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Emerson OVATION 1C31116G04 Analog Input

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AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

Hongkong, Hong Kong


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Emerson OVATION 1C31116G04 Analog Input

Emerson OVATION 1C31116G04 Analog Input


Emerson OVATION 1C31116G04 Analog Input


Industrial Automation

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD


Emerson OVATION 1C31116G04 Analog Input Description:

Contact: Nancy Lin



Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786

QQ :2851195456

Control Systems (DCS, PLC/SPS, CNC)

- Panel Controllers

- HMI and Display Panels

- Industrial PC’s

- Drives ( Frequency Inverter and Servo)

- Motors

- Power Supplies

Amikon adhering to the enterprise concept of excellence, whether it is industrial automation parts, services or delivery efficiency, we are committed to do better.

We deliver a variety of

Machines break and downtime can cost companies millions in lost revenue. Our multi-lingual team scour the globe to find quality obsolete, new and reconditioned parts to get industrial machines back up and running at the best price.

Whether it's service, speed or delivery, we always deliver

Amikon Limited specialises in supplying automation equipment to specific industry sectors. We work with some of the worlds largest companies & our knowledge and expertise is regularly featured in industry publications across the


Excellent service is woven into the very fabric of our operations. It’s also where we invest the most – merging the very best of talent with bespoke technology to enable us to ensure we always deliver more for our




Emerson OVATION 1C31116G04 Analog Input

Emerson OVATION 1C31116G04 Analog Input

Emerson OVATION 1C31116G04 Analog Input

The complex supply chain I mentioned earlier can also be replicated, with a virtual twin of the manufacturing plant used by each supplier in the tiering system also being created. The manufacturer and the other companies that make up the team can then validate this virtual environment. As a result, in the event of a breakdown, it is often easier to make like for like replacements of components, such as robots, conveyors and drives, than it is to replace the damaged parts with new systems, which in turn need to be re-validated.

In the automotive industry, there is no room for mistakes. Manufacturers need to ensure that, when the final product leaves their facility, it is ready to be used and nothing will go wrong. Using cloud-based software during the manufacturing phase ensures changes are tracked and final component tests can be easily logged and managed before being used in the final product.

While the connected car of the future might not be able to fly, and certainly won't fold up into a briefcase, it will be safer, more enjoyable to drive and less likely to fall victim to obsolescence. However, unless automotive manufacturers embrace the cloud now, they risk losing out to more tech-savvy competitors. As George Jetson's boss, Mr Spacely once said, "lost time means lost money".
Schubert AM3/SBC VMS 

1772-LF PLC-2 Processor

Picanol BE91972 DPSKS-1 

Farnell 16U24100 

Sick WT30-01 Photoelectric 

Axor MCB-060-08/16-N?-S-0623/EC-RD T56TR09EL08001A?00

Bosch 041192-112 Ar/2A 

Bosch 047953-108 A24V-/2A 

Allen Bradley 1606-XL960E-3 

Danfoss 175G5209 MCD 202-007-T4-CV3 VLT 

Indramat DEA4.2M I/O Board 

Control Techniques DCD60x3/6 60x3/6 Mini 

DCD60X7/14 Mini Maestro DC 

Eurotherm 2404/CC/VH/H7/X?X/XX/XX/XX/XX/X?X/ENG/XXXXX/XXX?XX/Z/0/300/C/S2?/

Allen Bradley 1746-IA16 SLC-500 Input Module 1746-1A16.

Lenze E82EV251K2C E82EV251_2C AC 

Siemens 6SL3055-0AA00-6?AA0 DRIVE-CLiQ DMC20 

Allen Bradley 1756-IV32 ControlLogix 

TSX-RAM-3216 RAM Memory Catridge 32K 

Pepperl + Fuchs KFD2-UT2-EX1 223812 

Carlo Gavazzi RSGD4045F0VX20 Softstart 400VAC 

Allen Bradley 1747-SN SLC500 

Allen Bradley 1771-LI Loop Controller 

Mitsubishi A1SCPU-S1 Melsec CPU 

Omron CQM1H-CLK21 Sysmac Controller

Mitsubishi F1-40MR-ES 

TDK Lambda LNS-X-5-OV 

TSXAEM811 8 Channel Analogue Input Module. 

MGCP1 Matguard control unit 440F-C4000S. 

