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General Electric IC3600SFPB1B1C Generator Drive

General Electric IC3600SFPB1B1C Generator Drive

General Electric IC3600SFPB1B1C Generator Drive


General Electric IC3600SFPB1B1C Generator Drive


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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD

AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

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General Electric IC3600SFPB1B1C Generator Drive Description:

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Control Systems (DCS, PLC/SPS, CNC)

- Panel Controllers

- HMI and Display Panels

- Industrial PC’s

- Drives ( Frequency Inverter and Servo)

- Motors

- Power Supplies

Amikon adhering to the enterprise concept of excellence, whether it is industrial automation parts, services or delivery efficiency, we are committed to do better.

We deliver a variety of

Machines break and downtime can cost companies millions in lost revenue. Our multi-lingual team scour the globe to find quality obsolete, new and reconditioned parts to get industrial machines back up and running at the best price.

Whether it's service, speed or delivery, we always deliver

Amikon Limited specialises in supplying automation equipment to specific industry sectors. We work with some of the worlds largest companies & our knowledge and expertise is regularly featured in industry publications across the


Excellent service is woven into the very fabric of our operations. It’s also where we invest the most – merging the very best of talent with bespoke technology to enable us to ensure we always deliver more for our

General Electric IC3600SFPB1B1C Generator Drive 

General Electric IC3600SFPB1B1C Generator Drive 

General Electric IC3600SFPB1B1C Generator Drive 

The I/O Processor contains a temperature sensor that is accurate to within ±2°C
(±3.6 °F). Detection of an excessive temperature generates a diagnostic alarm, and
the logic is available in the database (signal space) to facilitate additional control
action or unique process alarm messages. In addition, the temperature is
continuously available in the database.
A power supply provides a regulated 28 V dc power feed to each I/O pack. The
negative side of the 28 V dc is grounded through the I/O pack metal enclosure and its
mounting base. The positive side has solid-state circuit protection built-into the I/O
pack with a nominal 2 A trip point. Online repair is possible by removing the
28 V dc connector, replacing the I/O pack, reinserting the power connector, and
downloading software from the software maintenance tools.
Note Every I/O pack communicates directly on IONet, which enables each I/O pack
to be replaced individually without affecting any other I/O in the system. Also, the
I/O pack can be replaced without disconnecting any field wiring
Terminal Blocks
Signal flow begins with a sensor connected to a terminal block on a board. There are
two types of boards available. T-type boards contain two 24 point, barrier-type,
removable, terminal blocks. Each point can accept two 3.0 mm2
 (#12AWG) wires
with 300 V insulation per point with spade or ring type lugs. In addition, captive
clamps are provided for terminating bare wires. Screw spacing is 9.53 mm (0.375
inch) minimum, center-to-center.
A shield strip is provided next to each block, which is actually the left-hand side of
the metal base where the board is mounted. Wide and narrow boards are arranged in
vertical columns of high and low-level wiring that can be accessed from top and/or
bottom cable entrances. An example of a wide board is a board that contains
magnetic relays with fused circuits for solenoid drivers. T-type boards are normally
surface mounted, but can also be DIN-rail mounted. 

