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HITACHI AR410 Big Discount

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AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

Hongkong, Hong Kong


  • Phone +8618020776786
  • Fax +865925165561

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HITACHI AR410 Big Discount

HITACHI AR410 Big Discount


HITACHI AR410 Big Discount


Industrial Automation

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD


HITACHI AR410 Big Discount Description:

Contact: Nancy Lin



Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786

QQ :2851195456

Control Systems (DCS, PLC/SPS, CNC)

- Panel Controllers

- HMI and Display Panels

- Industrial PC’s

- Drives ( Frequency Inverter and Servo)

- Motors

- Power Supplies

Amikon adhering to the enterprise concept of excellence, whether it is industrial automation parts, services or delivery efficiency, we are committed to do better.

We deliver a variety of parts.

Machines break and downtime can cost companies millions in lost revenue. Our multi-lingual team scour the globe to find quality obsolete, new and reconditioned parts to get industrial machines back up and running at the best price.

Whether it's service, speed or delivery, we always deliver more.

Amikon Limited specialises in supplying automation equipment to specific industry sectors. We work with some of the worlds largest companies & our knowledge and expertise is regularly featured in industry publications across the globe.


Excellent service is woven into the very fabric of our operations. It’s also where we invest the most – merging the very best of talent with bespoke technology to enable us to ensure we always deliver more for our customers.




HITACHI AR410 Big Discount

HITACHI AR410 Big Discount

HITACHI AR410 Big Discount


Capricious consumer trends require manufacturing lines that are particularly flexible and able to create a variety of parts, or assemble several product lines without much alteration. As a result of this need for flexibility, manufacturing automotive components and assembling them is often the area in which robot-based automation can be seen at its best.

Intelligent manufacturing in the body shop aims to improve efficiency in casting parts. Forging a vehicle’s exterior parts like the fascia, bumpers and fuel tank, and producing interior parts like instrument panels, seats and air bags requiring very broad know-how and solutions based on robotics. Manufacturing the powertrain, chassis and the body of the vehicle also demands a great deal of precision.

EU Automation understands these requirements and works with car manufacturers to obtain the spare parts they need, as soon as possible. We specialise in identifying parts for machining, assembly, test, materials handling, safety and robot-based automation. We also offer a comprehensive and straightforward supply and repair service which can significantly reduce costs for your company.