F2-20ET-ESS Programmable Controller.

F2-60ER-DS Melsec F Series PLC. 

Andover Controls AC-1A Access 

Siemens 6SL3210-1KE14-3?UB0 SINAMICS G120C 1.5kW 

Beijer Mitsubishi E1012 

Siemens 6ES5433-3BA11 

Siemens 6GT2102-0AB00 cm522 moby 

6ES7323-1BL00-0?AA0 Simatic S7-300 SM323 

Picanol BE91049 Printed Circuit

Picanol BE80654 Printed Circuit

BE80659 A2 Printed Circuit 

Mitsubishi F-20DU Melsel 

Telemecanique ATV38HU54N4 Altivar 38 AC 

Lenze ESMD371L4TXA 3phase 400v 

Toshiba EX250 Prosec 

Siemens 6SE7090-0XX84-0?FD0 SBM

Mitsubishi FX1N-24MR-ES/UL FX1N-24MR-ES PLC

M200-022 00075 A M200 

Telemecanique LK31BJ4 

Siemens 3RX9502-0BA00 

Omron 3G3MV-A4015 Sysdrive 3G3MV 1.5kW AC 

Siemens 6ES7422-1FH00-0?AA0  SM422 Input

Pepperl + Fuchs KFD0-CS-EX2.52 125783

Siemens 6SE6420-2UD21-5?AA0 

6ES5470-4UC11 Simatic S5 

Indramat DSS02.1 109-0852-4B01-0?7 

Lenze E82EV751K2B 

Lenze E82EV751K2C 

Mitsubishi E100 HMI Operator 

Mitsubishi FR-Z024-S0.37K 0.37kW 

Telemecanique TSXAXT200 Counter 

Mitsubishi Q00JCPU-E CPU Module

Siemens 6ES7461-1BA01-0?AA0  IM461 Reciever

Siemens C73451-A3000-C1?0 6DR2004-1 Sipart DR20 

Eliwell EWTR-920 Temperature

Imo EDX-075-43-E iDrive AC Inverter

6FX1Danfoss 132-1BA01 Sinumerik 810 Interface 

6FX1135-6BA01 Sinumerik 810/820, Sirotec 

D815G12 Message display. 12 month 

Allen Bradley 1769-OB32 

Data Logic DS1100-2110 

Siemens 6SC6110-0GB00 Simodrive 611 

Tyco E719160 17 Inch ELO Touchsystem 

Sick DFS60B-TEPA1000?0 Incremental 

Lenze E84AVHCE5512SX0 8400 HighLine 

Measurement Technology 8922-RB-IS 

Siemens 6ES5752-0AA53 

Siemens 6ES7155-6AU00-0?CN0 

Telemecanique TSXP57102M TSXP57102 TSX57

Modicon 140DAO84210 Quantum Discrete

Allen Bradley 160S-AA02NPS1 Bulletin 160 0.37kW AC Drive 200VAC 

Balluff BTA-D11-200 Interface 

FX-10P-E Hand held programmer.

TSXDST2472 24 Channel Output 

TSXDET3242 32 Channel Input

AT170-02 Connector Accessory 

ABB S200-OE4 4 Channel Output Module

TWK IT-108/4 Inductive Transducer 

Allen Bradley 1326-CPB-RA-015 

Siko SG10-0001 Wire Actuated 

Siemens C8451-A1-A206-2 PLC 

Siemens 7ML5501-0AC70-Z Pointek CLS100

Bircher AG ESD3-04-24ACDC ESD3 

Schneider TM5SAO4H PLC Analogue 

Insys WLAN BRIDGE 2.1 10000107

Omron NT600M-SMR01-E System ROM

Allen Bradley 160-BA06NPS1

Allen Bradley 1606-XL480EP 480W 

Netstal 110.240.5444A PII 

Allen Bradley 1747-L524 SLC5/02 

Allen Bradley 1747-L541 SLC5/04 

Allen Bradley 1756-OB16IS 

1772-LH PLC-2 CPU Module. 

