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GE Bently Nevada 330103-00-14-10-01-00 Proximity Probe

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AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

Hongkong, Hong Kong


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GE Bently Nevada  330103-00-14-10-01-00  Proximity Probe

GE Bently Nevada  330103-00-14-10-01-00  Proximity Probe


GE Bently Nevada 330103-00-14-10-01-00 Proximity Probe


Industrial Automation

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD


GE Bently Nevada 330103-00-14-10-01-00 Proximity Probe Description:

Contact: Nancy Lin



Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786

QQ :2851195456

Our company has many products in stock,which are immediately available.The warranty is 1 years which apply to all the new products.If you purchase one more parts from us,we can make a discount to you.

If you have any question pls do not hesitate to contact us.We can supply all kind of the automaiton parts,if you want to purchase parts pls send the parts model to my mail, I will prompt reply you as I receive the mail .

Hope anyone enquire from us.

We have a large inventory of control system components. We also made a lot of new hardware and discontinued spare parts to help supporting  your existing control systems.

We have experienced staff, extensive testing , all the spare parts which we sold are with warranty period of one year, and they have undergone rigorous testing and certification!

You might find you need spare parts in our data, we welcome you give valuable suggestions to us with our products  at any time.

GE Bently Nevada  330103-00-14-10-01-00  Proximity Probe 

GE Bently Nevada  330103-00-14-10-01-00  Proximity Probe 

GE Bently Nevada  330103-00-14-10-01-00  Proximity Probe 

Our services 
Packing & Delivery
1)100% full New! - Original Factory Seal !
2)Warranty: 12 months!
3)Package: Original packing with cartons.
4)Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment 
Best Quality Assurance:
1. We only provide the original new items, 100% make sure the best quality!
2.1 year warranty GUARANTEE OF QUALITY (After Our Delivery Date).

The advantage brands and series of our company are as follows:

Control Systems  (DCS, PLC/SPS, CNC)  

 -  Panel Controllers

 -  HMI and Display Panels

 -  Industrial PCs

 -  Drives ( Frequency Inverter and Servo)

 -  Motors

 -  Power Supplies

Rockwell: Allen-Bradley
1) ControlLogix 1756 series controller
2) CompactLogix 1769 series controller
3) SLC 500 1747 1746 Series Controller
4) PLC-5 1771 1785 series controller

5) ProSoft :MVI69/PS69/MVI56/MVI94/MVI71/MVI46/3150  

6) ICS TRIPLEX trusted system
1) AC800M series controller I/O module
2) AC800F series controller module
3) AC31 series controller module
4) 800xA series modules
5) Bailey INFI 90 module
6) DSQC robot module spare parts
7) Advant OCS system spare parts

8) H&B Freelance
Bentley Nevada : 

1) Bently 3500 Monitoring system,

2) Bently 3300 Monitoring system,


1) Quantum 140 series :Modicon M340

2) Modicon Premium :CPU Processor Module,Communication module,etc

Emerson Emerson:
1) Ovation System DCS Card
2) DeltaV system Dual Channel Redundancy Safety System, Redundancy Controller

General Electric:

1) IS200/DS200 series Excitation system card

2)IC693/IC695/IC697/IC698/IC200/IC660/IC670 CPU module,Communication module, Analog Digital module

Invensys Triconex Card: Tricon System Card
Invensys Foxboro: I/A Series System Module


1) Alcont

2) Experion LS

3) Experion PKS

4) Experion HS

5) Plant Scape

6) TDC 2000

7) TDC3000

8) TPS

Siemens (Siemens):
1) Siemens MOORE
2) Siemens S5

Yokogawa: CS3000 System CPU Controller Module, Analog Module

Yaskawa:Robot Servo Controller, Servo Motor, Servo Drive.
Rexroth Indramat:I/O module, PLC controller, drive module

VIBRO-METER: VM600 MPC4 VM600 CMC16 VM600 IOC4T Vibration Sensor, Speed Sensor, Vortex Sensor, Monitoring System Module Gateway Communication Module. 

(AA) What is included in a System 1 Premium Package?
The System 1 Premium Package includes the core components
(Configuration, Display, & Diagnostic capabilities) required to
enable an online CM program at your facility. Ordering the -01
option provides the capability to connect to any online device
If one or more portable vibration analyzers will be utilized for
general purpose CM, then the Fundamental Package is also
required, which can be purchased separately (3071/01) or as a
bundle through the -02 option.
(BB) What is a Display Client?
A System 1 Display Client connects to the System 1 Server
locally (same computer) or remotely via network access. These
clients can have full access to the CM database; however,
remote clients can only display the CM database when direct
or networked access to the server is available.
(CC) What is a Server?
A System 1 Server contains one or more CM databases, which
can be accessed from one or more display clients. Historical
data and configuration structure is contained on the server, so
the CM databases are always available.

