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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD

AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

Hongkong, Hong Kong


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Control Systems (DCS, PLC/SPS, CNC)

- Panel Controllers

- HMI and Display Panels

- Industrial PC’s

- Drives ( Frequency Inverter and Servo)

- Motors

- Power Supplies

Amikon adhering to the enterprise concept of excellence, whether it is industrial automation parts, services or delivery efficiency, we are committed to do better.

We deliver a variety of parts.




  The means by which the company will address the solutions follows the HCIS
 Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA)
 Concept of Design (COD)
 Preliminary Design (Front End Engineering Design – FEED / 30%)
 Technical Evaluation of Security Integrator Bids
 Overseeing Detailed Designs (60%, 90% and Issued for Construction - IFC)
 Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
 Overseeing Implementation
The services can be applied to both new projects and to facilities which are
already running and require upgrading to meet HCIS requirements.
For the tasks listed above, Hima will only utilize resources which have the relevant
experience of working on those tasks specifically for HCIS projects. The specialist
human resources in Hima have been working on critical infrastructure industrial
facilities in KSA since 2004, and are still doing so, the focus being projects based
upon the HCIS May 2010 Security Directives (SEC-01 to 12) since the introduction
of those directives.
The methodology for this project must follow the High Commission for Industrial
Security (HCIS) Security Directives (SEC) issued in May 2010.
HCIS state that the process shall be:
 Company develops concept for a new project
 Company classifies project security level as specified in SEC-01
 Risk Analysis as per SEC-01, Section 4.1.6 and 4.1.7. (All security design shall
be carried out by qualified security consultants or qualified companies who
have been approved by the HCIS. The Operator shall develop a detailed
security vulnerability assessment or risk analysis, performed by a qualified
security consultant that shall be used as the basis of facility classification.
This shall follow the methodology specified in the API document Security
Vulnerability Assessment Methodology for the Petroleum and
Petrochemical Industries

ABB Safe Flame DFS C-20-0-1107 

ABB Safe Flame DFS C-20-0-1109 

Dienes-Honeywell 254/01531 - 000/00885 E Seite B - 1995

Dienes-Honeywell 254/01531 - 000/00885 D Seite B - 1995

Dienes-Honeywell 254/01531 - 000/00887 E Seite B - 0182

Dienes-Honeywell 254/01531 - 000/00887 D Seite B - 0182

Westinghouse A200M3CED 

York 031-00809C000 Rev B 5 Slot 

Bently Nevada BA 21500-00-08-17-02 

General Electric GE 7700 Series 60 Amp 6"