Allen Bradley 1785-KA5 DH+/DH485 Data 

Allen Bradley 1775-S4A PLC-5 I/O Scanner 

Allen Bradley 2706-C11J8 Dataliner DL30 

Allen Bradley 2711P-RW2 PanelView Plus 128MB

SSD 5575-1-0-0-00 RANGER

6ES5350-3KA21 Simatic S5

Siemens 6ES5942-7UA12  Simatic S5 CPU942 

6ES5581-0RA12 Simtatic S5 CP581 

Siemens 6ES5955-3LF11 Simatic S5 PS955

6FX1122-1AA01 Sinumerik 3 Coupling 

Siemens 6RB2000-0AA03 Simodrive 6RB20 

Square D CRM-510 8030-CRM-510 SY/NET 

Cegelec 8311-4002 GEM80 Analogue Input Card 5mS (FAST I/O) 

Cegelec 8177-4001 GEM80 16 Way 110V AC 16 Way 

911-302-817 DIA 20 Output Module.

Cegelec 8333-4001 GEM80 Programmable 

911-402-032 GS31 PCB. 12 month warranty

911-402-854 EST14.2 Printed 

911-302-646 NTM 11.1 PCB. 

892-652-009 PCB. 12 month warranty

911-502-061 SFW 41E PCB.

911-502-057 PFR 15.1 Printed Circuit 

911-302-104 SFW 11E Stop Motion Controller 

930-202-697 SFW40E PCB.

911-302-508 WIS 12 Counter 

Mitsubishi A1SJ71C24-PRF 

Man Roland A37U598270 PCB 

AD61 QnA/A Series High

Picanol BE91238 KISP-1 

Picanol BE93301 Stepper 

Picanol BE91669 INT-FB-1 INT-FB-1 

Picanol BE91235 SMPS2 SMPS2 

Picanol BE93064 SPU-2 SPU-2 

Omron C20-MC224 Sysmac C20 IO 

DSS1.3 Dss01.3-Fw Sercos 

Mitsubishi FRU-120S-N-0.4K?-EC 

Fuji Electric FVR-008K7S-2 0.75kW/1HP 230V AC 

Mitsubishi MT-DP12 Bus 

SL300-3.7.2B Printed Circuit 

TSX LES 20 Extension Control 

Telemecanique TSX-171-2028 TSX17 

GP-80 Melsec Graphic
860-007-010 H Print. 12 month warranty

860-032-002 S Print. 12 month warranty

DP1200-1000 M-Box Decoder.

Sulzer 860-004-001 E Print

Sulzer 860-796-001 V Print 

860-006-001 G Print. 12 month warranty

Parker SSD 540-200-4-2-0-1?20-1000-00 DC 

Sulzer 860-014-001 U Print 

Adept Technology 10310-42800 XIB 

860-015-003 V Print. 12 month warranty

860-018-002 D Print. 12 month warranty

Sulzer 860-017-001 E Print 

ISE PA-I-AL Power Supply 

860-018-702 D Print. 