Central processing units
Variable speed drives (VSDs)
Human machine interface

Indramat DKR04.1-W400N-B Diax03 AC 

Siemens 6SE7032-6TG50-Z 6SE7032-6TG50

Control Techniques SP6402 

Siemens 6SE0383-2CC35-5AA6 2J3F-86690-500 DYNAVERT 

6ES5948-3UR23 Simatic S5 CPU948 

Siemens 6RA2285-6GV62-0 Simoreg 6RA22 D520/600 DC 

Control Techniques MP550A4R 

Control Techniques SP4403 Unidrive 

Danfoss 175L3718 VLT3625 

Indramat RAC2.2-250-460-A00-W1-220 

LOHER 2T2A-03400-090 Dynavert 

Control Techniques UNI4404 

Control Techniques UNI4405 

Control Techniques MP420A4R 

Control Techniques M200-094 02240 A 224A 110kW 

Danfoss 131B6930 VLT HVAC 

Control Techniques SP4402 

Siemens 6SE7031-8EF20-Z Masterdrive 90kW IP00 380-460V 

Control Techniques MP350A4R 

Siemens 6SE7032-1EG60-Z 110kW 

Siemens 6RA2277-6DV62-4KF0 

Indramat RAC 3.5-200-460-L00-Z1-220 

Baumuller BUC-4-150-6-100 BUC4 

Control Techniques MP550A4 

Control Techniques M825GB14 

Control Techniques M200-094 02000 A M200 

Baumuller BUH-4-150-6-002 BUC4 

Siemens 6RA2291-4GV62-4FF0 

Control Techniques MP550A4R 

Siemens 6DD1606-3AC0 IT41

Baumuller BKF12/200/400-3010001 DC 

Control Techniques UNI4401 

Control Techniques M200-084 01570 A 

Control Techniques M600-094 02240 A10 M600 

Allen Bradley 1336F-B150-AE-EN 1336 

Siemens 6SL3310-1TE32-6AA0 SINAMICS 

Control Techniques SK6401 SK 120 T 

Siemens 6SE7022-6TC51-Z Simovert 

Siemens 6AV6542-0DA10-0AX0 MP370 12 Colour

6ES5948-3UR23 Simatic S5 CPU948 

Bosch DS15K1101-D Digital 

Control Techniques MP420A4 Mentor 

Indramat RAC 2.2-200-460-APO-W1 RAC 2.2-200-460-AP0-W1 

Siemens 6SE6430-2UD38-8FA0 

Eurotherm 590/0700/9/1/4/0/1/0/0113/310/012/460 590 DC 

Control Techniques MP155A4R 

Control Techniques M200-084 01340 A M200 Series 134A, 55kW 

Control Techniques UNI54CPOD 

Allen Bradley 1336T-R100-AN-GT0 

Indramat 180C-B350A1-BS03-B2V1

Siemens AMS-M350 C8117-A694-A4-1 


Control Techniques MP350A4 Mentor MP 2Q 350A 

Parker SSD 590P/0830/500/0041/UK/ENW/LINK/115/0 

Siemens 6SE7031-5EF20-Z Simovert VC 

Control Techniques SP3403 Unidrive SP 22kW 

Indramat HDS05.2-W300N-HS23-01-FW Diax-04 