Siemens 6SC6111-1VA01 

Siemens Simatic S5, 6ES5 256-3AB11 

Etanorm 80-250 Kreiselpumpe, Pumpe 180 m3/h, 86m 

Pepperl+Fuchs Visolux EDM 30-2347/35 

Rexroth HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN 

Siemens 6SN1118-0DG23-0AA0 

Siemens Teleperm XP FUM511 6DP1511-8AA 

Siemens Teleperm M, 6DS1211-8AA 

Bosch Rexroth PSK 90 Przisionsmodul R055706648 
Siemens 6SN1118-1NH00-0AA1 

Siemens Simoreg 6RA2 116-6DK26-0 

Datalogic Viper-NET 700-102 

Siemens 6SE7021-0TA11-Z Simovert FC 

Toray LC-850 KD Sauerstoff-Messgert

Hommel MC500E Messcomputer Messeinheit 245417 

Siemens 6SE7021-0TA11-Z 

Siemens Simatic S7, 6ES7 335-7HG01-0AB0 

Rexroth IndraDrive C, HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN 

DGD Gardner Denver 960723-F Controller-C TFT L2 L3 m-P

Grundfos CHV4-80 A-W-A-CVBE Kreiselpumpe Pumpe 44101108

DGD Gardner Denver 960730-B 

Manz G400 A2, Manz Laser

Siemens Simatic S5 Analogausgabe 6ES5470-4UA13 

Manz aico pendant P61 MA1 

Technopack TC75-R 

DGD Gardner Denver 960723-F Controller-C TFT m-Pro-400

Etanorm G 080-250 G11 

PCT Systems Inc. 6000 D/E CE 

Wandel & Goltermann WWG ANT 20SE 

Forkardt 3KTN 500 

Rofin Sinar PCLD 5-94.138/0 Karte, Opto Karte 5-94.139

ScanLab ScanGine 14 Laser-Scanner,Scan Kopf 1064nm, 240

Wandel & Goltermann WWG ANT 20SE 

Siemens Simatic S7, 6ES7 315-6FF04-0AB0 

Siemens 6ES7 332-5HF00-0AB0  

Procoin PRC 927 

P. Ries Industrial Vacuum System Type: 2000/3 A2 

Siemens 6DR5310-0NG01-0AA0 

Siemens Teleperm M, 6DS1703-8RR 

Festo EMMS-AS-70-M-RSB Servomotor 550120 

KSB Etaprime 32-120 112 GBN9 

Siemens 6ES7 313-6CF03-0AB0 

Siemens 6ES7 151-8FB01-0AB0 

EATON XV-112-D6-57TVRC-00 Touchpanel 5,7" Panel 153469

Siemens Teleperm M Anschaltbaugruppe 6DS1300-8AB

Balluff BAE LX-XO-PL018-L1-S 

Sick FGSS1200-21 + FGSE1200-21 

Siemens 6SE6436-2BD25-5CA0 

Pilz PNOZ m1p Basisgert Ident.No: 773100

Richard Wolf 8462.30 

Yaskawa Varispeed G7, CIMR- G7C22P7 Spec:22P21C 

Balluff BNI PNT-502-001-Z002 aktiver Verteiler BNI003J 

Siemens 6ES7 405-0KR02-0AA0 Stromversorgung PS405

Siemens Sinumerik 6FC5112-0EA02-0AA0 

Festo DGC-12-1000-G-P-A 

Siemens Teleperm M, 6DS1603-8RR 

Wittenstein TPM 025-021R-320P-BP0-045UL419

Siemens 6SL3126-1TE13-0AA3 

Omron NT31C-ST141-V2 

Lenze EVS9323-ES 

Siemens 6AV3627-1LK00-1AX0 

Siemens 6SC9411-0FA00 

Siemens 6SN1118-0DG22-0AA0 

Iwaki EH-E55FC-20EPE6  

Omron CS1H-CPU64H, CPU Unit, Controller+ Omron CS1W-SCB

Siemens Sinumerik 6FC5112-0CA01-0AA0 

Phoenix Contact IBS-PB CT 24 IO GT-T Koppelmodul 274275

Siemens Simatic S5 130 K, 6ES5130-3KB52 

Wenglor FIS-0004-0101, 2-D Codescanner Scanner + AB-00

Festo DPA-100-16 Druckbooster 188399 


Yaskawa Varispeed G7, CIMR- G7A20P7 Spec:20P71C 

Sieb & Meyer Elektronik Sinudyn M 2 

Sieb & Meyer Elektronik Sinudyn M 2 26.44.14

Fanal EX - ESA 2000 -105 

Wandel & Goltermann WWG ANT 20SE 

Siemens Simatic S5-110S/B, 6ES5902-3SA12

Siemens Sinumerik 6FC5110-0DB01-0AA1 CPU 

Siemens 6ES7 322-8BH01-0AB0 

Balluff BAE LX-VS-RI100 

Isel CNC Flachbettanlage, Flachbetteinheit 245109

