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Chicago Screws Brass

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Conex Screws Fasteners

Welcome to the website of Conex Screws and Fasteners: India's largest manufacturers of Brass Screws and Brass fasteners. We are one of the key players in the field of all kinds of Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel Screws.

Jamnagar, India

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Chicago Screws Brass

Chicago Screws Brass


Chicago Screws Brass



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Conex Screws Fasteners

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  •   Anchors Fasteners
  •   Book binding Screws posts
  •   Brass Forging Copper Forgings
  •   Brass machine Screws
  •   Cold forged formed parts Rivets
  •   Grub Screws Socket set screws
  •   Hex Bolts Hexagonal Screws
  •   Hex nuts Lock nuts Square nuts
  •   Pressed Components
  •   spacer stand off electronic hardware
  •   Special Screws Fasteners
  •   Stainless Steel Screws fasteners
  •   Threaded rods Studs
  •   Turned Parts Machined Parts Components
  •   Washers and pressed parts
  •   Wood Screws

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Chicago Screws Brass

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Brass Chicago Screws Stainless Steel Chicago Screws Black plated Binding solid Brass Chicago screws. Male -Female chicago screws

We are manufacturers and suppliers from India of all lengths and thread sizes of Brass Chicago screws Chicago screw fasteners and fixings. We make metric and imperial thread sizes upto 3" -75mm in length. These Chicago Screws are cold forged as well as CNC machined from Bars. These  Chicago screws are used for Book binding leather assembly leathercraft work etc.Chicago screws, also known as binding posts, bookbinding screws posts or interscrews are a simple  way for binding your documents and leather assemblies. These are sued with photgraph albums and change and add pages easily.Place a chicago screw in the corner of your marketing material for an innovative look.Great for sample swatches so your customers can fan out the many choices available.Avaliable in brass and silver (nickle) in a range of sizes as well as extensions for extra thick

Threads: 3/16", 4mm, 3.5mm 5mm

Lengths: 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1" 2" 3" 4"  4mm 5mm  6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 40mm 50mm 60mm

Finish: Nickel plated, Chrome plated, Zinc plated.

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