275 Mini-Convectron Grandville-Phillips Cat: 20275-500 1/4 VCR
AMAT 0224-40970 Digital Display Indicator 100 PSI LR050-100-PSI-2-2-4-8'Cable
Applied Materials 0150-13211 Cable, Heat Trace AS EA Assemblly
New UCV 10K-1/4 VALVE UCV 2ES4D-50357  E04622 1/4 VCR High Purity Valve
Kobold SMV-R Flowmeter / Switch TAMO Ltd. SK279, 081 573 1597, SMW3107B 1/2 NPT 
TAMO LTD SK257 Flow Switch TAMO Ltd. 081 573 1597 Adjustable 1 - 14 LPM 1/2" NPT
Applied Materials 0050-10314 Vent Line, Etch Chamber AMAT
AMAT 1270-01388 Float Level Switch, Top Mount 4.7" 2.95" Act, 1"NPT, Gems LS-700
AMAT 1270-02967 Absolute Pressrue Switch, E36W-H85 Setting: 100 Torr E 36W H85
Cutler-Hammer Motor Starter Relay 37 Amp Model CE15GN3 3-Pole 600 Volts
Cutler-Hammer Circuit Breaker 3-Pole 20 Amp 240V QBHW3020HT Bolt-on Breaker
Cutler-Hammer Contactor CE15ENS3 Series B1 24VDC Coil 25A  AMP 
Cuttler Hammer CE15FN3Y1 Contactor 32 Amp 3-Pole 110V coil AMAT 1200-01081
AMAT 0680-02066 Cutler-Hammer SPCL1C03T Circuit Breaker 3A 120VAC
AMAT 3400-01461 Hose Assembly, TFE/SST 14" X 42" 1/4" tube end (Lot of 2 hoses)
Applied Materials Vexta PK245M  Stepping Motor TK531-0521 Encoder
Nittan Smoke Detector Control Controller Panel/Box PN:CPC-2-3A
Wasco Pressure Switch P110-81W3/1514-8, 1/8" NPT, Set: 80 PSI,  Decreasing
AMAT 0150-76035 Wasco Pressure Switch Set: 2 PSIG Operate Decreasing 1/4 VCR
Applied Materials 0190-00211 Wasco SV128-31W2B-X/7575 Set 190 Torr Operate Decr
Millipore Span SPT204-3000R-UM-6'PT-E-A/PUSA  Pressure Transducer 0-3000 PSIA
AMAT 0040-07606 VIEW PORT DOME 2-3/4 CFF 250W SZ BESC Applied Materials  P571R03
AMAT 0090-77082 Chem Tec 125-T-BP N/C Chem tech  flow Switch Teflon Body PTFE
Applied Materials 0190-21317 Texturing fixture 8" Backing Pad AMAT
Lake Monitors M3B6WB05LPM2 Water Flow Alarm Switch 
Superior Electric Slo-Syn Step Motor KML061S02E Syncoonous Stepping Motor 6.4 V
AMAT 1270-01276 Adjustable SWITCH, VACUUM 24 VOLT DC SOLID STATE -30" Hg
Applied Materials 0680-01124 Square D QDB 20 Amp Circuit Breaker 3 pole 240 VAC 
Applied Materials 1270-90147 Pressure Switch  D51  805803
Applied Materials P36W-17, Varian 04-716704-01  Pressure Switch 10 PSIG
ATMI  SMARTPROBE  SP2AAAAD-140304 Chemical # A
Cutler-Hammer Circuit Breaker 3-Pole 80 Amp 240V QBHW3080H AMAT 0680-02127
GEMS SENSORS 155424  RF-2500 ROTOR FLOW  Type RFS 1/4 IN NPT Ports
MIRRA AMAT 0021-79462 Dual Blade Wafer Robot Bracket Applied Mateirals
Swagelok SS-DLVCR4 Manual Operator, High-Purity Valve AMAT 3870-01234 1/4"VCR 
Nupro Valve Bellows-sealed 1/4in VCR SS-BNVCR4-C Pneumatic actuator Nupro
Nupro Valve Bellows-sealed 1/4in VCR SS-BNVCR4-O Pneumatic actuator Nupro
A-B Allen Bradley 1336-L9E Logic PCB Assembly w/ Encoder Loss Detection 115VAC
SMC SOLENOID VALVE VG342R-5DZ-06N valve, sol, 24vdc, VG/VGA VALVE 3/4" NPT ports
Furon WB-2W8P-C, Furon® White Bandit™ Valve, Pneumatically Actuated, 2-Way
Fuji Electric SC-3N/UD Contactor 2NC2H0B22 2NC2H0 3-Ph 70A  AMAT 1200-01278 +1
AMAT 0040-887893  Thermocouple  Watlow 32DSUM060F Applied Materials 
AMAT 0150-04363 Cable Assy CTR Dual TC Ultima HDP-CVD Dual Thermocouple Assembly
Millipore Pressure Transducer SPT203 100 PSIA  Output: 0 to 10 VDC TR3000020325
Yaskawa Electric CACR-SR03AB2ER Servopack CACRSR03AB2ER Drive 100V  Servo Drive
