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General Electric Power Supply IC697PWR711K

General Electric Power Supply IC697PWR711K

General Electric Power Supply IC697PWR711K


General Electric Power Supply IC697PWR711K


Industrial Automation

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD

AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

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Sales Manager: Nancy Lin


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Shipping Term : TNT,DHL,FEDEX,ETC

Payment Term : T/T

Warranty: 12 month

Amikon supply: New+original+factory sealed+high quality

Service: quotation will be sent in 9 hours

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1.Q:What about your shipping terms ?

A: We can ship by DHL,UPS,FEDEX,ARAMAX,TNT,and so on

2.We're in this field more than 12 years. If there's any problem, please contact with us,we'll provide suggestion from our engineer to help you solve problem.

3.Q:How long warranty does Amikon can provide ?

A: Amikon can provide 1 year warranty !

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1)100% full New! - Original Factory Seal !
2)Warranty: 12 months!
3)Package: Original packing with cartons.
4)Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment 
Best Quality Assurance:
1. We only provide the original new items, 100% make sure the best quality!
2.1 year warranty GUARANTEE OF QUALITY (After Our Delivery Date).

General Electric Power Supply IC697PWR711K

General Electric Power Supply IC697PWR711K

General Electric Power Supply IC697PWR711K

General Duty
Safety Switches
30-600 Amps, 240 Vac
For residential and light
commercial applications
• UL Listed and CSA Certied
• Meets or exceeds the requirements of NEMA
Standard KS-1 for type General Duty
• Suitable for use as Service Equipment
• Fusible and non-fusible construction
• 100,000 RMS Amps, symmetrical IC rating on 30-200A
disconnects when protected by class R fuses
• NEMA Type 1 (indoor) and Type 3R (outdoor) construction
• Integral cover interlock on 30-200A disconnects for added protection
• Lockable cover and handle (OFF position) to prevent unauthorized
entry and use
• Field installable accessories available (ground lugs, neutral lugs,
class R fuse rejection kits, and universal raintight hubs)

Bruel & Kjaer Vibro VC6000 communication CI-620

Honeywell UMC551 operator interface 8002-0-D0-BE0-000-4-0

Allen-Bradley 1404-M605A-000 & 1404-DM

Telemecanique XBT-E015110 v:1.1 panel

Advantest U3641 spectrum analyzer

Horiba H110934A H227476 & Mitutoyo MP147902

Seren R100 13.56MHz

Seren R100 P/N: 9600540003 13.56MHz

Noran Instruments BIAS UZ-PP 170A117500-I 176A117501-K2 700P118985-G 170P001674

Quad systems EPCU 10-18279 rev C & 10-21176 rev D

Quad systems RLC 10-12644 & 10-10361 & 10-10386 & 10-10361

KRA-PACKMAT LB-2 F&W-520 010600185

Keithley 4200-PA remote PreAmp

Barco Overview DR+ PU art. nr. R7646525

Beckhoff C6330 & Hardlock E-Y-E DKJ5K

Zeiss VSG HBO 100/001.26E & 098.0042.000

Lyngsoe Marine 064.931.503 962.002.400 271.149.315

Metronics QC4000 PC

RVSI 65834 rev C

Mitsubishi A172SHCPUN A172SENC A1SJ71BR11 PLC

Yaskawa JASP-WRCA01B Rev. C1206 Q11065-470-14

Board CX3-GAS2-MB/B2

Screen DEM1 23440390-11 (KCPU 0036-01)

Olympus soft imaging solutions Vitus2 KON-S005-00

Scan head for EO technics LSD-500A

Oszillatorkarte C40-1339 Trumpf Nr.: 141428

Nikki denso NCS-BMQA-752-S12 NC

Delta Tau 602199-104 & 602705-106

Siemens CPUBP-S26361-D534-V113 & S26361-D544-V2

Adlink PCI-8366 PCI-8366+ -007

Mitsubishi GT1575-VTBA & GT15-J71E71-100

Han's laser scan head for YAG-T50

AMAT Applied Materials P/N: 0010-09750 CVD RF MATCH (DC BIAS)