Otek HIQ119001211120E Scale 0-6 

Otek Corporation HIQ119095100491 

Bently Nevada 21505-24-40-10-02 

Magnetek GPD303-A003 Inverter Drive 3HP 12.1AMP 3PH 

Chromalox 2001-10201 

Bently Nevada 7200 76683-01 

VSI Series 1040 No. 845538 

Siemens Sirius 3RT1054-6AP36 140 Amp 

Midland Pneumatics 4FRMSV122A 3550 

Cutler Hammer A200M3CV 

Yokogawa SPBD-000E 

Square D NQ12326363271390001 100A 240D/120V 3PH 

Bailey IMASO01 infi-90 

Westinghouse FDPT62X3 30 Amp 240V 

Modicon Cyberline 1000A Servo Drive DR-1060-105 CL1060  

Bently Nevada 43460-01 / ASSY 26631-01 G 

Siemens Simadyn 6DD1682-0BG0 SR17 465 682.9016.00 

Siemens 6ES5 450-8FA12 

GE Fanuc IC670CHS101A PLC 

Siemens 6QM2200 SITOR 

Foxboro FR-316-2 Frequency to 

Foxboro FR-316C-2 Frequency to DC 

Bently Nevada Eccentricity Monitor 3300/40 PLC 

Burkle & Schock Stuttgart 80D-7000 

Fincor 104597901-G DC 

Foxboro I/A P0902DZ 

Siemens 6ES5308-3UC21 

GE Fanuc IC200ALG431F 

Cutler Hammer Size 3 AN16KN0 

ABB 1875512-A Type CV-5 

ABB 1876243 Type COV-8 

Sharpe Control SP100N 

ABB Circuit Shield 411C0165 Type 59H 

Omron NI013 PLC Module 3G8B2-NI013 

Westinghouse Breaker HFA HFA3190M 

Square D 120R-122 Current 

Yaskawa CIMR-11WS.P 20 HP / 50 Amp 15 kVA 

Foxboro E96P-IA Magnetic 

Yokogawa YS110-001 

Westinghouse 2817C83G04 

Rosemount 1151DR2F22M1B1 1151 

Cutler-Hammer PRL2a 150 Amp 125/250 V 1P 3W 

Leeds & Northrup Speedomax 250 Chart Recorder 255-11-00

Fike Corporation E10-0069 RC8  

Square D MHP36600 600A 

Cutler Hammer BFD20T 10 Amp 250Vdc 

Siemens Tiastar 60 Amp Fused Feeder 

Allen-Bradley 2100 Centerline Dual Size 1 3 Amp & 15 Am.

AB Allen Bradley 2100 Centerline 60 Amp 

Mitsubishi AY13 Melsec 

Bailey NIAI01 Network 90 I/O 

CH/Westinghouse 2100 Size 2 Reversing 

Square D 7004-ME0-1 Line 

Siemens Tiastar 60 Amp 

Westinghouse 250A Hardware 

Active Power 30109_02 

Bently Nevada 100351-01 3300/03 

Foxboro 136 Computing Relay 136-2 Supply 20-22 

Siemens Allis 61-300-057-301 Type RD-210 

Square D 225 Amp 480Y/277 V 3P 4W 

Siemens 505-6663 DC 

ITE Gould 9600 30 Amp 12" Fusible 

ITE Gould 5600 5641 12" Size 1 30A 

ITE Gould 9600 30 Amp 9" Fusible 

Allen Bradley 3R Size 1 Starter 15 Amp 

Allen Bradley 2100 Centerline 100 Amp 19" 

Allen Bradley 3R Size 1 Starter 30 Amp 

Allen Bradley 3R Size 1 Starter 50 Amp 

Allen Bradley 2100 

Siemens 6ES5 701-2LA12 8-Slot 

Square D Model 6 Size 1 30A 

Square D Model 6 Size 1 30 Amp 

Basler Electric BE1-51/27R Overcurrent Relay M1E Z1P  

Allen Bradley 1201-HH3E 

Allen Bradley AB 2100 Centerline 60 Amp 

ABB AF260-30 Contactor 350 Amp 3P 600V 250HP 20-60V DC

Allen Bradley 509-DOD-XXX 

Omron Sysdrive 3G3EV-A4015M-CE

Allen Bradley 1785-ME32 Series A Rev G01 32K 

Reliance Electric 0-51445 A 

GEC Alsthom CLL1000 Class L Form 480 1000 Amp 600V

Eaton Cutler Hammer C362N400 


Square D Model 4 Dual Size 1 Starter 30 Amp 

Basler Electric PRS-370 

Cutler Hammer DS162 

General Electric CR306F0LAA 

Cubit 200052 Rev. D Model 8600 

Woodman D14664A Rev. G CPU Board PLC Cubit Model 8600 2

Woodman D14664A Rev. D CPU Board PLC Cubit Model 8600 2

Bussmann 170M6564 1000 Amp 700V 

GS Building Systems Corp 140197 Rev D S-3000 

MicroTech 733785 Keypad 

Asco Red-Hat II JKC8316G003V 3/8" 

