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HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount

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AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

Hongkong, Hong Kong


  • Phone +8618020776786
  • Fax +865925165561

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HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount

HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount


HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount


Industrial Automation

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD


HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount Description:

Contact: Nancy Lin



Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786

QQ :2851195456

Control Systems (DCS, PLC/SPS, CNC)

- Panel Controllers

- HMI and Display Panels

- Industrial PC’s

- Drives ( Frequency Inverter and Servo)

- Motors

- Power Supplies

Amikon adhering to the enterprise concept of excellence, whether it is industrial automation parts, services or delivery efficiency, we are committed to do better.

We deliver a variety of parts.

Machines break and downtime can cost companies millions in lost revenue. Our multi-lingual team scour the globe to find quality obsolete, new and reconditioned parts to get industrial machines back up and running at the best price.

Whether it's service, speed or delivery, we always deliver more.

Amikon Limited specialises in supplying automation equipment to specific industry sectors. We work with some of the worlds largest companies & our knowledge and expertise is regularly featured in industry publications across the globe.


Excellent service is woven into the very fabric of our operations. It’s also where we invest the most – merging the very best of talent with bespoke technology to enable us to ensure we always deliver more for our customers.




HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount

HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount

HITACHI HDS7000 Big Discount


The decline of the defence segment in aerospace has been partly overshadowed by the expansion of the commercial aircraft sector. The later is expected to reach record revenues in 2014. With the cost of jet fuel having soared in recent years and the expectation of further price increases, every efficiency measure makes a huge difference to aerospace businesses.

Despite industry shifts, several key factors remain crucial for today's aerospace manufacturer: safety, increased functionality, reduced weight and simple assembly.

The industry has long relied on automation to gain a competitive advantage, particularly in areas like assembly and testing. This ensures that better prototypes are developed at lower costs, testing is easier, and predictive or preventative measures can be identified and implemented effortlessly.

Automated manufacturing solutions are essential for system integration and system equipment, particularly in the case of braking, landing systems, steering and monitoring.

EU Automation understands that safety, reliability and efficiency are crucial for the aerospace industry. We also understand the cost of downtime, which is why we deliver our new, refurbished and obsolete components worldwide, in record time.

We provide spare parts for each stage of aerospace manufacturing, from assembly, welding, laser processing and machine integration to material handling and quality testing. We work with leading automation manufacturers and an extensive range of certified suppliers to deliver the part you need as quickly as possible.


HMIs (Human Machine Interface)
PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)
Computer numerical control solutions

ESEC 694.0909/1 & 694.0050/3

ESEC 694.0909/1 & 694.0053/2

Siemens CPU316-2 DP 6ES7316-2AG00-0AB0


Tokyo electron TEL RVP I/F-B 3M81-003970-11 

Sonoscan RF Slice V peak acquisition A500152 rev D & C-310083

HV# Mitsubishi melsec AJ65VBTCU-68DAVN & AJ65VBTCU-68ADVN

Parker compumotor CP*OEM670T-RC-9902 



ASM 02-82390 Y-Table servo 03-28305-02 Rev C

Hitachi H-700 CPU-07H & RAM-08H

UltraTRUE gearhead P/N 42-114324-7249 UT010-005-0

Omron E5ZE-8AQHD1TCB-V2 temperature controller


Lincoln laser C-BDC-BB & driver board 1-2-2453-301

Honeywell XFL521B XFL522B XFL523B XFL524B 

Schneider TSX Quantum 140CRA93100 & 140CRP93100 

Euresys grablink value Rev A1 1191 A1_0 

Soreel E109010/H P109010/G FSEL 0108

Nikon NK2551

Nikon NK2551 assy


BL-Regler 230-BL04/4Q Opt: SI-012

Siemens 6ES7335-7HG01-0AB0

Shinkawa FRP-259 PCB

Yokogawa F3SP25-2N F3LC11-1F 


Panasonic MBDCT2507B03

Motorola MVME 167 01-W3632B-01F & 01-W3690B-01D

Screen UNSHP 23412843-71

Adept E043XCCB1-002 E010XCCB1-001-4

TEL 2981-600386-13 EXT DIO board

Omron CP1L-M30DT1-D & CP1W-MAD11

TEL 2981-600392-11 & 2981-600393-11 

Omron E5ZD-8A02KJ E5ZD PWB(2) PWB(3) 

