Johanson technology

A leader in high frequency ceramic components including chip antennas, High Q capacitors and EMI chip filters.

Manufacturer of Components

We specialize in the design and manufacture of high quality RF & Microwave ceramic chip capacitors. 

With a highly experienced design team, we produce superior High Frequency Ceramic Solutions through optimization of ceramics, inks and RF circuit designs. We have received certification to the ISO9001-2008 standard and use this widely accepted standard to ensure design control. Our broad experience and capabilities make us the right choice as Your Technology Partner.

  •  ISO-9001 Facilities
  •  ISO-14001 Facilities
  •  Automated SPC Network System
  •  Complete Lot / Material Traceability
  •  Advanced Material Analysis Capability
  •  Continuous Quality Training of Work Force

Johanson technology Postings

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Eliminating Latency in Next Gen WiFi 6E Devices

Aug 03, 2020 | Advanced High-Q RF components will play a critical role in larger goal of eliminating many of the latency issues of the past

The ‘Relativity’ of High Q Capacitors

Sep 06, 2018 | Although many High Q capacitors are available on the market, performance can vary widely depending on design and quality of manufacturing

Miniaturizing Smart Wearables for Fitness and Activity Tracking

Jul 17, 2018 | Connected, “smart” wearables such as rings, bracelets, clothing and shoes are benefitting from tiny RF chip antennas that take up less PCB space and allow for more miniaturized devices

Miniaturized Wireless Medical Wearables

Jul 17, 2018 | Tiny RF chip antennas are no longer relegated to PCB “keep out” area, allowing product designers to further miniaturize wireless biosensors and medical wearables

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