Sulzer 860-005-003 F 

860-003-002 C Print. 12 month warranty

Sulzer 860-005-002 F Print 

PA-I-REG1 LED Comms board. 12 month warranty

860-001-001 A Print. 12 month warranty

860-001-701 A Print. 12 month

Indramat CPUB03-01-FW Indradrive C 

Mitsubishi F1-12MR-ES PLC Module 

Ferranti MR 218 Printed Circuit 

Yaskawa SGDA-08AS Axis Drive 200V 

Ferranti MR 231 Printed Circuit 

Ferranti MOD20 Printed Circuit 

ISE UD3 Controller 

Ferranti MP130 Printed 

Ferranti MID 36 Printed 

Ferranti MID 35 Printed 

Siemens NRK9/A Landis & Staefa Interlock 

Siemens NRD24/A Landis & Steafa Controller 

Farnell G24-10A Power Supply 10A 24V 

700000A00D Model 70000 series 

Pepperl + Fuchs VAN-115/230AC-K?13-EFD 

Bihl + Wiedemann BWU1488 AS-Interface 

Mitsubishi KS-4MB914A Control Panel 

ELEKTROMATEN WS900.10035 20090000.10003 

Newlyme 3MIO1 I/O card

Festo E.FEA88 Output Module 

Honeywell FF-SYA14032C2E 

Fanuc A03B-0801-C052 Analog 

Cerutti RE 52219 Output 

Bosch 1070060715-106 

Tasc 1002P Motor 

Digitrace RAYSTAT-CONTROL?-10 

Leukhardt OTS/P 137-2 OTS/P IO 

ABB N0CH0016-65 DU/DT Filter 15A 380-690V 0-120Hz 

Toshiba EX20*1MCRB5C EX20 

Berger Lahr RDM 5913/50 Stepper Motor 2.8A 

Ifm PI2058 Combined Pressure Sensor 20/30VDC 

Puls SLA 8.300 AS Interface SLA8 

Vishay WST 3 W001A100 High

Allen Bradley 440L-R4K0320YD 

Allen Bradley 440L-T4K0320YD 

B&R Automation ECPE82-13 PE82 

Indramat NFD02.1-480-130 

Honeywell FF-SYA14032C2R Safety 

Zebotronics SE 800.06.60 

Ziatech ZT8850 Control 

Mahlo 907.101 Control 

Sick WT 30-12 Photoelectric 

Ziatech ZT8806 Control 

Mahlo 915.081 Control 

Ziatech ZT8824 Control 

Ziatech ZT8845 Control 

Cegelec 8177 GEM80 16 Way 110V AC 16 Way 

Siemens 6EW1380-1AB 

Pilz 750135 PNOZ s5 Safety Relay 48-240V AC/DC

Allen Bradley 150-A35NBD SMC 

Allen Bradley 1764-24AWA 

West N4100 Z170110 S 1/4 

Man Roland A37U578470 

GE Fanuc IC200ALG331 

Omron C200HW-PA209-R 

B&R Automation 7AF104.7 2003

HPL430 Unipower Digital Motor 

SKA1200055 Commander SK 0.55KW 

Texas Instruments 128-1113 TI 128 TI128 IO 

Imo VC55 CUB 0.55KW Variable 

Siemens 6SE6440-2AB15-5?AA1 

Siemens 6SE6401-1RB00-0?AA0 

Siemens 6ES7322-1BH10-0?AA0  SM322 

Bussmann 170M6264 Specialty Fuses 1kA 690V 3KN/110 

Allen Bradley 160-AA02NPS1 

Allen Bradley 1756-M16SE 

392 607 02 Brake Unit. 

Siemens 6ES5301-5CA12 6ES5 301-5CA12 IM301 

6ES5924-3SA11 Simatic S5 150U/S CPU924S 

6ES5924-3SA12 Simatic S5 150U/S CPU924S 

911-302-526 WAL printed 

911-302-830 WAL14 PCB. 

911-302-577 WAL13M PCB. 

911-502-305 WIS 14M Counter 

880-002-004 NTL G6200

880-019-704 LBR B01.1 

Mitsubishi A1SJ71T21B MELSECNET/B 

Cutler Hammer D100ER40 D100 

MX2000-6 SLO-SYN 2000 Enclosure with PSU.

7122 714 1200.5 DICM 01 Card. 

7122 714 1200.4 DICM Card. 