ifm efector O2V105 

Yaskawa Varispeed G7, CIMR- G7A23P7 Spec:23P71C 

Rexroth Indramat CZM01.3-02-07 Eco 

SEW Eurodrive MDX61B0015-5A3-4-0T 

Siemens Simatic S7, 6ES7405-0RA00-0AA0 

Siemens Sinumerik 6FX1125-8AC01 

Rofin Sinar PCLD Karte 4540410 V8 inkl. Opto 4501210 

Aerotech BM75, BM75E

Siemens 6ES7 151-7FA21-0AB0 Simatic DP, IM151-7 F-CPU 

Datalogic Viper-NET 700-102 

Metronix ARS 2105 Servoregler ARS2105 

Siemens Sinumerik 6FC5114-0AA01-1AA0 

Siemens Sirotec KRC32, Handprogrammiergert 

ifm VSE100 Diagnoseelektronik 

Siemens 6ES7321-7TH00-0AB0 

Schneeberger MR-A 55 G1-V3 Linearwagen MR55-G1 

Siemens 6SL3120-1TE13-0AA4 

Siemens 6ES7 331-7HF01-0AB0

Siemens Simatic Net 6GK7 343-1GX21-0XE0,CP343-1 

Fiessler ULVT 1100/143 E + ULVT 1100/143 S

Bosch Rexroth R160520331 

Siemens 6ES7414-3XJ00-0AB0 CPU 414-3 

Mannesmann Demag Dematik AC 12 , DPU 415V012C03 

Lenze EVF8216-C-V003 

Fife Polaris DP-20/24V 

SMC EMY1C32G-200 

Schmidt Handling SHG SZ03 

Fife Maxcess Symat 25, M 370450 

Siemens 6EW1890-3AA 

Siemens 6ES7972-0ED00-0XA0 

ifm SU7000 Ultraschall-Durchflusssensor SUR34HGBFRKG/W/

Siemens 6ES7414-3XJ00-0AB0 CPU 414-3 

Siemens 6SN1118-1NH01-0AA1 

Siemens 6GK1503-3CB00  

Siemens Simatic S7, 6ES7 407-0KA02-0AA0 

Basler Vision Scout SCA1390 

Siemens Sinamics 6SL3120-1TE15-0AA4 

Festo CMMS-ST-C8-7-G2 

Sick CS81-P3612 Farbsensor 1028225, sensor 

Heidenhain LS 106 Glasmastab 

Pilz PSEN op2H-s-30-060/1 Lichtschranke 630723 

Siemens 6ES7 467-5GJ02-0AB0

SEW Movitrac B, MC07B0030-5A3-4-00/ FSC11B 

Siemens Sinamics 6SL3120-1TE15-0AA3 

Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 951-7LD21

Cognex VPM-8120X-5090 Frame Grabber Rev. A Opt:A-B-D8 D

Siemens Analogausgabe 6ES7332-8TF00-0AB0 

Baier EHS 700 Elektrometall-Handsge 

Eaton ES4P-221-DRXX1 

Schunk DPZ 100/S, 3-Finger 

Siemens 6SC9836-0FF03 

Siemens Sinamics 6SL3130-6AE15-0AB0 

Siemens Simatic S5, 6ES5950-1AA61 

Z-World Controller 51044 22871,P1B 52197, P3B 52198

Bosch Rexroth CSH01.2C-PL-ENS-NNN-CCD-NN-S-NN-FW 

Siemens Simatic S5,6ES5 240-1AA21 

Siemens Simatic S5,6ES5 240-1AA21 

GfG CS 21 Gas-Transmitter 

ABB Servomotors BIVECTOR MK4 R05 

Honeywell 621-3580 R  

Honeywell 621-6575 R 

Honeywell 621-9937 Parallel I/O Modul , 621-9937

Honeywell 621-9934 I/O Rack Power Supply , 621 I/O 

Honeywell 621-0010 R 

Chemineer Kenics 1,5-KMR-SAN-6 

Festo Ventilinsel 195706,195740,541519,533360,533361

Pepperl Fuchs ic-kp2-2hb6-v15b Auswerteeinheit 200875 P

PMA KS800-RS 940748000001, 8407 

Siemens Simatic S5 Sinumerik 6ES 5921-3WB14 

Balluff BOD 63M-LA02-S115 

Rittal Dachaufbau-Kühler SK 3385100

Stahltisch massiv 480kg, 133cm x 88cm x 75cm

Siemens 6ES7 313-5BE01-0AB0 Simatic S7 CPU313 C

Bosch Rexroth 3842999717 BS 2/M 

Siemens 6AR1302-0AD00-0AA0 Sicomp SMP16-EA216 

Bosch Rexroth 3842999717 BS 2/M 

Balluff BOD 63M-LI06-S4 

Siemens Sinumerik CPU 6FC5110-0CB01-0AA0 , 6FC51100CB01

Rexroth MSK040C-0600-NN-M1-UG1-NNNN Motor + GTE080-NN1

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