PC500 & PC505 & PC524 & PC513 & PC532 for Dage 2400A

Datron 248-5 400796-2.2 796/076/012 for wavetek 4808

Arburg ARB 770 with ARB 735 mounted

Tokyo electron TEL W.L.-4MOD SAT-Controller SAT-IMIO SAT-DIO SAT-RS

ICOS MVS306/6/1/6 & MVS604/1/0/1 & MVS601/2/1/6 & MVS725/0/1/3 & MVS610/1/1/0

ICOS MVS306/6/1/7 & MVS604/1/0/1 & MVS601/2/1/6 & MVS725/0/1/3 & MVS610/1/1/2

Matrox GN60/F/64/8 rev B & 570-06 rev C

Marconi PC-2/2488 SMLRSC1

TRIO Motion Coordinator MC224

Precisa 320-9203-001 XB120A

Mitsubishi GT1575-VTBA graphic operation terminal & GT15-OBUS

ICOS MVS308/6/1/6 MVS725/0/1/3 MVS601/2/1/6 MVS610/1/1/0 MVS616/1/1/0

ICOS MVS305/6/1/5 MVS360I_SL_114_000905 MVS603/1/0/1 MVS725/0/1/3 MVS607/0/1/2

Nikon 4S007-689-EX4-ALG

Noran instruments 176A117358K2 170A117357-D 700P118981-E4 I/O

SSE2SCC02 System

Mitsubishi motion controller Q173CPU

Chroma AC hipot tester 19071

Adlink PCI-8366-005

ICOS MVS360I_SL_111_000905 & MVS725/0/1/3 & MVS616/1/1/0 & MVS601/2/1/6

Mydata VVG2 Ed-1C APCB=L-19-827-1C & L-19-991

HV# Kett FD-600 FD-600-3

Nikon 4L990-988-1AN zoom X1.6 - X4.1

ICOS MVS360I_SL_104_00905 MVS725/0/1/3 & MVS604 1/0/1

Canon BG4-6928 BH8-1832-02 BG8-2687 URS-CD-PCB

HV# IAI X-SEL Controller XSEL-K-2-400IL-200IL-N1-EEE-5-2 & IA-T-X-SP

Smar DFI302 DF50 DF51 DF52 DF49 PLC

Siemens 6FR9798-1BA

Cymer laser 04-05620-2 rev 4 board

Hitachi clean robot CR-8V

Nikon 4S018-057-2 WL3SEN2 board

Johnson controls NAE MS-NAE4510-2

Motorola MVME 172-263 64-W5181C01A rev A

Scan head for EO Marker SLD400 1064nm

Omron PA202 CJ1G-CPU42H CJ1W-ID231 OD231 NC213 SCU21-V1 CLK23 PLC

ICOS MVS360I_SL_111_000905 & MVS725/0/1/3 & MVS616/1/1/0 & MVS604 1/0/1

ICOS MVS305/6/1/2 & MVS725/0/1/2 & MVS603/1/0/1 & PCB607/0/1

ICOS MVS306 6/1/3 & MVS725/0/1/2 MVS601/2/1/6 MVS610/1/1/0 & MVS604 1/0/1

LCD display for ViiA 7 DX

Omron NS12-TS00B operator

Kaba 154.110.20 & Syslogic IPC/NETIPC

Mitsubishi heavy PWB7C130032 DWG7CA78151 ASY7CA74047

Scanlab PC100 V1.0 card

Storz xenon nova 20131520 & NL495

ICOS MVS360I_SL_114_00905 MVS305/6/1/6 & MVS725/0/1/3 MVS603/1/0/1 MVS607/0/1/2

ICOS MVS308/6/1/5 MVS725/0/1/2 MVS601/2/1/6 MVS610/1/1/0

Roche RT-CPU 68360 28184933001 C

Roche RT-CPU 68360 28184933001 A

Baasel lasertech Y46 050.S LBS 101101886 & IDH01 Y47 050.S Rev A

Siemens 6ES5955-3LC41

LEAG Antriebstechnik TFM 064-06-09-F Artikel-Nr 90198

Emerson control M701-034 00062A

Nikon 4S015-069-E NK386SX-2

Nikon 4S015-069-E NK386SX-2 board (1)

Nikon 4S015-069-E NK386SX-2 board (2)

Siemens 6SN1123-1AA00-0BA00 simodrive LT-MODUL & 6SN1118-0AD11-0AA0

Nikon 4S015-069-E NK386SX-2 board (3)

Nikon 4S015-069-E NK386SX-2 board (4)