Siemens 6ES7416-2XK04-0AB0 S7 CPU 416-2DP

Allen Bradley 4100-232-R 4100 

Siemens 6ES5948-3UR11  Simatic S5 CPU948 

Siemens 6AV7724-2BC40-0AD0 

Control Techniques UNI3405 

Nachi RBX1110G Servo Amp 

Control Techniques 6MS4Q150 Mentor 1 DC Drive 150kW 

Control Techniques MP105A4R Mentor MP DC Drive 4 Quad 380/480 VAC 105A 38kW

Control Techniques M200-094 02000 A M200 

Control Techniques SP4402 Unidrive SP 37kW 

Lenze EVF8611-E-V011 AC Inverter drive 22.0KW 47.0A 

Lenze EVF8611-E-V010 AC Inverter drive 22.0KW 47.0A 

Control Techniques MP210A4R Mentor MP DC 

Reliance 61C544A AutoMax

Allen Bradley 1394C-SJT22-D 1394 

Danfoss 175G5543 MCD50790CT5G4X00CV2 MCD500 

Control Techniques M200-074 01000 A 

Sprint Electric PLX225 DC Drive 4Q 530A 225kW 415VAC 

Baumuller BKF12/100/400-301001 DC 

Schneider BMEP584040 Modicon M580 

Allen Bradley 1394C-SJT05-C 1394 

Siemens 6AV3647-2M00-5GF2 Simatic OP47-12 

Siemens 6AV7872-0BA20-1AB0 

Siemens 6RA2375-6DS21-0 

Mitsubishi E910T PLC 

Fanuc A06B-6059-H212 AC 

MP75A4R Mentor MP DC Drive Four 

Siemens 6SE7022-1EP70-Z 7.5 KW 

Danfoss 131F6616 VLT Automation Drive FC 302 

Lenze EVS9328-ES AC Servo Drive IP20 

6ES5350-3KA21 Simatic S5 memory 

Reliance DBU-400 837.02.41 

Allen Bradley 4100-204-R 

Modicon 140CPU42402 

Danfoss 175Z7035 VLT 6062

Kone KM477660G09 V3F20 V3F20 

Siemens 6SE7011-5EP70 

Fuji Electric FRN 11MC5-2 DC 

B&R Automation 4PP420.0571-75 

Fanuc A06B-6105-H002 

SP2404 Unidrive SP 15kW 

UNI3403 Unidrive Classic 22kW 

Eltex HSG61/EX12A High 

Eltex HSG61/EXE2A High 

Allen Bradley 1394-SJT10-T-RL 10KW 

Elau PMC-2/11/04/001/00/00/01/00/0K PCM-5 

Siemens 6RA2277-6GV62-0 Simoreg K D520/250 DC 

Lenze EVF9328-EV 9300 Vector 

Control Techniques MP45A4R 

Siemens 6AV6644-0AA01-2AX0 Simatic MP377 

Siemens 6AV3637-1LL00-0BX0 Simatic OP37 

Sew-Eurodrive MDX61B0370-503-4-0T 

Siemens 6SE7022-6TC51 Simovert 

Sick S30A-7011BA Safety Laser 

Mitsubishi FR-AF740-01800-EC FREQROL F700 

Allen Bradley 2711P-K12C4D1 

Control Techniques M700-064-00470 A 22kW 

Siemens 6AV6644-5AA10-0CG0 MP 377 12 Tetra 

Control Techniques MP155A4 

DBE750 7.5kW Digitax Servo Drive.

