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Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog/SSI Servo Module

Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS  ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog/SSI Servo Module

Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS  ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog/SSI Servo Module


Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog/SSI Servo Module


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AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

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Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog/SSI Servo Module Description:

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Our company has many products in stock,which are immediately available.The warranty is 1 years which apply to all the new products.If you purchase one more parts from us,we can make a discount to you.

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Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS  ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog/SSI Servo Module

Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS  ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog/SSI Servo Module

Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS  ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog/SSI Servo Module

Mfr. Part Number:


Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog/SSI Servo Module
Full Description: Allen-Bradley 1756-M02AS ControlLogix 2 Axis Analog Synchronous Serial Interface Servo Module
UPC / GTIN: 10612598305244
Status: Current Product

Data Collection:  This property controls the device's active state. Although device communications are
enabled by default, this property can be used to disable a physical device. Communications are not
attempted when a device is disabled. From a client standpoint, the data is marked as invalid and write
operations are not accepted. This property can be changed at any time through this property or the device
system tags.
Simulated:  This option places the device into Simulation Mode. In this mode, the driver does not attempt to
communicate with the physical device, but the server continues to return valid OPC data. Simulated stops
physical communications with the device, but allows OPC data to be returned to the OPC client as valid data.
While in Simulation Mode, the server treats all device data as reflective: whatever is written to the simulated
device is read back and each OPC item is treated individually. The item's memory map is based on the group
Update Rate. The data is not saved if the server removes the item (such as when the server is reinitialized).
The default is No
1. This System tag (_Simulated) is read only and cannot be written to for runtime protection. The System
tag allows this property to be monitored from the client.
2. In Simulation mode, the item's memory map is based on client update rate(s) (Group Update Rate for
OPC clients or Scan Rate for native and DDE interfaces). This means that two clients that reference
the same item with different update rates return different data.
 Simulation Mode is for test and simulation purposes only. It should never be used in a production