Basler A101 Alphase mIR & Opto f=35mm

Andros analyzers 4740 450269-000 rev C

Festo FPC 101AF-LED & didactic TN 14585

Disco FBPCB-0281 & FBPCB-0084 

Kohzu stage XM05-03 

Mitsubishi melsec MR-J2S-40A & HC-KFS43K

Kulicke & Soffa 8001-4057 N08001-4057-000-06 

SBC-815T2 v1.1 with 1GHz CPU

CKD Pressure controller G VYX-0276-CONT

Advantech PCA-6143P 486 SX/DX industrial CPU card Rev. A2 1906614330 & CPU & RAM

Datron 468-A 400996-1.1 996/076/002 for wavetek 4808

Festo E.CZE-1 E.CZE-1-K A2.3 card

RVSI 68410 rev C 71010 rev. E

Omron C500-DA003 3G2A5-DA003

DPSS Q-Switch driver board 903-613 rev D

Hitachi ZFL307-1 ZFL307-C1 board

Siemens 6ES5 304-3UB11 6ES5304-3UB11 

Hitachi ZFL292-3 ZFL292-E3 board

Hitachi ZFL306-1 ZFL306-E1 board

Mitsubishi Melsec-Q QJ71LP21-25 data link unit

Hitachi ZFL306-0 board

Epson SKP282-1 MPU board & SKP290-2

Polhemus 3SPACE ISOTRAK II 4A0323-01

TEL TEB004-12/GOHUB EC80-000184-12

RVSI 68410 rev C 71010 rev. A

Tegimenta PCB analyzer control 8079358 28079358001 D

Tegimenta PCB-CUVETTE Control 8066795 28066795001 A

Nikon X2A-STGA/D 4S007-902-1

Bosch ASC 75-SOC.1220 ART-NR 07.AZ.SOC-1220

Schneider TSX Quantum 140CRA93100 PV:01 RL:83 SV:01.23 

Shimadzu board 228-39052C assy 228-39057 SIL-10AVP

Technology 80 800048G 5000-3CO 900400 OPT001/H

ECOVARIO 414AR-BJ-000-000 

Yokogawa MAC2 B MAC2 suffix B

Technology 80 800048G 5000-3CO 900400/I OPT001

Oriel 70705 high 

RVSI assy 3491-03 37-135-01 120405 PCB

Beamlok VSE assy 0448-8550 2100-012 rev J

Beamlok assy 0448-8550 MQA 1098 rev G

Precision MicroDynamics MCX-DSP-ISA Rev 1.3 DSL 02-164-00001R1.3 026801

Rodenstock Beam-expander 2-8x 1064nm (lot of 4)

