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LOVE YOUR PLANET ? Then Use Hyproclean Stencil Cleaning Rolls 100% PP fibres,no toxic chemicals ! Rayon stencil rolls process uses caustic soda, sulphuric acid,chlorine dioxide(emits dioxins),and carbon disulphide GO HYPROCLEAN!

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Swiftmode's Hyperclean Under Stencil SMT Wiper Rolls are the only product in the market that has beed developed specifically for the application. Best vacuum performance, less IPA usage and No loose fibres making the solder paste printing process more efficient, more reliable and saves costs.

Swiftmode Malaysia can supply our  Polyshield CT Static Shielding bags cleaned inside down to 2 microns at very competitive prices.

Swiftmode Hyproclean SMT Stencil Cleaning Rolls are now available with low environment impact HDPE plastic cores that are easily recycled. Hyproclean rolls are the only 100% recyclable rolls on the market:  No Cellulose, No Polyester, No Rayon, No PVC, No ABS. Range of models. Distributors enquiries are welcome. Email to: malaysia.sales@swiftmode.com,  Miss Wong Customer Service Director.

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Hyproclean - SMT Stencil Cleaning Wiper Rolls for Ultra Fine Pitch Applications

Hyproclean Stencil Cleaning rolls -- Proven Superior Cleaning Performance especially in ultra fine pitch situations. Benefits:  Hyproclean stencil rolls...

Cleaning Equipment

Hyproclean - SMT Stencil Cleaning Wiper Rolls for Ultra Fine Pitch Applications

Polyshield - Static Shielding Bags

Swiftmode have developed a revolutionary process to clean the inside of Polyshield Static Shielding bags. Traditional processes are very expensive and do not necessarily give consistent LPC results. We can clean particles...

IC Packaging

Polyshield - Static Shielding Bags

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SMT Under Stencil Wiper Rolls

Jun 03, 2019 | Dennis H. O'Brien

The objective of this White Paper is to provide users of the above products in the electronics industry a clear understanding of the different types of stencil cleaning paper/fabrics that are currently available. Fine pitch applications are more the norm now and so the performance of stencil cleaning rolls is more critical than ever before. This White Paper will give solder paste stencil printing engineers and purchasing professionals an insight into the main products on the market, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions....

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