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTD197 3BSE004726R1 DSTD197 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTDN001 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTDW110 57160001-AAZ DSTD W110 Connection Unit - 24 Vac/Vdc ABB  

DSTDW120 57160001-ZB DSTD W120 Connection Unit - 120 Vac/Vdc ABB  

DSTDW130 57160001-YX DSTD W130 Connection Unit - 230 Vac ABB  

DSTF610 HESN119032P1 TF610 Process Connector ABB 

DSTF620 HESN119033P1, HESN118033P0001 TF620 Process Connector ABB  

DSTK 153 FAM50286 Analog Output Board Cable ABB  

DSTK 153SL15 26390603-JB DSTK 153SL15 Ribbon Cable Screened ABB  

DSTK114 26390582 Cable ABB  

DSTK126 26390582-AY ABB Master Cable ABB  

DSTK151V 5730032-H Cable ABB  

DSTK152 26390603-H Cable ABB  

DSTK155 26390603-P Cable ABB  

DSTK176 26390603-AZ Cable ABB  

DSTK179 Cable ABB  

DSTK221L6 3BSC950164R60 Ribbon Cable Assy SE ABB  

DSTV110 57350001-A Connection Unit ABB  

DSTX-W110 57160001-AAP Digital Input Board ABB  

DSTX001 57360001-LU/1 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTX180 3BUR980025R1 Connection Unit for DSDX180 ABB  

DSTXN001-0 Back Plane Module ABB  

DSU 07 3BDM000321R0001 Freelance CAN Cable, D-PS Bus DigiNet ABB  

DSU 10 37911 6-5785/ 37411-4-0345572 Interface Cable ABB  

DSU 11 37911 6-6296 Interface Cable ABB  

DSU 12 3BDM000327R0001 Freelance Battery Cable, with DLM Plug ABB

DSU 13 3BDM000330R0001 Freelance RS485 Cable, 9P (open-ended) ABB

DSU 211 3BDM000334R0001 Freelance RS485 Cable, 15P (open-ended) ABB

DSU 212 3BDM000338R0001 Freelance RS485 Cable, 15P (open-ended) ABB

DSU 213 3BDM000340R0001 Freelance RS422 Cable, 15P (open-ended) ABB

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