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The principal mission of FEI TU of Košice is seen in providing education on the basis of creative research especially in such fields as electrical engineering and informatics.

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Study of the Rheological Behaviors of Solder Pastes

Nov 06, 2018 | Michal KRAVČÍK, Igor VEHEC

Solder paste is a homogeneous, stable suspension of solder powder particles suspended in a flux binder, and is one of the most important process materials today in surface mount technology (SMT). By varying the solder particle size, distribution and shape, as well as the other constituent materials, the rheology and printing performance of solder pastes can be controlled. Paste flow behavior is very important in defining the printing performance of any paste.

The purpose of this paper is to study the rheological behavior of SAC (Sn-Ag-Cu) solder paste used for surface mount applications in the electronic industry. The reason why the rheological tests are presented in this paper are two critical sub-processes: aperture filling and paste withdraw. In this paper, we report on the investigation of the rheological profiles, the serrated cone-to-plate system was found as effective in parameter minimizing the wall-slip effect...

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