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Consistent Alloys Co. (USA)

Prototyping / OEM services: HDI Hybrid-Multilayered-PCB, Circuitry layout to Gerber, PCB Assembly, Firmware coding & App developed for Android & IOS, CNC Milling (enclosure, chassis), Molding, Die Casting, Final product assembling

Arcadia, California, USA

Contract Manufacturer, Equipment Dealer / Broker, Manufacturer of Bare PCBs, OEM

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Hand forming is a process used to manufacture sheet metal components with low tooling costs and quick turn around. It uses an arbor press which allows for highly skilled operators to control force consistently during a run for fine detailed smaller type parts. 

  • Prototype/Interim to Stamped Production Runs
  • Low Volume Runs
  • High Precision Tight Tolerance Components

Blanks are typically cut from stacks on a Wire EDM. This allows us to cut a few parts, form them and adjust the blank if needed to ensure finished parts meet the drawing specifications.

Some features that are typically designed into sheet metal parts such as coined edges are added in the flat state.

Parts are formed one feature at a time using tools that closely replicate stamped tooling processes. This ensures prototypes are as close to the actual production parts as they can possibly for test fitting prior to the tool build.

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