Ifm DN2014 SL20.502 Switching 

Siemens 6ES7222-1HF22-0?XA0 

Picanol BE91499 CPU-3 

Pilz PSS1 PS 24 302051 

Danfoss 195N1016 VLT2807PT4B20SB?R1DBF00A00C0 VLT 2800 

Pixsys PL250-11AD PLC 16 Inp. 4 An 16 Stat

Siemens 6ES7350-1AH03-0?AE0  FM350-1 

Omron CQM1H-SCB41 Serial 

Siemens 6ES7155-5AA00-0?AB0 SIMATIC ET 200MP 

Siemens 6ES7441-2AA02-0?AE0 Simatic S7 SM 441-2 

Siemens 6SE7090-0XX87-0?BB0 T100 Technology Board C98043-A1800-L1

Siemens 6EP1437-1SH01

Allen Bradley 150-C30NBR SMC-3 Series 30A 

Siemens 3RW3044-1AB14 SIRIUS S3 Softstart 58A @460V UC110-230V 

Modicon 140DDO35300 Output 

Siemens 6FC5247-0AA00-0?AA3 Sinumerik 840D/DE 

Square D RIU-10 8005 RIU-10 Sy/Max 8005 RIU-10 

Allen Bradley 1326-CPB1-RAL-0?05 

Allen Bradley 1326-CCU-RAL-00?5 

Danfoss 175H1027 VLT3002 Inverter 

Danfoss 195N1027 VLT28111.1kW Inverter Drive 3A 400VAC

Siemens 6ES7216-2BD22-0?XB0 CPU 226 

Siemens 6FC5247-0AA00-0?AA1 Sinumerik 840D/DE 

Indramat DAE1.1 Printed 

Hitachi J100 005SFE5 0.55kW 

Beijer MAC10 Small Operator 

TSX-RAM-1616 RAM Memory 

A02B-0236-C203 SDU1 Detector 

Indramat FWA-ECODR3-SMT-?02VRS-MS 

Presstech Controls 7607-0080 02 Bus 

Danfoss 132F0007 VLT Micro Drive 2.2kW 

GE Fanuc IC693MDL655E IC693MDL655 

Imo VSX75-3-EN Inverter 

Imo VXSM-3 Inverter Drive

Siemens 6ES5931-8MD11 Simatic S5 PS931 

Siemens 6ES5941-7UA12  SIMATIC S5 941 

Siemens 6ES7153-2BA02-0?XB0 IM153-2 HF 

Ifm SR2301 VS2000 Exi 24V DC 

Mitsubishi / Beijer E1022 

ABB ACH550-01-05A4-?4+B055 2.2kW HVAC AC Drive IP54 

Allen Bradley 1761-L16BWB MicroLogix 1000 

GT15-QFNB16M Function card to use additional functionality of GT1500 HMIs + 16MB

Ascon QP-3010 Controller

Allen Bradley 1746-OA16 SLC500 

Mechan Controls ISIS-4-24V 

Control Techniques SM-Applications Lite V2 82000000014100 

Schneider AM0INE001V000 LXM I/O 

6ES5393-0UA11 OP393 HMI 

Siemens 6ES5470-8MA12 

Omron CQM1-OC222 

Allen Bradley 1794-OB8EP 

Allen Bradley 42QA-G5LE-D5 

Telemecanique XURH207531

Allen Bradley 1771-HD Handheld 

1771-NIV PLC-5 High Resolution

A20B-0007-0070 Graphic 

TSX-MNC-15 8 Bit Input Simulator. 

Schneider STR23SE Circuit 

Omron CQM1H-CPU21 Processor 

6ES7972-0AA01-0?XA0 Simatic S7 

Allen Bradley 1746-IV16 SLC-500 Input Module 1746-1V16. 