Eurotherm 591/2700/9/4/0/0/0/0/0000/000 591 

Siemens 6AV3530-1RR30 OP30-B 

Sick S30B-2011GA Safety 

6ES5340-3KB42 Simatic S5 64K 

6RA2281-6GV62-0 Simoreg 6RA22 D520/400 DC 

Control Techniques M200-074 00770 A M200 

Siemens 6DS1205-8AA N16-M 

Reliance 57C424 MAXPAK High 

Allen Bradley 4100-234-RL 

Indramat DKS01.1-W100A-D 

Indramat DKS01.1-W100A-DA01-01-FW 

Pacific Scientific SC726A-001 SC726A SC720 

Allen Bradley 6185-DBCAAAZPT1 

Siemens 6SL3225-0BE34-5AA0 

Eurotherm 6100a/u12/none/panel/nolck/slv/vh/no tps/xxxxxx//096m/cf/nomic/

Eurotherm TC3000 150A/440V/110V120/415/4MA20/PA/NRP/4S/RES/V2/RTR/ENG/FUSE

Siemens 6ES7456-2AA00-0AB0 FM456-2 

Siemens 6SE7022-7EP60 6SE7022-7EP60-Z 

Siemens 6SE7021-8EB61 7.5kW 

Control Techniques MP105A4 Mentor MP 

Control Techniques MP25A4R Mentor MP 

Siemens 6SE7026-0TD51 

Siemens 1LA5223-6AA11-Z 

Siemens 1LA5207-6AA11-Z 

Lenze EVF8610-E 8600 series 22kW AC 

Kone KM870400G01 V3F16R 

Selcom 2006 511 Invisible 

ABB AND7001 Drive Assembly 

Siemens 6AP1120-1AA08-0BC0 Sicomp PC 32-20 

Fanuc A16B-3200-0421/03A 

Fanuc A16B-3200-0421 CPU 

Siemens 6AV3637-1ML00-0FX0 OP37 

Control Techniques UNI2403 UMV4301 16T 

SP3402 Unidrive SP 18.5kW Inverter 

SP2403 Unidrive SP 11kW Inverter 

A06B-6102-H230 Spindle 

Control Techniques UD70 Unidrive 

UD74EPS Unidrive IBS Options 

Kone KM997159 Vacon KR6 Vacon KR6 AC Lift Drive 40A IP23 

Omron F210-C15 Visual Inspection 

Control Techniques M200-074 00660 A 30kW AC 

Telemecanique ATV71HD22N4 22kW/30HP 460V 

KM953503G21 KDL16L Elevator 

Danfoss 134L0576 LD-302P15KTAE20H1BGXXXXS018XAXBXC4X16DX 

Sick CLV690-0000 1056600 CLV690 

Control Techniques DB220 2.2kW 

Control Techniques DBE220 2.2kW 

Fanuc A06B-6114-H107 Power Supply Module 283/339V 

Beijer Mitsubishi E1151 15 Touchscreen 

Mitsubishi FR-AF740-02160-EC 

Control Techniques M700-064-00350 A 

Siemens 6AV3530-1RU31 OP30/C 

Telemecanique ATS46M10N ALTISTART Softstart 1000A/500V

Siemens 6DD1662-0AB0 Simadyn 

Indramat CLM01.4-N-N-2-B-FW CLM 

Siemens 6SC6116-0HA00 Simodrive 

Telemecanique ATV38HD79N4 Altivar 38 AC Drive 75kW 400VAC 

Siemens 6AV6643-0CB01-1AX1 Simatic MP277 7.5 

Siemens 6DD1607-0AA0 Simatic S7 FM 458 

Osai 8601 Controller with 

Lenze EVS9323-EPV004 9300 

Allen Bradley 1394-SJT10-C-RL 

Siemens 6FC5357-0BY21-1AE0 Sinumerik 840D NCU 572 5

DBE420 4.2kW Digitax Servo Drive. 

Control Techniques DBE600 DB600 DB600-NP can be used instead of DB420 & DBE420

Mitsubishi A1SD75P3-S3 Positioning 

Allen Bradley 2094-BC04-M03-S Kinetix 6000 Axis 

Siemens 6DS1837-8BA 2MB RAM Module 

Reliance 847.21.51 E MAXITRON S-6R 9000 DC 

Control Techniques SP2402 Unidrive SP 7.5kW 

Mitsubishi FR-A840-00620-2-60 22kW Three 

Vacon NXS01055A2H0SSSA1A3000000 AC Drive 87A/105A (45/55kw) 