GTR Nissei UFSM-25-15-T010AX 3-Phase 

GE Fanuc IC660EBD024W Genius Source In Out IC660EBD025 

I-T-E Siemens HFD63F250 250A 

Danfoss VLT 2800 195N1013 AC VS 

Furnas 18CF3BBMBAGA 

Electroswitch 24904QE 20A 600V 

Cutler Hammer EES32060S 

Pilz 3529B5 Operator  

Electroswitch 7803D 20A 600V 

Delta Tau UMAC Turbo 4 Axis 603397-102 PLC 

GE Fanuc IC600PR503A 

ITE/Siemens UEC3100G 100A 600V 3PH 3W XL-U 

Pilz 778010 PMUT X1P 

Square D I-Line FI361001422 100A 

C&D Technologies MBC-5659 

Siemens I-T-E CED63B050 50 Amp 

Siemens I-T-E CED63B100 100 Amp 

Siemens I-T-E CED63B070 70 Amp 

Taylor / ABB 6009BZ10000D 

Siemens 4AV2200-2AB 9160029 400V 

I-T-E Siemens QJH23B100 100A 

Westinghouse LA3400PRF 400 Amp AB 

Siemens ITE Breaker CED63B015 Type CED6 

Square D I-Line IK34200 200A 

Myron Zucker KNM43020-3 

Square D S33927 Neutral 

I-T-E Gould HE3-B050 50 Amp 

I-T-E Gould HE3-L050 50 Amp 

Westinghouse F3010 10A AB De-Ion 

AB Allen-Bradley 1779-KP3  

Square D FHP36100TF 100A 

Square D I-Line IL34400 400A 

Mitsubishi A2UCPU Melsec CPU Module PLC 512 IO 14K

Square D FAP3610018M 100A

Eiko FF-PC 4101 (A) PLC PEP 

Eiko EM-PC008 8904 PLC PEP 

GE General Electric SFHA36AT2225C 250A 

Square D I-Line IK34200 200A 

Bently Nevada 330100-50-02 

GE General Electric SFHA36AT2225C 250A 

ABB SACE S3 175A Circuit Breaker S3B175TW-2AU8 

GE General Electric SFHA36AT2225C 

Cutler-Hammer KD3400F 400A 

ABB SACE S3 S3N200TCC-2AS8 200A 

Square D LAP36350 350A 

Square D 400A LAL2640036M8002 

ITE Bulldog 60 Amp 240V S32227LMR 

Square D Alphapak 8660-MGO46 

Square D 523372P7 QD 225 Amp 

Square D IFL34020 20 Amp 

Cutler-Hammer JDB2250 250A 

Square D IKL34225 225 Amp 

Square D IFL34060 60 Amp 

GE 161D6507G1 Arc

Allen Bradley 1775-ME8 

Square D FIL36060 60A 

GE General Electric TJJ426300 

Square D PSS-3603-SB 

Square D I-Line FC24050AC 

Westinghouse HFD3035 35A  

Sure-Trip RMS85NTC 

Foxboro 718TC7123000 

Cooper Crouse Hinds TP7066 

Westinghouse DK3350W 350A 

GE General Electric TKM836F000 

Square D 100A NQOD 208Y/120 VAC 3PH4W 

Square D 100A NQOD 208Y/120 VAC 3PH4W 

Square D I-Line HJ 060 HJA36015 

Westinghouse DK3400 400A 

Square D Model 6 Size 1 20 Amp 

Westinghouse FD3125S 

Crouse-Hinds CSR34A-FS 

GE General Electric TEML36050 

GE General Electric TEML36030 

Square D HLL36045 

ITE F63B200 200A 

Allen Bradley 1756-PA72 

Cutler-Hammer HJD3250F 

GE General Electric SFHA36AT2200C 

Cutler-Hammer HMCP030H1CA05 

