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Sinic-Tek 3D SPI Online Machine  L1200

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The Art of the stencil printing process is made up many variables. Controlling those variables through dedicated DOE and SPI monitoring will guarantee a yield improvement strategy you can take to the bank!

ShenZhen, China

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Sinic-Tek  3D SPI Online Machine  L1200

Sinic-Tek  3D SPI Online Machine  L1200


Sinic-Tek 3D SPI Online Machine  L1200



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ShenZhen Sinic-Tek Vision Technology Limited


Sinic-Tek 3D SPI Online Machine  L1200 Description:


1.The use of PSLM combined with the PMP to achieve 100% high-precision solder paste 3D measurement in SMT production line.

2.Using PSLM technology, changed the traditional way of generating 3D Struct Light, the traditional glass grating moire required mechanically driven by a piezoelectric motor(PZT).By using PSLM, no need glass grating and mechanical parts any more. The elimination of the mechanical drive and moving parts, greatly improving the ease of use and avoid mechanical wear and reduce maintenance costs.

3.By using the Stop&Catch methods combined with multiple image acquisition, realize highly repeatable 3D results on the solder paste measurement. Compared to conventional scanning just take one pictures only on the solder paste a scan sampling, multiple image acquisition greatly enhancing the accuracy and reliable test results.

4.Patened D-Lighting technology achieves full light spectrum detect ability. It is perfect solution to solve the shadow effect and reduce noise interference during 3D measurement.

5.Gerber data conversion and import, achieve automatic detection of the entire board. Manual “teach” function realize user-friendly programming and test job generation in case of no Gerber data situation.

6. The maximum detectable height increased from the traditional±350um to±1200um, not only can detect solder paste, also applies to the detection of opaque objects, such as red glue and black epoxy and other none transported object.

7.Friendly and simple user interface, five minutes of programming and one key operation.

8.Powerful “statistical process control(SPC)”, Provide a plenty of tools, user-friendly real-time monitoring, reduce defects caused by poor solder paste printing and improve final product quality.

9.The application range like: mobile phones, tablet PC, computer and accessories, digital cameras, camcorders, automotive, medical, server, LED, FPC, communication products etc.

Products Description

1.2M model



Measurement Principle

3D white light PSLM PMP(Programmable Spatial Light Modulation,commonly 
known as moire fringe technology)


Volume,acreage,height, XYoffset, shape  

Detection of Non - Performing Types

Missing print,insufficient tin, excessive tin, bridging, offset,  mal-shapes, surface 

Camera Pixel

5M, 8M/12M as option

Lens Types

Telecentric lens, telephoto lens as option

Lens Resolution

18um(8/10/13/15/20um  as option)

FOV Size




XY Resolution):1um;Height:0.37um


Height:<1um (4 Sigma);volume/acreage:<1%(4 Sigma)

Gage R&R


FOV  Speed


Quantity of Inspection Head

Twin-Heads (Single Head, Tri-Heads as option)

Red Green Blue/RGB Three Colas 
Option Light Source

Standard  configuration

Mark-point Detection Time

0.5 sec/piece

Compensation Plate Bending 
of Real-time Lift in Z-axis

Standard  configuration

Maximun Meauring Height

±550um ( ±1200um as option)

Maximun Measuring Height 
of PCB Warp 

±3.5mm (±5mm as option)

Minimum Pad Spacing

100um ( pad height of 150um as the reference)

Smallest  Measuring Size


Maximum Loading PCB Size

Single plate: X600*Y550mm

Two times plate: X1200*Y550mm

Thickness of the PCB


Height Limitations of the Parts


Board Edge Distance

5mm or 10mm

Flixble or Fixed Orbit Setting

Front orbit (Back orbit as option)

PCB Transfer Direction

Left to right or right to left, set before delivery

Orbit Width Adjustment

Manual, automatic as option

SPC Statistics

Histogram;Xbar-R Chart;Xbar-S Chart;CP&CPK;%Gage Repartability 
Data;SPI Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

Gerber & CAD Data Imput

Support Gerber format(274x,274d);Manual Teach model ;
CAD X/Y,Part No.,Package Type imput

Computer type

 DELL Precision Workstation

Computer Configuration


Intel 4-core (Intel 6-core as option)


24G(32/64G as option)


2G discrete graphics (4G DP as option)

Hard disk

1T (2T as option)


Standard  configuration

Operating System 

Windows 7 Professional ( 64 bit)

Equipment Diemension 
and Weight




Air Pressure


Power (Start / nornmal)

Start:2.5kw /  Normal operation:2kw

Loading Requirements 
of the Floor



Multifunctional clip edge, 1D / 2D Barcode scanner, Badmark function, print 
closed-loop control, out-line programming software, maintenance was 
optionkstations, dynamic  Mark point  read function, coaxial  Mark  point camera , 
UPS continuous power supply 

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