Schneider VW3A4403 EMC Filter 200-480V 50/60hZ 

Mitsubishi FX3U-4DA-ADP 

Mass Multimedia LCDSA17-5RS-S-P?M 17.1 

Guardmaster 440R-L23047 MSR14T 

6MD1021-0AA00 Sicam RTU 32 

Klockner-Moelle?r EBE-211 Timer 

SKA1100025 Commander SK 0.25kW 

Siemens 6SE3013-4BA00 MicroMaster 0.75kW/1HP 

Allen Bradley 1326-CPB1-RA-01?5 

GE Fanuc IC693ALG221C 

XP SX1K1ES48-CT Battery 

seltek PR506425 Prime 500 amp 

Modicon 140CPS21400 Quantum 

Esa IT104T0101 4.3 TFT 

Siemens 6ES7422-1HH00-0?AA0  SM422 Digital

Allen Bradley 836T-T254J BUL 836T 

8997 GEM80 Analogue Output 

Picanol BE91239 Printed Circuit 

Q01CPU Basic Q Series CPU module, 14k step memory, 100ns 

Cegelec 9032-4003 GEM80 Power Supply 110/220VAC - 22/85VDC 

Siemens 6FX1120-5BA01 Sinumerik 850 NC CPU

Siemens 6ES7340-1CH00-0?AE0  CP340 

Danfoss 175G3010 VLT100 

SKA1200037 Commander SK 0.37kW 

Lenze M71A4 Geared Motor with 

FX-48ER-ES FX Series PLC with 24 x sink/source 

Uniop ePAD03-0046 Operator 

Imo VXSM75-1 Inverter 

Imo VXS75-1-EN Inverter 

Lenze ESV751N04TFC 13301117 SM 

Mitsubishi FX0N-8EYR-ES/UL 

Siemens 6ES5150-3SB51 

Telemecanique XBTHM027010 XBTHM 

Danfoss 175U3314 Braking 

Siemens 6SE7090-0XX84-0?FC0 6SX7010-0FC00 SBR2

Omron CJ1W-MAD42 Analogue I/O

AEG Thyro-A 2A 400-30 H 763-724-41.21 

Omron H7BX-A Digital Multifunctional 

6ES7322-1HH01-0?AA0 Simatic S7-300 SM 322 

6ES7461-0AA00-0?AA0 Simatic S7-400 IM 461-0 

Control Techniques SM-I/O Plus module 82000000011200 

Siemens 6EP1336-3BA10 SITOP 

Omron G3PE-535B-3N Solid 

Allen Bradley 22B-D2P3N104 

Danfoss 132F0012 VLT Micro 

Siemens 6ES5605-0UB11 6ES5 605-0UB11 Simatic S5 PG605 

Allen Bradley 1764-LSP MicroLogix 1500 

Beckhoff CX1500-M310 

Schneider 490-NAE-911-00 

Control Techniques M200-022 00056 A 1.1kW M200 AC 

Allen Bradley 802A-E27M4-S6 

Siemens 6ES7322-5HD01-0?AB0 

8113-4001 GEM80 9-66 V DC 1.5 A 8 Way 

911-302-575 PFR14 PCB. 