AMAT 1400-90030 Sensor Source Visible Red LED SKAN-A-MATIC L33108 Clarostat
AMAT 0010-70822 SMC Air Cylinder 2 1/2" Bore x .787 Stroke NCDQ2B63-U1A981030
AMAT 0150-04379 T/C, "Cement on"  K-TYPE Thermocouple with SMP Connector Omega
AMAT 3010-01003 Abrasive Diamond Pad Conditioner, 4"   68 Micron TBW 4.1112C 
AMAT 0040-22144  Z-Bracket, IMP MATCH RF Cable (Lot of 10) Applied Materials 
AMAT 0680-01055 CB Mag 5 Amp 3-Pole 250VAC 50/60Hz AIRPAX UPL111-1-66-502  
Cosel R-100 Series 15 Volt Power Supply R100U-15 15VDC 7A 12VDC Power Supply Adj
AMAT Stepping Motor Technic M2348-XX RO: 83 
1N3997A Zener  Diode 10M5.6AZ5, Motorola, Lot of Ten
Square D HACR NE-3138 Bolt-on Circuit Breaker 20 Amps 3-Pole 240V
GEMS In-Line Flow Wwitch FS-150 Series Gems 129660 FLOW SENSOR
GEMS In-Line Flow Wwitch FS-150 Series Gems 129662 FLOW SENSOR
AMAT 0140-01087  Harness Assembly, Power Input, E Applied Materials
APPLIED MATERIALS 3060-01641 BRG BALL .25 ID X .50 OD X.19 W SST 440C (Lot of 4)
AMAT SF13030M Single Fiberoptic Fiber optic 1/8" Bundle 30" MCL Stocker & Yale
AMAT 0140-00353 Power Cable Harting Connector
Applied Materials 0140-75155 H/A, SMIF PLC LLA Interconnect PH, Cabel Assy 
Cutler-Hammer QCF2010T 10A 2-Pole  Special Purpose Circuit Breaker 120/240 VAC
AMAT 0227-34394 Fuji  EA32 30A Circuit Breaker 2-Pole 460V BB2AEA-030
AMAT 0140-38100 Cable Assy Lamps 5200 IPS 8ga-4conductor Hartig Connector 
AMAT 0150-36459 RS232 CABLE ASSEMBLY PRES CTRL 300MM Applied Materials
AMAT 0150-38590 CABLE ASSY, TC INTERFACE, PRIME DTC Applied Materials
Applied Materials 0050-31367 1/4" VCR Weldment New
Applied Materials 0140-02425 Harness Assembly 
Bellofram Type 10 Bottom Port Pressure Regulator 2 - 120 PSI , Max Pressure 150 
Japan Servo Stepping Motor Type KP6P8-209 7.5 deg/step 1/4" D shaft
Motori Apparecchiature Stepping Motor PM48-2210-045A4-01 1/4" shaft Round 5/8" L
Applied Materials 0040-40137 Line Water Cooling Rooftop 3/8" 15.5"
AMAT 0050-28314 Gems Piston Type FS-380 Flow Switch 183431  1 GPM 
Applied Materials 3060-01783 Thrust Bearing Set, New - unused,  Barden 101H
AMAT 0190-35674  HOSE,HX RETURN CHMB A SP2 CENTURA CMF 1 Male 1 Female Tube end
AMAT 0190-35684  HOSE, HX RETURN CHMB-C SP1 CENTURA CMF  3/8" Tube Ends M & F
AMAT 4020-01402 Fluoryte Filter US Filtration T90041100300 FLTR100-04M3F-PW 0.1u
AMAT Filtrite Division US Filtration T90011471300 FLTR100-04M3S 300  0.1u
Applied Materials 0090-20108 Assy,Snesor Cassette AMAT Banner Mini-Beam SM312LV
AMAT 3300-05259 FTG Hose Nipple QDixc 1.0 FNPT SST  1" Quick Coupler, SH8-63
Cutler-Hammer Replacement Contact Kit CE15FN3Y1 Contactor
Applied Materials 0150-36084 Cable Assembly, Over-Temp Switch TXZ MCVD
Compact Air Products AWHE Hall Effect Sensor Limit Sensor 
Square D QOB2105237 Bolt-on Circuit Breaker 10 Amp 2-Pole 120/240V Sq D Bolt-In 
AMAT 880709CL Re-Usable Pouch 7" X 9' X 5" Zip Pocket Cushion 2-Layer Cleanroom
Cutler-Hammer 2-pole, 20Amp, 240 VAC BAB2020HT Special Purpose Circuit Breaker
SMC VNB301AS-20A Process Valve 2-Way Media SS Body 3/4" FNPT
Banner Photoelectric sensor 58220 VS2KAN5V, includes VS25EV,(55402) VS2AN5R
FSI 307426-002   Omron E2K-F10MC2 Capacity Proximity Switch Proximity Sensor
AMAT Parker UHP EWAL 57-63MXX-2 Special Fitting

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