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IPC 7711-21 Training For Instructors

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BEST IPC Training

IPC Training from BEST - a professional solder training company that certifies technicians in various IPC certification programs. We also offer custom BEST courses that include hand soldering and PCB rework.

Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA

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IPC 7711-21 Training For Instructors

IPC 7711-21 Training For Instructors


IPC 7711-21 Training For Instructors



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BEST IPC Training

IPC 7711-21 Training For Instructors Description:

IPC 7711/7721 Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) course is built on the IPC train-the-trainer model. In this system of instruction, there are 3 tiers of certification. At the highest level and able to train both the lower level instructors as well as the applications specialists, is the master instructor or MIT. MIT’s are employees of training centers or industry consultants working under a site license. These master instructors have a rich background in the electronics industry or in teaching. In the case of the IPC-7711/21 instructor training program, the master instructors are those with the most hands-on experience in soldering. PCB repair and PCB rework. This is necessary as rework/repair technicians have some of the most challenging work on a modern electronics manufacturing or repair area.

Upon completion of theIPC-7711/21 instructor course, trainers will know the technical guidelines of IPC-7711/21 and will have demonstrated the skills essential to perform both rework and repair of printed circuit boards in accordance with the procedures outlined in IPC 7711/21. These instructors will then be formally known by the IPC as having the credentials to teach CIS candidates. Once these IPC 7711/21 instructors are certified they can take different elements of the training program into their respective companies in order adapt the program for their company’s specific requirements.

There are several criteria which make for very good IPC 7711/21 instructors. They are enumerated below:

  • They will have excellent hand soldering skills. These are the top 2-3 soldering techs in a company or area with 20-30 soldering techs
  • They have the utmost in patience
  • They are able to communicate effectively in the English language and demonstrated proficiency in the English language at least at the 5th-grade level
  • They have demonstrated hand-eye coordination that allows them to work underneath a microscope with small pieces down to 0.002”
  • Trainers should also be very effective communicators and be willing to be patient with students

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