Danfoss 131F0436 VLT AutomationDrive FC 302 37kW

Mitsubishi FR-F740-00770-EC 37kW AC 

Control Techniques MP75A4 Mentor MP DC 

GPD2401 Commander GP 5.5kW AC 

Fanuc A06B-6077-H106 Alpha Series PSM-5.5 

Baumuller BKF12/120/400-2002 DC 

6AV3535-1TA41-0BX0 Simatic OP35 LCD HMI 

Kone KM760100G01 V3F18 V3F18 Drive 

Kone KM839800G02 V3F18 Drive Unit V3F18 

Kone KM839800G01 V3F18 Drive Unit V3F18 

Kone KM51004000V002 KDL16S/20A KDL16S/20A 

Kone KM997160 AC Lift Drive IP23/Type1 

Telemecanique ATS46C32N Altistart 46 320A 

Kone KM51004000V001 KDL16S/12A KDL16S/12A 

Parker SSD 690PE/0450/400/0011/UK/0/0/0/0/B0/0/0 690 AC 

Baumuller BKD6/200/460-240020012 

Telemecanique ATV71HD30N4 Altivar 71 AC 

Reliance 57C435A 0-57435-6 Automax 7010 

6ES5943-7UB21 Simatic S5 CPU943 

Telemecanique XUS-LC30907SBS2 

Schneider BMEP583020 Modicon M580 

Allen Bradley 4100-234-R Motion 

2711-K10C16 Panelview 1000 Colour Keypad  with RS-232 (DF1) Com

Siemens 6SE7023-8TD21 

Cegelec A431 GEM80 Gemdrive


Fanuc A320-0160-T212/05 

Fanuc A320-0160-T032/03 

Mazak D70VD003160 Printed 

Electro-Craft 9101-1396 1398-DDM-030 DDM-030 

Siemens 6AV7614-2AB22-0CG0 Panel PC670 

Bosch RS51-4G-003-L-V1-FW Rd500 

Esa PC825C500 PC825 12.1 Rack 

Indramat KDA2-1-150-3-A00-W1 150A 

Indramat KDA 2.1-150-300-W1-220 AC 

6ES5535-3MA12 Simatic S5 CP535 

Control Techniques CD1500 

Telemecanique ATV38HD46N4 

Siemens 6AV6545-0DB10-0AX0 MP370 

Honeywell NXS0072V35A5H0 Drive 37Kw 400V 

Beijer Mitsubishi E1100 10.4 HMI

SP2401 Unidrive SP 5.5kW Inverter

M700-054-00300 A M700 Series 15kW AC 

Siemens 6SN1135-1BA12-0FA0 Simodrive 611-A Main 

Parker SSD 690PD/0220/400/0011/UK/0/0/0/SHTTL/B0/0/0 AC

Allen Bradley 1336F-B030-AE-EN 1336 

Fanuc A16B-3200-340 RISC 

Lenze E82EV153K4B302 

Okuma BLII-D150A Spindle 

Siemens 6DD1607-0AA1 Simatic S7 FM458-1 DP 

Beijer Mitsubishi E1101 10 inch 

Siemens 6SE6430-2AD34-5EA0

Control Techniques UD77 DeviceNet 

Siemens 7SJ6326-5EB22-3FB1/EE 

Siemens G26004-A3118-P100 Simatic 

Reliance DBU-400 837.02.41 Dynamic

Parker SSD 590P-53311020-P00-U0A0 

Lenze 33.8611_E.V010 22KW 32A 

Siemens 6SC6115-5VA01 Simodrive 611 E/R 

Omron CS1H-CPU67H Sysmac CPU, 448K 

