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Sewate professionally produce IC shipping tube,clear Packaging tube,PVC /PS/ABS/PP/PETG plastic tube and ESD packaging tube for electronic components. The products are mainly suit for external packing of IC , LED,etc.

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 Ganlong's Group Inc which was founded in 2003, owns more than 16 years experience in Mold and Plastic Products Produce and one of the most professional suppliers in China. It stocks hundreds of packaging solutions to help our customers get their product safely to market on time. Small and large orders get our immediate attention.

Shenzhen Sewate Technology Co.,Ltd, the subsidiary of Ganlong's Group Inc, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, is charging for Plastic products exporting.

Ganlong's Group Inc professionally produce IC shipping tube, clear Packaging tube, PVC /PS/ABS/PP/PETG plastic tube and ESD packaging tube for electronic components. The products are mainly suit for external packing of IC, LED, Relays, Filters, Transformers, Switches, Fuses ,Magnetic Components, diodes, inductors, connectors, Power Module, crystals oscillator, radome, speaker, socket, FPC, RJ, USB, SMT, Resistors, Capacitors, etc.  

Our products are mainly made of various materials such as PVC, PS, PET, PC and so on and all Products meet the requirements of Sony environmental protection test. The main characteristic of the packaging tube produced by our company are higher transparency, more accurate dimension, more stable antistatic value, higher pressure resistance, and more impact resistance, thus enjoying a good reputation among clients.

We look forward to establishing a long business relationship with your company. Any interest, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will surely reply your inquiry within 24 hours with our superior quality, competitive prices, first-class craftsmanship, experienced packaging methods and prompt delivery.

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IC Shipping tubes

Model Number:GL-IC-001 Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China Size: 50mm-3000mm as customized Color: Blue,white, black, transparent, red, yellow, purple and customized etc Material: PVC / PS / TPR / PP / ABS ...

IC Packaging

IC Shipping tubes

Plastic anti static ic tubes

Size: 50mm-3000mm  Color: Blue,white, black, transparent, red, yellow, purple and customized etc  Material Type Plastic: PVC/PS/PC/PETG/TPR  Thickness: 0.30mm-1.85mm  Application: Electronic, IC,LED,...

IC Packaging

Plastic anti static ic tubes

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What are the materials for IC shipping tubes?

Jan 08, 2019 | James tong

IC shipping tubes can be made of plastics of various materials such as PVC, PS, PET, PC, ABS, etc. The packaging tubes of different materials will have different performances. The characteristics of various materials and their packaging tubes are described in detail below;...

How to identify quality IC Shipping Tube guide

Jan 03, 2019 | James tong

With the increase of labor costs, the popularity of automated production lines, IC packaging tubes, connector packaging tubes, power module packaging tubes, LED packaging tubes, relay packaging tubes and other electronic components packaging tubes are also becoming more widely used. Many small companies blindly pursue low-priced packaging materials, and there is no requirement for quality. When it is later discovered that the parts are stuck in the packaging process, they will regret it when they crush the parts during transportation. Shenzhen Sewate Technology Co., Ltd. tells you about six ways to identify quality packaging tubes....

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