ASM Force calibrator

Lam research assy 810-028296-171 rev B & 810-028295-172 rev C

AMAT Applied materials stepper drive assy 0100-00003 rev C

Star robot PCB SPC401C 30SPD08-1

Nidek IM12-MB1 SORTER 2 54430-PC2877A 54430-BA02A

Nidek IM12-MB1 SORTER 1 54430-PC2877A 54430-BA02A

AMAT Stepper drive assy 0100-00003 rev B

Valmet automation A413015 05 NCU VPA 420002-5B 

Acuity imaging 070-200000 rev B 045-200001 rev C & 045-204000 rev K

CONAIR 108-997-04 rev. P control board assy & 107-100-01 

Technology 80 5000-3 900400/H

Coreco imaging PC-CAMLINK R-A1 L1 LNK213 R A1P/1/E0072

Wicomat operator panel PCS090 090.205.B

ADOS VIT-12 K100 2G BLUE for Alphasem SL9022

Omron NT30-ST131B 

Schleuter HSL301/PA

Imaging technology IC-PCI rev. A & AMV168B

Panasonic NFM0EX-2 

TEL SAT-AI 3M81-001115-16

OGP quad axis board 36541 rev. F

IAI IADP3203 020/E ED-032-9-042-0-000-0 

Mitsubishi FW53C board BN634E040G52

Yamatake Honeywell MPU32-D assy 80360783-002 HW rev B

Omron C1000H-CPU01-EV1 with C2000-MR831-V2


Motion Server AQS0418 rev F 1-4 axis board

Kulicke & soffa 8001-4143 N08001-4143-000-09 


Siemens 6ES5445-3AA12 

Allen Bradley 1791-NDC rev A 

Oregon micro systems PCX-6

Kistler type 5615 interface 

Daifuku MCP console 

NUM 64.I/48.0 0204202956 C FC-200-202-955 B 

Miki pulley SA3-752D AC servo driver

Shimadzu 1TG/ATT PCB/RE17 assy 205-00485-02 

Galil DMC-1740 rev I & DB-14064 

Advanced energy 5016U & 5022L

Yaskawa PWM-100 UZZZ005234 

Kikusui PAS20-36 regulated DC 

Precision MicroDynamics MCX-DSP-ISA R1.3 DSL 02-164-00001R1.3

Hanmi HM550M & HM555M

Yaskawa Servopack CACR-SR01AC1ERY102

Yokogawa F3PU10-0N SP25-2N LC11-1N XD64-3N YD64-1A NC02-0N PLC


Siemens simatic 6ES5943-7UB21 E-Stand 06

PCA-6167 with CPU PC card

Zygo 5 axis stage driver 6300-0155-11

Balzers QM 420B Art-No.: 894 BG 438 100 AT

Technology 80 5641B 901124/F & 24 902029/A

Applied Biosystems 0501-0008A 0500-0037 rev F

Horiba H227043A & H227136 board

Horiba Stec PCU-2100 Ver 1.1

Datacon DSM 573 card

Datacon EPC-361

Pixelite 820 P/N 08-88-104-00-000R09

TEL TVB-SPC2 1R81-606381-11

Nikon 4S017-637-A R.Table board

General scanning 100-0000-133 rev. 4 & 100-000-119 Rev. 2 card


IntraAction AQS-274AM1B3A1

ESEC 631.186/05

Sonoscan PIO to CSAM interface II A500162 & A500159

Teradyne AD700 rev C 879-700-03/C

