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TMT-PH600 IR Preheater

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Thermaltronics USA, Inc.

Manufacturer of a wide range of Soldering Products & Accessories used in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Great Neck, New York, USA

Repair/Rework, Soldering

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TMT-PH600 IR Preheater Description:

The Thermaltronics TMT-PH300 IR Preheater offers totally controllable and stable temperatures from 50°C – 400 °C.  The Thermaltronics TMT-PH300 Infra red (IR) Preheater is ideally used in rework applications where background heat is required for the PCB. The use of IR heat eliminates the possibility of localised hotspots and ensures the PCB is heater through thus eliminating the risk of burning the PCB and speeding up the rework process.


  • Microprocessor accurately regulates temperature.
  • Three heating modes to meet different soldering requirements.
  • Professional board holder allows three dimensional adjustments.
  • Large quartz heating element suitable for large sized PCBA.
  • Two external temperature sensors probes.

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