Allen Bradley 6181P-12A2SW71DC 

Danfoss 131F6612 FC 302 15kW 

Siemens 3RW4436-6BC34 

Siemens 6SE3221-3DC40 MicroMaster Vector MMV550/3 

SK3401 Commander SK 15KW Inverter 

MP45A4 Mentor MP DC Drive Two Quadrant 380/480 Vac 

Siemens 6ES7414-2XG04-0AB0 SIMATIC S7 CPU 414-2 

Modicon NW-BM85-C002 Modbus 

Agie SUS-25B 629992.9 Control 

Allen Bradley 20G11GC037JA0NNNNN 

ABB AAD 6201 A V7 3ADT218041R6201 

ABB AAD 6301 AV7 3ADT218041R6301 

Otis GAA21150CL1 OVF20 LSVF-W 

Sick S30A-4011BA Safety 

Siemens 6ES5948-3UR21  Simatic S5 CPU948 

Danfoss 134L0575 VLT Lift Drive LD-302 11kW 

Indramat PPC-R01.2N-N-S1-FW P

Parker SSD 590P/0070/500/0011/UK/ENW/0/0/0 590+ Series 

Mitsubishi E910T PLC 

Telemecanique HMIBMUCI29D2W01 

6FM1470-3AA25 WF470 Colour 

UNI1405VTC Unidrive Classic 4kW Inverter 380...480V AC 3PH 9.5A 

Telemecanique XBTF034310 Magelis XBT-F 10.4 Colour 

Control Techniques UNI1405LFT 4kW 

Ktk 6PS4Q75 4 Quadrant DC 

Control Techniques M75RGB14 Mentor II 75A DC 

Sick DME2000-000S01 Compact 

Siemens 6RA2275-6GV62-0 Simoreg 6RA22 DC

Fanuc A06B-6088-H222#500 

Lenze EVS9323-CSV003 9300 Series AC 

Reliance 847.19.51 E Maxitron S-6R-9000 DC 

Parker SSD 590P/0270/500/0011/UK/ENW/0/230/0 590P 

Control Techniques M200-064-00470 A M200 

Siemens 6SE6430-2AD32-2DA0 

Red Lion G315C210 G315C2 G315C2 

Siemens 6AV6542-0CA10-0AX0 OP270 

Nikki Denso NPSA-102MU-E3C 

Siemens 6FC5357-0BB23-0AE0 Sinumerik NCU 572.4 5 Axis

Control Techniques UNI2403VTC 

M700-054-00270 A M700 Series 11kW AC 

Lenze 33.8608_E AC 

Siemens 6SE6411-6AD23-0WS8 MicroMaster 411 ECOFAST

Siemens 1FT5066-1AF71-4FA0 

Siemens 6AV7885-5AA21-1DA7 IPC 577C 

Siemens 6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1 Simatic MP 277 

Cegelec GD2104 Alspa GD2000 104A 

Siemens 6RA7031-6DV62-0-Z 

SP1406 Unidrive SP 4kW Inverter 

UNI1405 Unidrive Classic 4kW 

Lenze EVF8611-E AC Inverter 

Beckhoff C3350-0020 C3350 

Siemens 6SE3221-0DC50 4kW 

GPD1404 Commander GP 2.2kW AC 

Telemecanique ATV38HD64N4 

Siemens 6SE7021-8EB61 7.5kW 

Omron CQM1-DA022 Analogue Output 

Siemens 6SE3221-0DC40 MicroMaster Vector MMV400/3

MP25A4 Mentor MP DC Drive Two Quadrant 380/480 Vac 25A 9kW.