Star seiki 11800-PR01D S311M

Siemens SMP-E352


Festo E.CZE-1 E.CZE-1-K A2.2 

ESEC 631.192/02

Canon LMTHSW-L2 BG3-5533 LM_THSW_L PCB2/ES2 BH8-2484-01


Panasonic N1J2206G-B JA-M00220 & 220 I/F


SINE 3400EV rev2.0 computer board & 850MHz CPU

FG Eurolog IIS/DI32-2A 

Panasonic MCMAHB board

Panasonic MCMAHD board

K & S N08001-4169-000-15

PEAK KJ060010-550E SBC P550R1-FB2E V4.51PG/R1.0b 

D4EX30776 (IFB-ZCL03) IFB-ZCL03

P/N 16531 rev B 16524 DT301 rev Z

Quantel M/N: CE 900

Quantel A2ET use on MPS6D

Sciex QPS Exciter 015650 F

EO Technics main control board V0.4

ASC386DX/ASC486DLC board

Liebert SiteGate-232

Nikki Denso SP-00982

V1# Meiden controller interface 321003/0711 & 390011-000-00

Yokogawa AMC80 SUFF/ZVM style S1

ICOS Vision MVS988 MVS988/1/0/0 ISA

Fuji VM1153 card

Panasonic MCMKEF MCMKEX-1 

Disco FBPCB-0171 board

Lee Laser LDD-50 010046-001

Mercury computer MC860VM PN 560116 CAGE-3X893


Engenuity systems S0102-0101-C 


Sonoscan front end interface A500132 rev E

Sievers instruments 00011-04 rev A

Sonoscan axis absolute position counter A500037 

Ampro A60702 rev H ver 01


Maho Philips RM/RM 4022 226 3643 4022-226-3643


Screen display APD-1 2332560-B3 card

Norcontrol radar interface 2E-567

Sonoscan front end interface A500132 rev C

Siemens Profibus OLM/G12 6GK1502-3CB10 

Ormec SAC-S12D/101AM

Shimadzu assy 223-02948-90

Unipulse digital indicator F480

Cymer assy 05-05062-05 rev G CAGE CODE OSMX8

ASM 02-82782 Rev B 03-28481

Cymer assy 05-05062-05 rev G CAGE CODE OSMX8

ASM 02-82782 Rev B 03-28481

Becton Dickinson FSC amplifier 03-32428-02

Activmedia robotics ELC1814 assy #1815 rev F

Optronic DSP controller 005493 rev B

EM370 V2.0 board

MCSI P/N: 66703 66700901 rev B

MOOG D122-030a D122F030-A008c

MOOG D122-030a D122-F030-A008

Qiagen instruments HAW-00000080-002-D HAW-00000080-001B X-EDGE PCB

Simrad MS900 CPU assy 382-117355

Brookhaven instruments BI-HV

EMCO 460139 rev C; 105374 front panel for ETS 2090

Sciex LENS PS 1002740

Mitsubishi A2USCPU-M128 CPU unit

Gildemeister 0.865.213-1 DI64

ABB single board assy 3528139

Sonoscan RF Slice star mode BD A500136 & C-310083

EO Technics FTL-1064-254 F-Theta F=254mm 1064nm

Adept 10310-70400 rev A

Comizoa COMI-LX504 V5.01 

Yokogawa PW302 Style S4

Adlink HSL-DI16DO16-DB-NN 51-23015-0A40 

Panasonic MADDT1205 AC SERVO (lot of 3)