Modicon AS-E485-904 Enhan Exec 485 

Lenze ESMD222X2SFA AC Tech SMD 

Vipa SSM-BG41 1 slot 

1.105E---B PCB 726.4033. 12 month warranty

DC330B-KE-000-1?0-000P00-00-0 UDC3300

DC200E-0-00A-20?0P00-0-EN UDC2000 

Fuji Electric FFK 100A-C10 MICREX-F 

Bosch 048379-101401 ZE401 CNC 

Sick ARS60-AAA00360 

Kone KM964619G24 V3F16L 

Kone KM964619G01 V3F16L

Kone KM612012G01 Elevator PCB, LCE 

SAM System DKM9603L.DK 9600L 

B&R Automation ECNT44-0 NT44 220-240V 

Mitsubishi A7PU Handheld 

Modicon 140CPS11400 Quantum 

Telemecanique TSX3721101 TSX Micro PLC

Siemens 6FC5111-0CA02-0?AA2 Sinumerik 840 

Siemens 6ES5981-0HA21 6ES5 981-0HA21 S5

Siemens 6ES5981-0HA11 6ES5 981-0HA11 S5 

Parker SSD 650-43155020-BF?0P00-A1 650/022/400/F/0?0/DISP/UK/0/0 

Siemens 6ES7421-7BH00-0?AB0 

Omron E5CK-AA1-500 100-240AC 

Red Lion 5162160 Speed 

Parker 512C-32-01-00-0?0 512C DC 

Control Techniques DIN1220025A 0.25kW 

Siemens 6ES5434-4UA12  U-COMP.32I @ 5-15V 

3M 11-71315-225-01 15 TFT 

Eurotherm ACM2N 0010-4/0-3 Servo Motor 4000RPM 

Vero 116-33253K MonoVolt PK60 

6ES7460-0AA01-0?AB0 Simatic S7-400 IM460-0 

CPM2A-20CDR-D PLC, 24 VDC supply, 12x 24 VDC 

Eurotherm 605/040/400/3/F?/0110/UK/000 4kW 

6ES5760-0HA11 Terminal 

Siemens 6ES7421-1BL00-0?AA0 Simatic S7 SM421

MCM260-5AD Control Module 4 Analogue 

Baumer UNDK 20P6912/S35A 

Pepperl + Fuchs NDP-KE2-8E2-FP WIS 

Oriental Motor Co Ltd E3087-344 

IDEC FC4A-L03A1 Analog 

Allen Bradley 2705-DN42 

Oriental Motor Co Ltd SS31-HR 

Leukhardt MIX2-1 204.04 

Allen Bradley 1336-CAP-SP11A 

Allen Bradley 1786-RPFS 

Allen Bradley 1756-L1M2 ControlLogix Logix5550 

1785-LT2 PLC-5/25 Processor 

1785-LT3 PLC-5/12 Processor

Allen Bradley 1775-P1 PLC-5 

6ES5445-3AE11 Simatic S5 

Square D SCP-401 8020-SCP-401 Sy/Max 8020-SCP-401 

Square D ROM-441 8030 ROM-441 8030 32 Channel 

Satt Control 940-151-101 

Fanuc A16B-1310-0010 A16B-1310-0010-?01 

Omron CS1W-CLK21 

Omron CS1W-CLK21-V1 

Mitsubishi FR-E520-0.75KN 

GE Fanuc IC200ALG262

Jetter NB-CPU Nano 

Hitachi SJ100-022HFE 

Telemecanique TSX07301028 

Lenze E82EV371K2C200 E82EV371_2C200 8200

Lenze E82EV371K2B200 E82EV371_2B200 8200 

Ise PM-SB1 Circuit 

Aaeon AEC-6820-A2 

Westermo EDW-100 3616-0001 

Indramat 109-441-3201B-1 Des 1/1 Pc 

Indramat 109-220-4201A-5 Ps 4C 

Siemens 3TK2805-0AC2 

Fanuc A16B-1310-0010-?01 A16B-1310-0010 

B&R Automation 3NW150.60-1 System 2005 

Allen Bradley 100S-C72DJ22C

Indramat DSM 2.1-S11-01.RS 


Omron C200HW-BI101-V1 Sysmac C200HW 

Siemens 6ES7153-2BB00-0?XB0  IM153-2 

Hirschmann ENT 10515-R AC 

6ES5930-7AA12 Simatic S5 PSU930 

Telemecanique ATV28HU41N4 

Siemens 6ES7332-5HB81-0?AB0 

Siemens 6ES5482-4UA20 

Siemens 6ES7132-4BD32-0?AA0 

Pilz 778010 PMUT X1P 24VDC Muting Module 8A 50-60Hz 

Eurotherm 601/007/400/F/0?0/UK 0.75kW AC 

Eurotherm 605/007/400/3/F?/0014/UK/000 AC 

Siemens 6FC5603-0AD00-0?AA1 Sinumerik802D 

Schneider VCF01SS3 Switch 

CX1100-0002 Power supply with 

Mettler 52120962 Toledo PH2050 Ph 

Mitsubishi FX-16EX-ES/UL I/O 

6ES5951-7ND11 Simatic S5 PS951 

Siemens 6ES5951-7ND12  Simatic S5 PS951 PSU 

6SN1123-1AA00-0?HA0 Simodrive 611 8A 

6SN1123-1AA00-0?HA1 Simodrive 611 8A 

TSXPSY2600 Power Supply. 

Phoenix 28 32 08 5 Factory Line 5TX 

Honeywell DC300E-E-0A0-10?-00P0-0 

Allen Bradley 825-MST

Omron CJ1M-CPU12 CPU 

Siemens 6ES7132-4BD31-0?AA0 

Allen Bradley 1398-DDM-005 9101-1531 

Mitsubishi HC-MF053-EC AC 

Siemens 6ES5377-0AB31  S5 64K 

WRA960-24L Din Rail Power Supply 3 Phase 400-500VAC 2.4A 

Siemens 6ES7340-1BH00-0?AE0 S7 CP 340 

Baumer ITD21H00 1024 H NI S21SG8 E 14 IP65 11063145 

ABB ACS55-01E-09A8-?2 AC 

Satronic TMG 740-3 Burner 

Siemens 6ES7151-3AA23-0?AB0 IM15-3 PN ST 

Control Techniques MP-KEYPAD 

3200I/32 DC Drive 32A 7.5kW 1Q 415/240VAC 

Mitsubishi FX2N-10PG Pulse 

Pilz 773500 PNOZ MO1P PNOZ MO1P 

Beijer 601009114 Complete Front Kit for Mitsubishi E1061 

Cegelec 8991 GEM80 Counter 

A68AD 8 Channel Analogue 

AY81 32 Channel Transistor 

Picanol BE91668 INT/F-2

Power One CP680 24 VDC 4.1 Amp 

Saftronics DG2P10C 1HP 230V 

Hitachi E-40HRP Programmable 

Mitsubishi Q64TD Thermocouple 

Horner HE800DIQ616B Input 

Dunkermotoren BG44X50SI Motor Assembly 2.7A 24V 3500RPM 

Neco Electronics 310E-000/2 

Sick WT30-02 1004180 

Siemens C79458-L2343-A2 Sinec CP1413 

Siemens 6SE6420-2AB22-2?BA1 Micromaster 420 2.2kW

Control Techniques SM-Universal Encoder Plus 82000000011310. 