Cutler-Hammer FD3100LA02U82 

Square D I-Line IL34400 400 Amp 

Cutler-Hammer FD3100LA02S18 100A 

CH Westinghouse FD3125LA02S18 125A 

Square D KAL26090 90A 

Rosemount 2051CD3A02A1AS5E5 

Cutler-Hammer HFD3060A02 60A 

Asea CLMD63 C2 Capacitor 20 KVAR LVNQ 480V CLMD 63 ABB  

FPE KCDP-3C 225 Amp Max. Twin 

Kleinewefers / Kniel 2NT8-1,0.32 003-137-14 PLC KCD 8.1

ITE/Siemens REC3100 100A 600V 3PH 3W 

ITE/Gould U1C3100G 100A 3PH 3W w 70A 

ITE/Gould UA41C 20A Breaker/30A 

ITE/Gould UA41B 15A Breaker / J20A40 

Gould ITE RIC3100 100A 600V 3PH 3W

ITE/Gould AU133C48 30A 

ITE/Gould UA31-SPC 30A 

Zinsco QSF Unit 60 Amp 600V QSFT653B

Cutler Hammer A201K4CA Size 4 

Siemens 6ES5456-4UB12 

Yaskawa CIMR-PBEB2P2T 3 HP 4.7kVA 2.2kW

K-Tron S10094 REV. D 

Cutler-Hammer FD3125LS 125A 

General Electric 12IBC53M1A 

Westinghouse Type W Size 1 Starter 40A 

Westinghouse 100A BP-F w No 

Mitsubishi NF-SK3350 350A 

Yaskawa CIMR-F7U21P5 240V / 7.8 A / 2HP 

Westinghouse Type W Size 1 Starter 15A 18" 

Scragg 46177306 100 to 250 Degrees Celsius 173500-026 

Scragg 46177364 II / 46177363 II 

Scragg 46177303 / 46177302 w Sprague 46 177 100 PLC 

Scragg 46177364 II / 46177363 

Scragg 46177394-001 / 46177393-001 

GE QMR362 60 Amp w/ Hardware 600V 

CH Cutler-Hammer KD3400F 400A  

Fisher-Rosemount CP6701X1-FA5 

Fisher-Rosemount CP6701X1-FA6 

Siemens 6ES5308-3UC11 SINEC L2-DP 

ABB 302B0300UL 

Reliance Electric 1AC4103U 3 HP VS AC Drive GP-1200 

Square D KCP34175MT 175A 

Westinghouse HFD3035 35A 

Square D MAL36600 600A Circuit 

Cutler-Hammer FD2200S18 200A 

Yaskawa CIMR-F7U21P5 

Cutler-Hammer Freedom Unitrol 20A 18"

Allen Bradley 1336-B005-EAD-FA2 AB 5 HP 9.6 A 

Lincoln Electric ED033007 Ultracore FC 309L 

ITE/Gould U1C3100 100A 600V 

I-T-E/Siemens UEC3100 100A 600V 3PH 3W 

I-T-E/Siemens U1C2100 100A 240V w 30A 

ITE/Gould U1C3100 100A 600V 3PH 3W 70A 

ITE/Gould U1C3100 100A 600V 3PH 3W 40A 

ITE/Gould U1C3100 100A 600V 3PH 3W 15A 

ITE/Gould U1C3100 100A 600V 3PH 3W 20A 

ITE/Gould U1C3100 100A 600V 3PH 3W 60A 

ITE/Gould U1C3100 100A 600V 3PH 100A

Louis Allis Lancer Jr. 92283 AF VS 

Cutler-Hammer FDB3150LS 150A 

Siemens 6ES5 712-8BF00 5m  

Square D LHL3640030DC1616 400A 

Bently Nevada 2000 101284-02-01-01 

ABB ACS601-0011-4-000B1700801 ACS 600 AC 

Cutler-Hammer HMCP007C0A01 7A 

Siemens 4AV3400-2AB DC 24V 3 Ph Transformer 9160036 

Square D H-244-N 200 Amp 

Ferraz Shawmut 6JX5 

Toshiba VFS9-4037PL-WN(1) 