Towa HLS-DIO12SB PC-00079B-01 ALZCI804-SKA1A-P 

B&R ECPNC1-0 Rev: 02.00

TEL SAT-AI 3M81-001115-14

Vaisala humidity & Temperature HMT331 HMT330 Ver 4.06

Hms ABX-PDPM-DEVS FW: 3.10.02

SunX Melsec-Q SL-VMEL-Q module

Yaskawa motoman JUSP-RCP01AAD

Kulicke & Soffa 8001-4057 N08001-4057-000-06 

Marcolink MVS216

Sumitomo SDPI SDPIDC0110-01 DC0110-01 

IVC-4200 V1.0 4-Channel MPEG4 

Hitachi ZFL293-1 ZFL293-E1 

Hitachi ZFL305-0 ZFL-305-C0 

Mitsubishi GT1565-VTBA 

ESEC 889.0913/01

ESEC 889.0912/03

ESEC 889.0912/4

Roche PCB TRANSFER-XY-CONTROL 8068089 28068089001 D

Shimadzu assy 206-81664-91

Microwave solutions MSD-3488601-TTL 

Pacific scientific SC452-011-05

Schneider 140DDI84100 140 DDI 841 00 

Technology 80 5641B 901124/E & 28 900886/E & 51A 901115/B

Matrox 752-03 rev A Meteor2-DIG/4/R P/N: 63039620282

Motorola VME 340B 2623701 rev B

Omron E5ZD-8A02P 

R2D ingenierie 6AA0073 rev.3

Motorola MVME 226-2 64-W5697B01B rev. D

Applied materials VME counter board 0100-00012 

Omron E3MC-MX11

Tencor instruments FF Controller, HDLR 186392 rev. A1

IAI IADC3203 020B/E ED-032-9-044-0-000-1

Orbotech 30611205201 DMI & Altera EPM7256SRC208-15

ADE 3900 DSP board 023676-01 rev 02

Advanced Motion Controls PWM Servo B15A20C 

Eltec SAC3-1

Panasonic CMM1EX-1 CMM1EB board

Yokogawa ADM51T -2 style S3 & ADM51 -2 style S4 

Sorties isolees 970603V2 board

P13 Z5542292-P04 34440859 01 PCB

Mitsubishi A3ACPUP21 (Date code 9612) & A3NMCA24 

Mitsubishi A2NCPUP21 (Date code 0004) & A3NMCA2

NEC ESP-631-I/F Ver2 ESP-631-I/FVer2

NEC ESP476-00E2 feeder control

NEC ESP475-00E2 Operation I/F

Semitest 220-0208-01 LEI 300126

Sharp IV-S20 & IV-S20C1

Hanmi 020306 HM610M module

Trio Motion Coordinator MC224 AXIS EXPANDER & Stepper board V1.5

Thomson TD50-2315B 

Oregon micro systems PC38-6

Melec EAUA-087703 SP1018-4

Disco 4-RI (COMM)_PCB FBPCB-0274 (lot of 3)

Micro color camera CV-M1250 & CV-M1250K

Mitsubishi MR-J3-70B AC Servo

Mitsubishi A2USHCPU-S1 A1SJ71LP21 A1SJ71UC24-R4 A1SD75P2-S3 A1SJ71UC24-R2 PLC

Festo IC-8M3/2-0,9-24 TH Typ 110 488 24 VDC

Mycom SNC-210 SNC-210B

HP 08590-60365 CPU-31488 

Mitsubishi A951GOT-LBD-M3 

ESEC 629.184/6

Shinkawa USP-25 P-04105029 

Shinkawa USP-25 P-04407021 

ESEC 944.053/03

Omron NT31C-ST142B-EV2 

Mitsubishi Q62P Q02HCPU QX42 QY42P QJ71LP21-25 QJ71E71-100

HAN-MI AutoNet HMC-201S

Yaskawa Motoman JARCR-X0I01 Rev. B00

Motorola SMM-NIC 64-W4097C02A Rev. B

ASM AC Servo driver module 02-15908-13

Cognex in-sight 3000 800-5745-1 rev. J & 800-5746-1

Mitsubishi AJ71LP21 Date code: 9611 

UltraTRUE gearhead P/N: 42-114323-C221 UT075-005-0 5:1

Omron CS1G-CPU42H CPU 

EO Technics diode control board V0.41

Screen DET3-MULTI 23445531-10

ERV 931001PF CIF-Bt

ROCKY-418 V2.1 V1.3F

Beckman Coulter Z Series, Aperture Tube, 100 m Ampoule 9913157 for Z2

Varian assy L9536-301 rev C & L9524 rev A for 990-dCLD

ProQuip 550306000 rev 1 Spindle control 7 PCB

E.O. technics EOC-05-10-0056 card rev. A

Omron D7F-C03 

Omron CVM1-CPU11-EV2

Proface GP577R-TC11 

Shinkawa FRP-344 PCB

Olympus NeoSPlan100 IC100 0.90 0 f=180

Shinkawa IOP-180 PCB

Advantest PLB-420972BB2 BLB-020972 for M6541AD 

Scanner technologies PB1053B

Tencor instruments FF Controller, HDLR 186392 rev.1

Activmedia robotics P2 Sonar Bd ELC1003 

Rockwell Automation CSD3_10BX2

Siemens IM 463-2 6ES7463-2AA00-0A0

Jetter DIMA 3 DIMA3 V3.04

Jetter DIMA 3 DIMA3 V3.08

TEL 3281-000013-1A TVB0004-1/147CO

Omron CS1H-CPU65H CPU unit

Omron CS1W-MC221 MC 

Texas PE5133HX P54C P/N: 22795

RVSI 68410 Rev B0

Tri-sen systems assy 86-4567 R/H

Tri-sen systems assy 88-8486 rev C

Tri-sen systems assy 93-2609

ABB 3BHT 300055 R1 CI-10 card

Kulicke & Soffa 8001-4072 N08001-4072-00002 

Siemens CPU314 6ES7314-1AG14-0B0 FS: 6

FW Bell ID-2391 rev C board

5-6096-310A PS3220 PCB

5-6085-300A PCB (lot of 2)