Pfeiffer TC750-E74 PM C01 712

Nikon 4S018-063- WL3I02

Nikon 4S018-063- WL3I02

SUSS MicroTec PH150

Delta Tau 602199-504 602199-104 & 602200-502 & PMAC-CPU SMT 602405-101

Mitsubishi H350B-S114-P53 AC Servo

Gunda electronic PAC00N.0.3.SMBD PAC00N03SMBD MiniPAC

Baasel lasertech Y46 050.S LBS 84300-049 & IDH01 Y47 050.S Rev A

Mitsubishi A985GOT-TBA & A8GT-J61BT13

Mitsubishi A985GOT-TBA graphic operation terminal & A8GT-J61BT13

Innovadyne PCB #10005 rev 1.1 for screenmaker 96+8 Xtal

Innovadyne PCB 10343 & 175-0201 for screenmaker 96+8 Xtal

Adimec MX12P OP639 ISS:1.0 & Micro-nikkor 105mm 1:2.8

Mydata automation MOT3 Ed-3 L-49-0008-3 & MI Ed-5C L-19-049-5C

JRC RFU NAF-214B & Diplexer CFL-448A

Siemens 6ES7315-2EH13-0AB0 6ES7331-1KF01-0AB0 6ES7322-1BL00-0AA0 6ES7321 PLC

Sumitomo optical fiber fusion splicer Type 36

Yaskawa motoman JUSP-ACP10JAB O/N R10950-312-14

Yaskawa JZNC-XRK01D-1 XCP01C CPS-150F

PI E-515.0X E515.03

Cedar digital torque tester DI-9F

ETO ABX-X450 Rev: C


Arburg ARB 770

LS 5-93.012/2 & scanlab 101829.0 17289-030642

Scan head TS8618A

SM motion SM400/AM1/4 module

Sanritz SVA007 AT-486P SVME/AT-486P

Coherent 61155 & 61156 PCB & EOT-QSW10Wger for Vector 1064-750-01

BES Technology M6R 20301 rev 3 & M6_MV5575M 30105

Hommelwerke Art. 234 052 PCB for Form 4004

LS 5-93.012/2 & ScanPro ED-00002 Rev 1

BES Technology M7 & M7_MV7500P & M7_GSS IF & PHYTEC 1229.1

Heidelberg engineering display unit HEYEX part

Emitech EMITECH-AL 107002-5 PCB

LS 5-93.012/2 & scanlab SDIMITRA V1.0

Melles Griot 85-RCA-400


Yokogawa DAQ station DX208C-1-2

Applied materials 0190-09475

LS 5-93.012/2 & scanlab SDIMITRA V1.0 (#1)

LS 5-93.012/2 & scanlab SDIMITRA V1.0 (#2)

Allen-Bradley 1404-M605A-000 & 1404-DM SER: A

Fluke 54200M01 TV signal generator

IAI X-SEL controller X-SEL-KI-3-400.200.200B-2

Canon BG8-2456 BH8-1377-01 & BG4-3669 BH8-1376-01 BH8-2455

Yamatake Honeywell assy 80360758-001 & PHIM-L assy 80360759-001

HAAS-LASER 22-13-17-00/05

Motorola MVME162 P242L 64-W5181C01A rev A 01-W3627F-57D

HV# Hoya laser head L-212-G1

Varian assy L9539-301 L9536 L9524 R0395 L9542 A60702 L9255-301 for 990-dCLD

HAAS-LASER 18-08-27-00

Varian assy L9539-301 L9536-301 L9524-301 R0395-301 L9542301 A60702 L9255-301

Varian assy L9539 L9536 L9524 R0395 L9542301 A60702 L9255 for 990dCLD

Cognex VPM-5118-32 800-5710-1 Rev A & VideoMixer 200-0035-1

Varian assy L9539 L9536 L9524 L9554-301 L9542301 A60702 L9255-301 for 990dCLD

Varian assy L9539 L9536-301 L9524 R0395-301 L9542301 A60702 L9255 for 990dCLD

Varian assy L9539 L9536-301 L9524-301 R0395 L9542-301 A60702 L9255-301

Asymtek 7226035 Rev E PCB

Cognex VPM-8100Q-000 Rev A OPT:H 801-8120-01

Eaton PCB 1426890 rev B assy 15S0869 A Air interface D.I. PCB

FSC 10024/H/I & 10024/H/ & 10024/I/

BIO-RAD Versadoc assy 800-5030 rev J main PCB for model 5000

Axcelis PCB 1426890 rev C assy 15S0869 rev A

Nikon 4S018-011- IMG-CTL-1 board

Cognex VPM-5218-32 801-5208-01 800-5701-1 & VideoMixer 200-0035-1

Cognex 4300 VPM-4338-00

Nikon controller 11D1311-1

Nikon 4S015-001-2 N NK862 board

Hitachi CQ1710 TC#1

Galil motion control DMC-2182 rev. D

Canon BH8-1818-01 BG4-6789 LD/PD-PCB

Canon BH8-2065-02 CD90-INTLK BG4-8805 BG8-3375

Nikon 4S015-001-2 M NK862

Nikon 4S017-651-B RSDRV

Nikon 4S015-001-2 K NK862

Siemens 6ES7315-2AH14-0AB0 CPU

Mitsubishi A0J2CPUR23-S6 Date code: 9908SB

0672413J board for Q2001 Optimark

Rofin Hilberling HN-802

Gas leak detector model: SH-3500

Eaton PCB assy 1417220 rev C

Phoenix inline control ILC 350 ETH 2737203

Advantest BLM-021685 PCB for R3456

Advantest BLM-020992 PCB for R3456

Sonardyne 7784-146-01 ISS E3 881-2147 board

Advantest BLM-020386 PCB for R3456

Advantest BLM-020385 PCB for R3456

PVA TePla T1000-controller-version

Advantest BLM-020387 & BLF-020574 PCB for R3456

Canon AinS-LSTG BG3-4394 BH8-2445-04 AinSLaveLSTG

Canon CMCD-PCB2 BG3-4531 BH8-2430-01 BG8-3644

Canon MLE-CD BG8-3658 BG3-5231 BH8-2479-03

Canon AinS-L2 BG5-2136 BH8-2445-04 AinSLaveL2

Matrox MVP-AT ES 273-07 & 0272-04

Siemens WF726C 6FM1726-3CA10


Cymer laser 08-05003-1 board


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