Siemens 6ES7413-2XG01-0AB0 Simatic S7 CPU 413-2 PLC 

Uniop ER-04 KDP 01A Operator 

Fanuc A320-0160-T042 F200 Axis 

Kollmorgen SB20200-000000 

Regatron GRVDB380/060-45 Regaturn DC

Intecolor E20FPC-220 20 CRT 

Control Techniques C80020 FNC5 

Advantech MiPC-50M Mini Workstation PC 10.4 TFT 

Yaskawa JZMQZ-TB38 Teach 

Fanuc A05B-2518-C202#ESW 

Xycom 3200AC Operator Panel

Danaher DMC 51540P-AC EXT 24 9032 0120 50 Motion 

Allen Bradley 2711-T9C9 PanelView 900 

Fanuc A06B-6089-H204 Alpha Series SVU212/40 

Telemecanique ATV452D15 

6FC5103-0AB03-0AA0 Sinumerik 840C/840CE 

Allen Bradley 2711-K5A2 Panelview 550 Keypad, DH-485 

6FC5210-0DA20-2AA0 Sinumerik FM-NC/810D/DE/840D/DE MMC103 

Siemens 6FC5210-0DA20-2AA1 Sinumerik MMC103 

Allen Bradley 1394C-SJT05-L 1394 

Reliance 847.17.51 E Maxitron S-6R-9000 DC 

Omron F150-C15E-3 Vision Mate 

Sick DME3000-111 Non contact 

M700-044-00172 A M700 Series 7.5kW AC 

Allen Bradley 1398-DDM-030 9101-1396 

Kone KM713940G01 V3F16ES 

Delta Tau GIH15201 Geo PMAC 

Control Techniques SP1405 

Allen Bradley 1336-WB110 Bulletin 1336 

Siemens 6ES5241-3DA12  Simatic S5 IP241 

B&R Automation 8BVP0880HW00.000-1 ACOPOS 

Fanuc A06B-6079-H206 Alpha Series SVM2-40/40 

Siemens 6SE7021-8TP70-Z 

Mitsubishi E1070 HMI sometimes 

Yaskawa CIMR-E7Z40181 18.5kW 

Reliance 810.79.40D FPE 

Siemens 6ES5242-1AA12  S5 IP242 

Allen Bradley 5820-EI Ethernet 

Fanuc A06B-6079-H207 Alpha Series SVM2-40/80 

Control Techniques UD73 Unidrive 

Telemecanique VW3-A58307 

Siemens 6AV7884-0AA22-4BE0 

Siemens 6SE7021-8TP60-Z 7.5KW 

Eurotherm 590P/0035/500/0011/UK/AN/0/0/0 

Lenze EVS9321-EP 9300 Series AC 

Danfoss 131F0158 VLT Automation Drive FC 302 

Lenze EVS9322-ES 9300 Series AC 

Siemens 6AV3627-1LK00-1AX0 Simatic OP27 

6ES7414-2XJ01-0AB0 Simatic S7-400 CPU 416-2 

Siemens 6RA2616-6DX30-0A Simoreg D200/22 DC 

Baumer FLDK 110G1003/S42 

Siemens 6AV6643-0CD01-1AX0 Simatic MP 277 HMI 

DMC50720P DMC2 Digital Controller 7/20A 

Eurotherm 584S/0300/400/0010/UK/000/0000/000/BO/000 

Alstom MV3058A4A1 MV3000e Alspa 30kW 

Siemens 6ES5943-7UB11  Simatic S5 CPU943 

GE Fanuc IC754VGF12CTD Quickpanel 

Control Techniques SP1404 Unidrive 

Reliance 810.80.00C Control 

Telemecanique TSXTM66416 Extended RAM 

Ziehl Abegg 1DF034N4 Lift Drive 15KW 

Allen Bradley 6181P-12TP2KH 

Fanuc A02B-0065-C001 3 CRT/MDI 

Danfoss 178B0530 VLT5075 Frequency 

Eurotherm 590LC/0350/6/0/0/1/0/00/000 590 

Kone KM953503G621 KDL16L 

KM953503G21 KDL16L Elevator 

Indramat HDS03.2-W100N-HS12-01-FW Diax-04 

Siemens 1FT6082-8WF71-4AH1-Z 

EVG EA4-VGA 12.5 Operator 

Nachi ROP601 U30-B01 Teach 

Kone KM921317G03 KDL32 KDL32 Elevator 

Mitsubishi A0J2-E28AS Input/Output 

Kone KM953503G625 KDL16L Elevator 

Eurotherm 590LC/0350/9/0/0/1/0/00/000 590 

Eurotherm 590LC/0350/4/0 590 

Mitsubishi E900 HMI Operator 

Kone KM840960G02 V3F16L MaxiSpace OC75Ap 

Pacific Scientific 6440-001-K-N 

Mitsubishi E900T HMI Operator 

Siemens 6DD1661-0AB1 Simadyn 

6ES5242-1AA13 Simatic S5 IP242 counter 

Siemens 6ES5242-1AA32 Simatic S5 IP242A 

Beijer Mitsubishi E1151 15 Touchscreen 

Danfoss 134L0574 VLT Lift Drive LD-302 7.5kW 

Parker C3S150V4 F10 I10 T10 M00 Compax3 

Ingersoll-Rand 3657080 Microcontroller 

6ES7416-2XK00-0AB0 Simatic S7-400 CPU 416-2 PLC 

Kone KM968094G02 KDL16R/22A 

Lenze EVF9326-EV 9300 

M700-044-00150 A 5.5kW Inverter 

Telemecanique ATS22C48Q 

Sick CLV632-6120 Barcode 

Control Techniques CTIU200E-001 CTIU-200 

Schneider ATV31CD15N4ZH28 

Baumuller BKD6/40/460-204020006 DC 

Bosch Indramat DM 30K 1101-D 

A20B-0009-053 Spindle Drive

Siemens A5E00692292 Simatic PC 

Fanuc A06B-0166-B675-S016 AC 

Osai 8601 8601-AT 8601-AT 

Fanuc A06B-6110-H015 

Indramat KDR1.1-100-220/300-W1 AC 

Control Techniques UNI2402 

Control Techniques M25R-14ICD Mentor II DC Drive M25R M25R-GB14 

Control Techniques M25R-14RL 

Control Techniques M25R-14GB 

Siemens 6AV6545-5FB00-0CC0 TP270 10 

Siemens 6AV6545-0CC10-0AX0 Simatic TP270

Electro-Craft 9101-2142 PDM20 

6GK1105-3AB00 ESM TP80 Industrial Ethernet Switch, 8 x RJ45 PORTS 10/100MB.