Danfoss 130B1264 VLT Extended Relay Card MCB 113

Telemecanique TSX3710101 TSX 37 

Reliance S20-X06P0A1000 SP200 

Allen Bradley 42FT-F2LPA-A2 

Imo VXS40-1-EN Inverter 

Imo VXS40-1 Inverter

Allen Bradley 1756-PA72 

Allen Bradley 440G-L07264 

Allen Bradley 1747-UIC SLC500 USB to DH485 

Siemens 6ES7972-0CA33-0?XA0

Siemens 6ES7972-0CA34-0?XA0 

EASY621-DC-TC Process Controller. 

Allen Bradley 1746-NO4I SLC-500 4 Channel 

Measurement Technology MTL5544 2 Channel 

Siemens 6SE6440-2AB21-1?BA1 MicroMaster 440 

Control Techniques 82400000017500 

Pixsys STR551-12ABC-T Indicator, 96x48mm,

MD200 Control Interface Board 9300-5200. 

Danfoss 132F0018 VLT Micro 

TDK Lambda JWS300-24 Switching 

Omron E3S-GS3B4 Photoelectric Sensor, IP67

Allen Bradley 1336-CAP-SP12A 

Kone KM964622G01 V3F16L Elevator 

General Electric 44B398623-001 IFI32 IFI32 CNC 

6ES5376-1AA31 Simatic S5 64K 

Omron C200HW-PRT21 Profibus-DP I/O 


Magnetic Power Systems 31B117-2 Power 

Schneider TSXT3170 Handheld Terminal Line for TSX17 

Siemens 6ES7151-1BA02-0?AB0 Simatic S7 IM151-DP

Pepperl + Fuchs KFD2-CD2-Ex2 123522 

Pilz 774340 P2HZ X1 P2HZ X1

Control Techniques 9602-0106 

Siemens 6FX1122-1AD02 

C500-RT201 Sysmac C500 Remote 

Pepperl + Fuchs VAA-4EA-G4FF-ZE?/E2 41302S 

Mitsubishi FX3U-ENET 

United Automation PR3-E-27KW A437409-HV 

Omron H8PS-8B H8PS Cam 

Yaskawa CIMR-J7AC40P7 1T7740-002-59 VS 

Siemens 6EP1437-3BA00 SITOP 

Siemens 6ES7153-1AA02-0?XB0 S7 ET200M 

Siemens 6ES5441-7LA12 

A38B Melsec A 10 Slot Rack. 

GE Fanuc IC610MDL116B 

Timken 27689 Tapered Roller 

BHK16.24K1000-B?2-9 Encoder. 

Quantum 90330-10010 Adept 

Bosch Rexroth R900598925 

Allen Bradley 1326-CCU-D-003 

Allen Bradley 1326-CFU-15 15Ft 

Keyence SL-VP7P Main Unit

Schneider TM168D23CHL101 TM168D PLC CPU 23 

ABB M3AA 90L-2 B5 1.5kW 2P IE2

Phoenix 2891032 Managed Ethernet Switch 5x RJ45 

Parker 7003-PN-00 AC30V 

Omron G72C-VOD16  DC24V Remote 

Parker 7003-IM-00 AC30V 

Parker 7003-EC-00 AC30V 

Parker 7003-IP-00 AC30V 

Carlo Gavazzi RSGD4037E0VX20 

Pilz 774560 PNOZ XHCV 

Allen Bradley 160-BA04NPS1 

Bosch 047962-1027 E24V 

Netstal 110.240.5428 POA 

Allen Bradley 1756-L1 ControlLogix Logix5550 

Allen Bradley 1756-L1M1 ControlLogix Logix5550 CPU.

Allen Bradley 1762-L40AWA 

1771-KF PLC-5 RS-232 Data 

1794-OE4 Analog Output 

Allen Bradley 1772-LW Mini PLC2 

Cegelec 25X8858/10 GEM80 

301-M Model 301 Switch 

Allen Bradley 4100-ALEC 

Reliance 57C421B AutoMax 

Siemens 6ES5135-3KA13 Simatic S5

6ES5318-8MC12 Simatic S5 IM318C

Siemens 6ES5150-3SB61 

6ES5453-4UA12 Simatic S5 

6ES5470-4UA12 Simatic S5 

Siemens 6ES5523-3UA11 S5 CP523 

6ES5524-3UA13 Simatic S5 CP524

6FX1192-4AA00 System 3 

6FX1862-0BX01-7?B Sinumerik 

6FX1862-0BX02-7?B Sinumerik 

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