GTCZ 6739828 C6 board

Olympus NeoSPlan 20 NIC 0.40 0 f=180

Hitachi RVME450A


Coherent LP 61603 & LP 61617 & ADLAS card for Compass 501QM-Y

Siemens iskamatic A AFZ12-5/6FQ1558鈥5A

Natural microsystems 5354 rev-C4 5376 rev10

ASM 02-15456 rev C SV-I 03-21135 rev I 

Shimadzu MS AMP ADC assy 204-39766M

Siemens teleperm M 6DS1700-8BA

Polielettronica Poli DIMPPO

Siemens 6ES7314-1AE01-0AB0 CPU314 

IXXAT automation PC-I 03 Rev. 1.1a

Newport AG-M100 Piezo Optical Mount

Yokogawa ALR111 -S00 RS-232C module

Hitachi ZVL464-1 & ZVC198A-0 & ZVC198B-0

Rofin Hilberling HG-24

Hitachi ZFL311-1 ZFL-311-E1 board

TEL TEB102-1 NASS card

Keyence VT3-Q5S panel

Hitachi ZFL218-0 board

schrittmotorsteuerung pse SMP3200 B 

Daifuku OPC-2603A

Fuji machine MFU I/O 8900-1 board

Motorola MVME 162-520A W4948C01 B REV B

THK D-ConII DCN driver controller

PEAK715VL-HT(LF) rev D1 4BP00715D3X1 & 2.8GHz CPU

Schlumberger APECS-2 6243-584-000 Rev. C

Leybold Center One No.: 230002

Roche PCB FLUIDCLOT CTRL 8184577 28184577001 D

Roche PCB ISE-CONTROL 8194963 28194963001 B

Anritsu A03 CPU 332U14225

Tegimenta PCB Resource control 8153167 28153167001 B

Anritsu A10 main CPU 322U11161 (Y3)

Intel IXDP advanced development 

ASM 03-28338 Rev. A

ASM 03-28305-02 Rev. A

Applied materials isolation amplifier 0100-00156

Aurotek MC8040A PCB

Telemecanique TSX ASR402 V:1.0

ESEC 872.0900/4 & 872.0901/3 card

Leica 541038

Spectra-Physics assy 0451-0920 rev D MQA 1698 

ESEC 629.184/5

ESEC 631.192/01

ESEC 634.0902/2

5-6096-310A PS3230 PCB

Omron PA202 CJ1W-II101 SCU21-V1 OD232 OD202 OD212 PLC

Kulicke & Soffa N08001-4200-000-04

Technology 80 5641B 901124/E & 24-B 900861/C

Yaskawa servopack SGDM-08ADA Ver 10212

Topcon PCB-1 4053555013 use on TRC-50IA

Cymer laser 04-05640-0 04-05500-02

Saunders & associates 90403606 12.5 OHMS

Sankyo SB228303

Control technology 2203 (lot of 5)

Leitz wetzlar PL FLUOTAR ∞/0 100x/0.90

Kulicke & Soffa N08001-4238-000-00 

Omron CS1W-MAD44 A/D D/A 

Melles Griot 169350 PCB for 17PCW011

Oxford microanalysis scanram II board 1128-374

Melles Griot 168163 PCB for 17PCW011

RVSI 53200 rev D board

Stange Elektronik CAN AD-HI Rev 1.5 13.06.00 

TiePie Handyscope 2 & HP9060 

KLOTZ digital VADIS A/D 18/20BIT 017-4-001-02

ITP1/2 CS0134100011 for B&R BRITGR31 V1.4

Yokogawa AIP221 style S1

Marconi NM-4/155SMIRE

Unit UFC-1661E 200cc SiH4

Mycom MY5211-048 PPC-2400

Nallatech P/N 101-0045-9 & 102-0061-4 & 101-0054-8 

Rudolf R-DPA96

Spectra Physics 0451-0760

ESEC 940.050/11

SCREEN KOPT0001-02 23440454-11


ESEC 941.050/8 

ESEC 945.054/02 945.185/06 945.184/05

Infranor MSD1 MA 3004EMAC

Schneider modicon quantum 140CPS22400

Shimadzu GDC-ASSY 221-28072-91 


Schneider modicon quantum 140CRA93100 & 140CRP93100

ESEC 946.056/01 

Kulicke and Soffa 00860-4000-000-00 310-00280-0 Rev G

ESEC 944.053/04

Siemens 00323146-02 & 00323147 & 00335939-01

Schneider TSXDST3292 (lot of 3)