General Electric CR305FO 

General Electric 12CFD22B1A 

General Electric 12HFC23B1A 

Cutler-Hammer FD3020L 20A 

Rosemount Analytical 3081-PH/ORP/C 

Allen Bradley 1336S-BRF30-AA-EN4-HA2-L6E 

Foxboro IAP10-D20C1F-M2T 

Westinghouse A201K2EA 

Refu Elektronik WS6010.1102 SP02 

Cutler-Hammer FD3020L 20A 

Rochester Instrument Systems RiS WVS33U 

bachmann electronic VID 500/S PLC

Reliance Electric 0-51444 Phasing 

Allen-Bradley 1326AB-A1G-11 5000 RPM 

Taylor / ABB 6010BZ10000C-2650 

Taylor / ABB 6011BZ1001B-1669 PLC 

Westinghouse Type W Size 1 Starter 15A 12" 

Square D Mod Model 4 Sz Size 2 Fuse MCC Bucket 8536SD01

Square D FHL3610016DC1684 100A 

Cutler Hammer 9253C00H11 

Honeywell 621-9937C  

Struthers-Dunn 237XBX120NE 

Telemecanique Square D A203F 

Honeywell 51401929-100 

Westinghouse A200M3CVC 

Refu Elektronik WS6010.703 SP04 

Danfoss 131F1003 VLT Aqua Drive FC 202 15kW 20HP FC202

Allen Bradley 74101-482-52 18 AC VS 

Perkins UMC2004GACA 

Perkins UMC2004GACF 

Perkins UMC2004GACA 

Perkins Eaton 4328A Digital 

FPE QMQB1136R 100 Amp 600V QMQB 

Modicon AS-E485-904 

AC Tech 1 HP M1510B MC 

Allen Bradley 74101-101-53 REV .01 AC 

ABB SNAT-7600 Control Board ACH501-025 CRH03C ACH 500 

Square D KAL26070 70A 

Square D SD-75730

Square D SD-75430 

Allen Bradley 900087 REV-1 PLC 

Square D QMB Saflex SD-4606 60 Amp 480V 

Siemens I-T-E ET5913 125A 

Modicon Cyberline 1000A Servo Drive DR-1060-105 CL1060

Westinghouse Numa Logic NL-772 Remote Unit NL772

Intellution 101A Keypad Interface 101-A Key Pad 101

Fanuc Robotics EE-1063-300 

Westinghouse KD3400F 400A 

Eaton KD3400F 400A 

KATO K56-12B Automatic 

Nematron KBD-1002 Keyboard Sealed 65 Key  

Nematron KBD-1002 

Furnas 14FP32AF 

Siemens 6DD1610-0AG1 

Cutler-Hammer HMCP100R3CA02 100A 

GE Fanuc IC600BF948 L I/O Comm Ctl PLC 44A717587-G01 

CH Cutler-Hammer HMCP070J2C 70A 

ABB 1955332-A Type CV-7 

Hoffman PPB2105 Plinth Base 200x1000x500mm 

Marche A46-10-24V-A1 10A DC 24VDC 12 Cells 

Cutler-Hammer JS360100A 100A

Square D 460R-480 Voltage 

Foxboro I/A Series P0960KA-0G ZLAN 

Yaskawa JAMSC-B2603V PLC 

Yaskawa JAMSC-B2914 PLC 

Cutler-Hammer HMCP015E0CA12 15A 

Yokogawa UT550-00 Programmable 

Siemens I-T-E CED63B070 70 Amp 

ABB 411C6175 Circuit Shield 

I-T-E Siemens S01J60 Shunt Trip Unit 120V 

GE General Electric TKM836F000 800A 

Allen Bradley 21803-018-05 Rev. C 1336 

Allen Bradley 21803-018-03 Rev C 1336 

General Electric GE 7700 Series 30 Amp 6" Fused 

Allen Bradley 2100 Centerline 12" 30A 

ITE Gould 5600 5640 Size 1 

General Electric GE 8000 Size 2 Fusible MCCB 12" MCC 

GE 8000 Line Size 1 Fusible MCCB 12" Bucket 



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