Square D I-Line HJ 150 HJA36100U44X 

Gould I-T-E KM3B600 ET 9691 800 Amp 

Square D I-Line LAB36200 200 Amp 

Square D I-Line KI362501422 250A 

Square D I-Line KI361251021 125A 

General Electric THLC434300 400 Amp 

Square D I-Line KI342251422 225A 

ABB SACE S7 S7H 1000A 

GE General Electric TKM3F 1200A 

Square D LHP36400 400A 

Westinghouse KDC3400F 400 Amp 

Square D I-Line MH36350 350 Amp 

Cutler Hammer MS360800A 800A 

General Electric TM1G02 

CH Westinghouse NB21000F 1000A 

Square D MHP36800MT2100 800A 

GE General Electric SGLL36AT0600 600A

GE General Electric SKLL36AT0800 800A 

Merlin Gerin NSJ400 N 400A 

I-T-E Siemens LMD63F800 800A 

Square D I-Line LC364001021 400A 


Westinghouse LADC3600F 600A DC 

Merlin Gerin CF 250H 37028 250A 

Mitsubishi Freqrol FR-BU-H55K 

Toshiba VFS11-4110PL-WN (R5) 15 HP 27.7 A 380/500 V 

Honeywell L122999-1 Multiplus PCMIA PCB 

ABB Type CLE Current Tx. S 7524A63G05 6000:5 

Cutler Hammer Eaton 2100 6" 20 Amp 

Cutler Hammer Eaton 2100 6" 30 Amp 

Lambda Foxboro I/A P0904HW B LZS-500-3/COCDIV2 

Honeywell I/O CLI 80360230-001 Rev J PLC 

Reliance Electric 0-60031-5-A 

Allen Bradley 170950 SPK Drive Control Board 170949 


Cutler-Hammer FD4125EA02D29 125A 4 Pole 

Allen Bradley 20AB2P2A0AYNNNC0 Ser A 

Yaskawa CIMR-F7U45P5 480V 7.5 HP 12 Amp 

Siemens 1 FT5072-0AF01-2-Z 

Merlin Gerin CF 250H 37028 250A 

Square D I-Line LI36450 450A 

Cutler-Hammer LSB360350E 350 Amp 

Milltronics SAM-30 Satellite 

Exide Electronics 118302581 B S6000 

Square D I-Line LX36225 250A 

Square D I-Line LX36250 250A 

Westinghouse  PC700B-20-102006 

ABB Drives VD86-AMP 

Square D 8536-SE01 

Allen Bradley 1336-PB-SP2D 198503 

ABB DPU 2000R REF 544 587R0418-61114 

UniOP eTOP07 Operator 

New Hitachi SL502 

Square D LHP36400 400A 

Allen Bradley 6186M-17PTSS Ser F 1700M

Merlin Gerin NSJ400 N 400A 

Allen Bradley 2100 Centerline 18" 