Control Techniques M25-GB14 

Sick CLV630-6000 Line Scanner 

Siemens 6SE7022-6TP60-Z MasterDrive 6SE7022-6TP60 

Eurotherm 620L/0110/400/UK/ENW/0000/000/B1/000/000 

Allen Bradley 2094-BM03-S Kinetix 6000 

Siemens 6FC5203-0AF28-4BG0

Control Techniques MP25A4R Mentor 

Allen Bradley 6186-M19SSTR 

Square D SCP-655 8055-SCP-655 

Fanuc A06B-6079-H208 Alpha Series SVM2-80/80 

Fanuc A16B-2200-0900 Main Control 

Control Techniques UD70 Unidrive 

UD74 Unidrive InterBus-S Options Module. 

VT212B VPC Take Off Line Touch Screen Industrial PC, 12.1 (800 x 600 Pixel). 12

Siemens 6AG4104-0AA03-0XX0 SIMATIC IPC547B 

UNI3401 Unidrive Classic 15kW 

Telemecanique XBTF032110 Magelis 5.7 HMI 

Siemens 6FM1726-3CA10 WF726C V1.6 

Siemens 6SN6600-4NU00 Simodrive 660 

Toshiba RSE-5618 Tosline-30/60 

Allen Bradley 20BC022A0AYNANC0

Modicon 140CPU11303 Quantum Concept Processor Module 80186 

Eurotherm 690P/0220/400/0011/UK/0/0/0/SHTTL/B0/0/0 AC 

Allen Bradley 1394C-SJT10-D 1394 

Control Techniques SP1403 

Siemens 6AV3535-1FA01-0AX0 Corus OP35 HMI

Uniop MKDR-16-4845 MKDR Control Panel 24VDC 

Telemecanique TSXP572623M TSX 

Control Techniques M200-064 00420 A 

Eurotherm 590S/0350/6/1/4/00 590 

AMK AW4/8 45007-9544-628382 

Reliance 57C442B 57442-2 

33.496E DC Drive. 12 month warranty

Siemens 6FC3471-1AA-Z Sinumerik 810 

Siemens 6SN1121-0BA11-0AA0 

Bosch SM15/30-TC1 Servodyn T 

Telemecanique TSXP107455 

Control Techniques UD75 Unidrive 

Allen Bradley 8600-2565K Operator 

Telemecanique XBT-VE1420 14 Colour 

Reliance 770.90.00 PLC Bus / F Module 

Control Techniques UD77CO CANopen 

Bosch Rexroth Indramat KDS1.1-050-300-W1 

Fanuc A06B-6090-H004 C 

Control Techniques UNI2401 Unidrive 

Parker C3S025V2 F11 I20 T40 M10 Compax3 

Parker SSD 590P/0110/500/0010/UK/AN/0/0/0 590+ Series 

Telemecanique ATV61HD18N4 Altivar 61 18.5KW 

UNI1402 Unidrive Classic 1.1kW Inverter 380...480V AC 3PH 2.8A. 12 month 

Siemens 6SN1118-0BJ11-0AA0 Simodrive 611 

Eurotherm 590/0700/6/4 DC Drive 110/240V 

Mitsubishi Q25HCPU High speed Q 

Telemecanique TSXP87455 TSX Series 7 CPU 

Fanuc A06B-6050-H402 

Pro-Face 2780054-02 PL7920-T42 

Control Techniques SP1402 Unidrive SP 1.1kW 

Eurotherm 590C/0700/9/1/0/0/0/00/000 590 

Kontron 2-D153-0003 Eco Panel 121 

2711-B6C8L1 PanelView 600 Color

Siemens 6ES5242-5AA13 Simatic S5 IP242A 

Siemens 6ES7456-2AA00-0AB0 FM456-2 

Siemens 6SE7023-4TC51 MasterDrive MC, 510V-650V 

Eurotherm 590C/0350/9/0/0/1/0/00/000 

Eurotherm 590C/0350/6/1/0/0/0/00/000 590 

Siemens 6SE7023-4TC51-Z 

Siemens 6SE7018-0TA21 6SE7018-0TA21-Z 3kW 

6SE7018-0TA20 3kW Masterdrive MC Drive 8A 510-620 V. 

Ascentronic A1-30/380/3I 80AMP DC 

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