IAI IAIO-3204 ED-032-9-039-0-000-0

Yaskawa VS-606V7 CIMR-V7CCB0P2 

Mitsubishi FW53C board BN634E040G53

Coherent-DEOS P/N: 1101-10-0025-01 VXT 0549

Datacon KRT.496.030 CANSMI31 Rev 3.1 

PMC H06200-000 & H04524-002

Medar CCi65239 7415-1M1

Nikon 4S007-545-37Y EXX-FC2-SNS PCB

ESI illuminator CTRL CKA assy 445-05310 rev J

HAAS-LASER 22-01-75-00/05

Orbotech 30611205201 DMI

Physik Instrumente PI M-110K054

Nikon 4S007-690 & IM-ENCD1 4S013-202 PCB

Mitsubishi A1SD778M 

Mitsubishi Datalink unit A1SJ71QBR11 

HiPEC 02-15467 Rev A 03-20717 rev C 

Noran instruments 170A141797-A 176P141797A1 

Web technology host adapter II M037201 rev B

Noran instruments 170A141798-A 176X141798-A2

Matrox Meteor_II_CL 7007_0201 rev B

Panasonic MCDDT3520N01 AC 

Advantech EKI-1524

Miki pulley SA3-402D AC 

HAAS-LASER 18-08-25-00/b

Trio Motion Coordinator MC224 AXIS EXPANDER

HV# BQ16B-1415-00010 

Heidenhain EXE 660 Id.Nr. 257 242-02

Fiber optic IO-F-IR2

Access laser LASY-5D

Ealing reflecting objective X36/0.5

Nikon 4S001-041-1 SDPT-PWR PCB 

Hanmi autonet HFRC-01 HFRDI-32

Chrislin CI-VME40 8Mb P/N: 73059 

Syntron 07-304815 rev. C board

HP 37742A 2M test set ver: 3.1b

ASM APS30 AC servo driver unit 02-30488-01 rev B

Advantech PCI-1721 Rev. A1 02-1

PC intruments PCI-433 PCB-WBAND-001-D 

Oxford microanalysis 1128-419 DXP50 rev G

NEOS Q-Switch 32027-100-7

ICS 7220 B11065C

Elmo EBAF 25/400RHI

Wago 750-457 

Panasonic MSD013A1Y 

Siemens 6FX1123-7AA01 

Tokyo electron TEL RVP I/F-B 3M81-003970-11 

Balzers RV 420A BG440500-T/B

Balzers AI 420 BG512850-T/A

Advantest BLJ-021029 PCB for R3456

Cognex in-sight 3000 800-5745-1 rev. K

Cognex in-sight 3000 800-5745-1 rev. J

Rofin HG25-DX 130600032-00631

ESEC 944.051/05 944.182/6 944.181/04

ASM APS30 AC servo driver unit 02-40348-01 rev C

ESEC 634.0902/02

EO Technics LDD-50 detector use on SLD400

ESEC 945.054/03 945.185/06 945.184/06

HP e4400-60010 e4400-60010-02-01-9720-01622

Eltec IPCA-2 IPCA-A200/1 & CAN-Contoller (2) 

Nireco Liteguide AE50-2

Micro memory MM-6710

Siemens S42024-A1831-A1 CUAII card

Cymer laser 04-05640-0 rev 04-05500-1

Digital FP-VM-2 T01015A-1/3

NKE MAS-16V20 MAP-16V20 MAS-08V20 MIX-16V20 

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