PCI Ozone & Control LC-400 Ozone 

Allen Bradley 2100 AB 24" Size 3 Starter 100 Amp 

Reliance Electric OLVD 0-52808-3 RE 0528083 

Reliance Electric 0-57413-E 

Parker GT6-L8 GT6 Gemini Stepper Servo Module GT-L5/8 G

NEW Square D I-Line HL 150 HLA36070 70A 

Honeywell 9010-016C 9100E 

Square D MHL366006139 600A 

ABB AF460-30 Contactor 600V 650 Amp 500HP 24-60VDC 

Allen Bradley 2100 Centerline 24" Size 3 

NIB Rockwell 813.29.001 

Bently Nevada 3300/30 Six 

Westinghouse A201K5CAC Size 5 

General Electric A26F6919 

Yaskawa CIMR-7.5B.531-007 Varispeed 616-HII 

Siemens Tiastar Furnas 89 200 Amp 

Taylor ABB MOD 300 6247BP10720AC 

Fisher-Rosemount CL6824X1-A2 Analog I/O with 12P0051X02

General Electric 12INC77N1A 

Foxboro I/A P0904AJ 

Banner MSXLHDE4812Y 48" E 

Triconex 9671-810 24V Relay External Terminator PLC 740

Triconex 2661-1 24V Relay External Terminator PLC 74001

Fanuc A16B-2201-0792/03C PC 

Ormec PSU-J492801 

Parker MPM1141ATG6JZ1N 2.1 HP 

Cutler Hammer PRL-1A 400 Amp 208Y/120V 3P 

Stromberg OKYM-5G21 Size 5 Motor Contactor 400 Amp 

Stromberg OKYM-05G21 Motor Contactor 350 Amp 

ABB UT86-2X40C Drive Terminal Block Board PLC 57287896 

ABB YPK 113 A Communication 

General Electric A26F6919FC 

General Electric A26F6919 

General Electric CK10BE300 

GE General Electric TGS0408 

General Electric 1589K27G-700 GE 

Allen Bradley 1336-B003-EAD-FA2-L3 

ABB 6231BP10820E-KSP 

TECO Westinghouse VS Drive MA7200-4020-N1 

GE General Electric 822X82 Type JCB-0 CT 

Instrument Transformers Inc 143-500 CT 

Square D 8536-SGO1-S1 Size 5 

Aaliant BEP 1.5" Magnetic 

York International Genuine Parts 029-20886-000 

Schweitzer  SEL-251D 

Danfoss VLT5022-PT5CN1SBR0DLF00A00C0 

Woodward 9905-021 Low Voltage 2301A 

Cutler-Hammer Freedom Unitrol 18" 100 Amp 

Bently Nevada 24653-2-1-30-10-2 

Square D SD-3610 QMB Saflex 

Total Control OP2200B16K 

Westinghouse WH Size Sz 4 A200M4CW 

Reliance Electric 0-60044-01 AC 

Siemens SAM0R0F000000 

Horner Electric HE693RTD600M 

Dynisco IA 6-25 

Omron R88D-RA05 AC

GE Fanuc IC600RP551K 

General Electric 822X92 Type JCB-0 CT 

Mitsubishi LE-50PAU 

Mahlo K 1224 /w Base Terminal 2263036 SKBI 64/C64 

Mahlo K 1313 /w Base Terminal 2263036 SKBI 64/C64 


Hitachi SL502 Projector Lens NNB

SEL-PG10 Single Zone Phase 

Westinghouse Panelboard Switch FDP-326R 

Active Power SIO Daughter  30127-04

Siemens Sentron HMD63F800 

Square D PFA-100GN 100A 3PH 4W 277/480 V 

Cutler Hammer Westinghouse Type W 12" MCC

Active Power SIO Daughter 30127-02 

Honeywell ETI-1A ETI1A PLC

Cutler Hammer Westinghouse 2100 24" Size 3 

Reliance Electric 0-60027-2 LPI Board PLC AutoMax 80228

Allen Bradley 2100 100 Amp AC 

Bently Nevada 3300 System 12 Slot Rack 3300/05 

Foxboro E27ID-SA Spec 200/SS 

Rosemount 3051-S2CD4A2B12A1AE5M5 3051 

Metso Automation HD Node Module D200623 

Metso Automation ACN PO DC Node Module D201776 

Allen-Bradley 20AB9P6A0AYNNNC0 

Gould Size 1 A821C 

Honeywell 620-3691C 

Square D PFA34020GN 20A 480V 

GE AC133ED4G 30A 480V 3PH 3W w 

Square D I-Line JJA36250 JJ 250 Amp 

Square D LAL36300 300A 

General Electric THLC434300 400A 

NIB Siemens FXD63M125 125A 

CH Cutler-Hammer LCL3400F 400 Amp 

Westinghouse LCL3400F 400 Amp Breaker 400A LCL400 

Westinghouse FDP365R 400 Amp 600V 

Honeywell 51304754-100

Honeywell 51304901-100 HWD C I/O MODULE WDA PWA A/C 513

TB Wood's Sons WFC2001-OC E-Trac AC 1 HP 

Cutler Hammer 2100 100 Amp Size 3 

Westinghouse 2602D86G12 225A 

Orbisphere Laboratories 3600/320.E 

Square D I-Line LI36400 400A I-Limiter 

Eaton Cutler Hammer SVX010A1-4A1B1 10 HP AC VS SVX-9000

Eaton Cutler Hammer SV9010AC-5M0B00 10 HP AC VS SVX-900

Cutler-Hammer FDC3225 225A 

General Electric THFP225 400 Amp 240V 

Telemecanique LC1F330 370 Amp 

General Electric 12IAV53K1A 

GE CK11CE300 Contactor 600 Amp 600V 500HP 440-500V 

Impact Systems Inc. 04-1022-00 Rev C PLC

General Electric 1589K42G-700 GE 

Bently Nevada 3300/81 Six 

Omron CV500-II101 I/O

Siemens 6DD1600-0AF0 

NEW Basler Electric BE1-47N 

ABB DPU 2000R REF 544 587R0313-61110 

Yaskawa ServoPack SGDB-30ADMY8 24.8A 


Yaskawa NPSO-1203L 300V 120A 


GE AC47ED4 70A 480V 3PH 4W w 

Toshiba VFS7-4150UPLH 

ITE Gould 5600 Breaker Size 3 14HSt32A  

Westinghouse 1N03180A07C 180kVAC 4160/2400 

ABB 1N03180A07C 180 kVAC 4160/2400 V 3 Pole 

Bently Nevada 3300/61-04-01-01-00-00-00 XY 

Bently Nevada 3300/61 

I-T-E XLVB423N 100 Amp 240V 3PH 4W + Ground XJ-L 

Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM42P2 GPD / V7 AC 

Westinghouse FDP365R 400A 600V w 

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